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  • Development list and foreign affliates

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    If you put a player on the development list and use the settings so the DoF is only allowed to do the transfer for you if the nation is the nation of the club, then they also accept if the offer is from a foreign affliate club

    I am playing in San marino and these are the setting:


    One of my affiliates is Kalmar FF in Sweden. I have had multiple times that they made an offer for a loan for a player at the development list. The DoF isnt allowed to accept this offer, since Sweden isnt San Marino. But they still accept the offers from Kalmar FF.

    In every other case this works fine. So if another club from outside the nation bids on the player, they got cancelled by the DoF. It only goes wrong with foreign affiliate clubs. 




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    Seems like i cant edit the first post to add some things:



    This shows the deal. Based on the dev list the DoF may only accept offers with 100% wage contribution, which didnt happen here... That is also a reason why the DoF isnt allowed to accept the bid from Kalmar.

    Now i have made a note to recall the player in a month. 

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