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  • Clubs remove locked parts of an loan offer

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    I send these terms to RKC:


    Then i click on suggest term. Then i get both a new offer from them. But the locked additional fee is removed.

    It should be non negotiable, so it must stay as part of the loan offer, but it doesnt.


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    8 hours ago, Zachary Whyte said:

    Hello @MisterX

    Can you please upload your save file showing this, thank you.

    I already played for some time after the last time this happens. Is that an issue? If no, then i will upload my save. Otherwise i will wait for the next time this happens and then upload the save. 

    What behaviour i noticed:

    • If you lock it, then the other club will remove it, while that should be possible.
    • If you dont lock it, it just stays up.


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