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  1. http://forum.manutd.nl/forum/managers-united/football-manager-2017/data-updates-ab/overige-data-updates-ab/7535121-fm17-project-holland-de-ultieme-nederlands-voetbalpiramide Get in touch which him. He tries to replicate the dutch system until tier 10! Maybe you can help eachother.
  2. Better question could be: Do you think FM15 is much better than previous versions? And why?
  3. Who can convince me to buy FM15? I have play FM from FM07, but i have got bored the last years, so i havent play FM13 and FM14 that much. Maybe i need to include FM12. So what makes FM15 better than those versions?
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/330331-FM13-FM14-Tool-for-star-rating-of-coaches Works fine Also for FM15
  5. Earlier it works, but now it is also empty... Did it change with the 14.3.x patch?
  6. Yeah, FM is that easy. Hopefully FM15 is must more difficult...
  7. They indeed join the EU around that season. In july 2018 they aren't member of the EU, but in june 2019 they are. I already though it sould be something like this. Tnx.
  8. Doing a test run, only Serbians Leagues playable: Montenegro join the EU. I guess in 2017. Serbia still doesn't join the EU. I also notice Switzerland and Iceland as members of the EU, which isn't the case IRL. I think they were already EU member in FM from the start...
  9. Someone say Croatia join at a later moment in the game. That's not true, and thus based on nothing. That's what i meant to say.
  10. Like i said: some are based on nothing So Serbia en Montenegro join the EU around 2016. Are these years fixed? Nor other countries? Do joining the EU change the competition rules? I meant: a rule like 'No more then x foreign players' change to 'No more then x Non-EU players'.
  11. Which countries will be added to the EU in FM14? And when? I heard many different stories... Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, ... Some are based on FM13, some are based on nothing. So what does really happens?
  12. I found a workaround for my problem by using this thread. Not perfect, some letters/pictures are cut. See for example the training box: Another issue occurs at the clubpage: It only occurs at the 3 points, i can change the other boxes. But i'm not the only one with this problem, i see
  13. FM14 Base Skin. Downloaded the new 14.2 version, but same problem still occurs. I hope you could help me...
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