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  1. This is kind of the same message and the same issue arises. So there are multiple messages about this, and it goes wrong with all of them if the number of new internationals is greater then 2.
  2. This message works fine if there are 2 new internationals. If there are more, this message is bugged. Expected result: In the last sentence the names of the other new internationals should be listed. What happens now: In the last sentence the name of the first international is listed again and the names of the other new internationals are nowhere to be seen.
  3. Seems like i cant edit the first post to add some things: This shows the deal. Based on the dev list the DoF may only accept offers with 100% wage contribution, which didnt happen here... That is also a reason why the DoF isnt allowed to accept the bid from Kalmar. Now i have made a note to recall the player in a month.
  4. If you put a player on the development list and use the settings so the DoF is only allowed to do the transfer for you if the nation is the nation of the club, then they also accept if the offer is from a foreign affliate club I am playing in San marino and these are the setting: One of my affiliates is Kalmar FF in Sweden. I have had multiple times that they made an offer for a loan for a player at the development list. The DoF isnt allowed to accept this offer, since Sweden isnt San Marino. But they still accept the offers from Kalmar FF. In every other case this works fine. So if another club from outside the nation bids on the player, they got cancelled by the DoF. It only goes wrong with foreign affiliate clubs.
  5. No, i think i had that for about 5 years and then it completely disappeared without any warming/message. So the new stadium was official silently cancelled. From that moment on: If i ask for a new stadium, then the board wont allow it, because they think are fan base is too small. If I ask for expanding my stadion, then the board allows it, but the goverment will always block it. So it is 2038, i have won multiple Champions Leagues. I even won the Club World Cup. But i am still playing my home games for 350 people
  6. I have one the CL twice, also lost a final once. I even won the WC for clubs. Based on reputation i am one of the biggest clubs of the world. Meanwhile i am still playing for 350 people
  7. This was said before i started to get a deal with the club as well. Then i managed to get the deal. I got this message, so i could start talking to the player for a contract. Above picture is from that moment. Then i offered a deal with the player and he is asking double the money?! They started the negotiation with asking 100k! So i offered 60k, which is already higher then their expectation. That got denied... Please make these expectation accurate.
  8. The estimated club value was part of the base skin until a few years ago. Some fan made skins still add this value to the club info profile. Just an example: The estimated value of my club is 2.33B. You can look up the value of most other major clubs and you will find a lot of 2.33B's as estimated value. Some major clubs have a lower value, but no clubs have a higher value. So it looks like the estimated club value is capped at 2.33B. I do understand why there is a cap: You dont want a number overflow and get weird numbers. But the current cap is too low. Currently all top club are at the same estimated value because of the cap. Just to prove my point: PSG: Man City: Real Madrid: Arsenal: FC Barcelona: By upping the cap to a higher number we can differentiate between these clubs. By a higher cap you can really say you are the highest estimated valued club.
  9. My board had the idea of increasing the salary for trainers. I didnt think it was needed, so now they asked me what i want to do with the money. The last option about the Se Piece Coach is not translated to Dutch. It is still in English.
  10. Currently i dont have any issues with FFP, but the lack of info is borthering me. It is just the current number and the expected number of the end of the period. I wish we had more insight in how this number is calculated. Just some things i wish to know: A break down of the FFP based on the season or even on the months. A break down of what contributes to the profit/loss. Something that looks like the income and expenditure tabs, but for FFP period ...
  11. Hi all, i need some help for expanding my stadion. I am stuck at 350, even after winning the Champions League... Lets me the story. So i started with a custom DB as San Giovanni in San Marino. After the first year my board announced they want to build their own stadium. Great! But after being stuck at the phase 'searching for a site' for years, it just got cancelled after about 5 years without any message. After asking again for a new stadium, the board still denied. They still think we have too few fans, so the stadium would be half empty. I tried this year after year, but until this day they still dont accept a new stadium. Therefore i want a expansion. And the board is fine with that. But then the next issue arise: The goverment is blocking expansion of the current stadium. Over and over again. They blocked it this year again. I stopped counting for every time they blocked the expansion. In the mean time i got a very lucky run in the Champions League and was able to win the Champions League. So now i can say i am a Champions League winner, while only playing for 350 people... This small stadium is very frustrating. At the start of the game we were sharing stadiums with another club. They were able to get a new stadium, while they are performing much worse then us. This makes it even more frustrating. The stadium is full in every game. Even in the practise games it is full. In Europe we play in the national stadium, for 5.500 people. Even then the stadium is fully full. It really make no sense we are still playing for 350 people... Anyone who has the golden tip for getting a bigger stadium?!
  12. The monthly loan summary shows the player happiness of a loan deal. Sorting this list in Dutch looks out of order because both 'Content' and 'Happy' are translated with 'tevreden'. So please make it two different words in Dutch as well.
  13. I already played for some time after the last time this happens. Is that an issue? If no, then i will upload my save. Otherwise i will wait for the next time this happens and then upload the save. What behaviour i noticed: If you lock it, then the other club will remove it, while that should be possible. If you dont lock it, it just stays up.
  14. I send these terms to RKC: Then i click on suggest term. Then i get both a new offer from them. But the locked additional fee is removed. It should be non negotiable, so it must stay as part of the loan offer, but it doesnt.
  15. I am using a custom database, so i can play in San Marino, so not with Victor San Marino. The stadium thing is a mess in this game. First this. Then the board doesnt want a new stadium anymore. And stadium expensions are blocked by the government. So I am still stuck 350 max people attending my home game, even after winning the champions league
  16. This is indeed why i still think it is bugged. You should still be able to request it, but the board should deny your request with a specific reason. I did some research in the mean time. It looks like it is very will tight toward reputation. When your reputation increases, you are able to ask again and they will accept. I was stuck at 8/20, but now i am at 10/20 and they are currently improving it again. For some reason this is also only applied for youth facilities. All the other options arent tied to this. So i already have 20/20 for training facilities, for youth recruitment, ... For all fo these reputation doesnt apply and if you got the money, then the clubs just accept your demands. I do agree.
  17. A space is missing between "bij" en <club name>, In above picture it is written as "bijTre Penne". It should be "bij Tre Penne".
  18. The old limit of the number of scouts it always wrong. See the circle in red. I noticed this in the past years too. First time it might be my mistake, so i didnt reported it instantly. But now it is year after year showing 1 too high. it should be shown as 14 in above example. Another way to see why it is really the wrong number: If a limit changes, the new limit is green (if the limit increased) or red (if the limit decreased) or just white (if it stays the same). The new limit is in white, so old limit = new limit. And based on my experience of previous years it is the old limit that is wrong. Note: At first i thought this was a translation issue, since i didnt play in English, but it also appears in English.
  19. i thought i will try out a fully non negotiable offer by using that button in the top corner, so the offers is fully non negotiable. Turns out clubs are also ignoring this. So i get completely different deals from the the AI back. Sometimes their offers are even locked offers. So i cant even negotiable their deal, while they are able to overrule my non negotiable offers. This whole offer players out to get some bids with some fixed constraints (fully locked offers or partially locked offers) doesnt work at all. And this is pretty annoying to deal with. I got all kind of useless offers which shouldnt be allowed. So please fix this issue...
  20. Remove the "\" underlined in red in this message.
  21. I love using the clausules when selling players. Sometimes you can buyout these clauses. Currently you have to look under transfers -> clauses if there are any clauses available for a buy out or if existing possible buyout will have a different buyout value. This is pretty tedious and you have the possibility to miss a potential great buyout deal. I have two possible options to solve this. Maybe both can be implemented as well: You will a frequent message, no matter what about all the possible buyout fees. It should work the same as the frequent meetings with your staf about training, transfers, ... You will get a message in your inbox if something changed. If your board do these negotiations about the buyout and you get the last word about selling a clause, then it make sense if the board notifies you about your possible options. So it make sense to me if they email you if they were able to negotiate something.
  22. I try to sell a player and i offer him via transferroom with the following settings: Fee: Unspecified Clause: Percentage of next sale: 50% --> Lock this one Clause: Arrange friendly --> Lock this one My expectation: I will get offers with 50% percentage of next sale locked and arrange friendly locked. Clubs are free to altern any other bit of their offer. What i get: Completely different offers, where also the locked clauses are altered or even fully removed. What is sometimes worse: They send a non negotiable offer, so i cant even put back my forced demands. Some examples: In this case i got a non negotiable demand where the AI was able fully remove the percentage of next sale and changed into a lower percentage of the profit for next sale. The AI shouldnt be able to change this, since it was already locked by me. This time the AI managed to get rid of both forced clause in a non negotiable offer from them. Again i dont have the option to put back the locked clauses. For the QA team: Start with any club and just try to sell a player with some locked demands and some demands with freely can be adjusted. It happens all the time. This bug already exists for a long time, it is also present in previous iterations of this game.
  23. Shouldnt be that the case as well for other facilities, like training facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment. It is weird to see them all updated, while only youth facilities suck. I use a skin giving me numbers. All of the above are at 20, so really at the maximum. Youth facilities are at 8. This difference doesnt make much sense to me. Why does this problem only happens for youth facilities? Why doesnt not apply to others?
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