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  1. Ive never really done this before apart from downloading tactics, but I've subscribed to a data/league update on Steam, however I cant get it working in game, also it doesn't show up as an editor data file when you start a game? Anyone know the issue? Thanks
  2. Default Tactics

    Im exactly the same mate, I understand people like to get lost in tactics, but I think the sliders mirrored that better, I think some of the roles are too restrictive. I doubt managers say to players 'I want you to be an advanced forward' or I want you to be a 'regista' theres too many roles for some positions as well now, such as CDM and CAM. I use the roles and duties that come with the formation I play, the only thing I change according to circumstance is the team mentality, and set some opposition instructions if I think my assistant has missed anything important. It also yields mixed results for me but I get more fun playing this. I wouldn't call it being a director of football. Football is as much based on player form/morale and genuine ability as it is tactical battles. Especially to the extent some people go to to win this game. Also every time I create a tactic I do worse! My biggest enjoyment in FM is the transfer market, unearthing youngsters, or bringing players through the academy watching their attributes develop over time.
  3. Unfortunately the retina mode slows my whole mac down, the fan kicks into overdrive and menus are laggy, even though the game itself looks beautiful in retina mode. You need to disable it and just play at a lower resolution unfortunately.
  4. Managers and players missing!?

    No the game mustn't have installed properly because I have re installed the game and its fine now.
  5. Managers and players missing!?

    Ben Marshall, Craig Conway also missing, even though I won my first league game with a reserve side out id like to sort it please!!
  6. Managers and players missing!?

    Now Jordan Rhodes is also completely missing from the game, have I loaded this wrong or something, never seen anything like it before.
  7. Ive just bought FM 2016 today and started a new game with Blackburn. For some reason, every club in the championship is hiring a new manager, no idea why, I decided to ignore it anyway and play on. Now ive got to the first game of the season, 3 of my players are completely missing, Markus Olsson, Adam Henley and Tommy Spurr all don't show up in any squad screen, and do not come up in the search bar. I bought the game from a website that send you the CD Key, but surely that isn't an issue? I activated the game on steam fine. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Tactic View

    Not the roles, the positions for each player whether they are selected or not doesnt appear its just dissappeared for no reason.
  9. Tactic View

    They are selected, there is just no column displaying the players position, driving me mad as well as my team playing crap
  10. Tactic View

    For some reason on the team selection/tactic screen, the position column has dissappeared. I have tried to insert column but can't find position anywhere, I had it before, just started a new save and its gone. Thanks
  11. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    How does FM run on a MacBook air with 4GB Ram?
  12. Running Football Manager on a Mac

    Macbook airs come with a 1.4 GHZ dual core Intel Core i5 processor
  13. So I'm looking at getting a MacBook As I always have to ensure when buying a new laptop, will it run FM well? Anybody who knows how a MacBook air - 4GB RAM Intel i5 1.4GHZ would run FM and could let me know - would be much appreciated I think a MacBook Pro is going to be too pricey.
  14. Team Instructions Help

    I will have a look, you have raised some good points, I don't expect to win every game but it just feels as if my tactics get found out quickly, but perhaps I need to scout the opposition more as you say.
  15. When I used any of the team instructions, such as play wider, retain possession etc. They always seem to work perfectly for one or two games, then after that, the instruction is always countered by the opposition. For example, if I set hassle opponents, in the first few games I'll win the ball back high up the pitch and score goals from it, then after a couple of games, doesn't matter if its an average or poor team, will pass around those players exploiting massive gaps. It's as if after a few games the AI learns what you're doing and then you have to change it all over again, any tips as to how I can stop this happening. Has anyone else experienced something similar?