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  • Clubs ignoring demands in transferroom

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    I try to sell a player and i offer him via transferroom with the following settings:

    • Fee: Unspecified
    • Clause: Percentage of next sale: 50% --> Lock this one
    • Clause: Arrange friendly --> Lock this one


    My expectation: I will get offers with 50% percentage of next sale locked and arrange friendly locked. Clubs are free to altern any other bit of their offer.

    What i get: Completely different offers, where also the locked clauses are altered or even fully removed. What is sometimes worse: They send a non negotiable offer, so i cant even put back my forced demands.

    Some examples:


    In this case i got a non negotiable demand where the AI was able fully remove the percentage of next sale and changed into a lower percentage of the profit for next sale. The AI shouldnt be able to change this, since it was already locked by me.


    This time the AI managed to get rid of both forced clause in a non negotiable offer from them. Again i dont have the option to put back the locked clauses. 

    For the QA team: Start with any club and just try to sell a player with some locked demands and some demands with freely can be adjusted. It happens all the time. This bug already exists for a long time, it is also present in previous iterations of this game. 


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    i thought i will try out a fully non negotiable offer by using that button in the top corner, so the offers is fully non negotiable. Turns out clubs are also ignoring this. So i get completely different deals from the the AI back. Sometimes their offers are even locked offers. So i cant even negotiable their deal, while they are able to overrule my non negotiable offers.

    This whole offer players out to get some bids with some fixed constraints (fully locked offers or partially locked offers) doesnt work at all.

    And this is pretty annoying to deal with. I got all kind of useless offers which shouldnt be allowed. So please fix this issue...

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