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  1. There's no right age par sée it's down to your own judgement. I've let some gems go who I thought would never make it but they did. Youth players come through at such a quick rate if your managing a big club, Ultimately you've got to decide weather the guys who's developing slowly is holding another player back and take it from there.
  2. Also check the players creative freedom and teamwork this could also be causing it. A selfish player with high creative freedom can be a loose cannon It's like Cleon said as well though, If there's no options on a punt from long range might be the only option
  3. I'm not suprised, he's one of the few players that can go both ways and carry a goal scoring threat on either foot. Couple that with his agi, acc, dri,& flair he's the man you want to isolate the oppositions fullback
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