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  • Estimated club value is capped at 2.33B and all major clubs are at the cap

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    The estimated club value was part of the base skin until a few years ago. Some fan made skins still add this value to the club info profile. Just an example:


    The estimated value of my club is 2.33B. You can look up the value of most other major clubs and you will find a lot of 2.33B's as estimated value. Some major clubs have a lower value, but no clubs have a higher value. So it looks like the estimated club value is capped at 2.33B.

    I do understand why there is a cap: You dont want a number overflow and get weird numbers. But the current cap is too low. Currently all top club are at the same estimated value because of the cap. Just to prove my point:



    Man City:


    Real Madrid:




    FC Barcelona:


    By upping the cap to a higher number we can differentiate between these clubs. By a higher cap you can really say you are the highest estimated valued club.


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