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  1. Will this be fixed in the next patch?
  2. I signed a new contract at 2-3-2023 with a 50% promotion wage rise. I become champion and got promoted. I signed a contract for 2.2k p/m. Now i am promoted (it is already September, so the new season has started), it is still 2.2k p/m. It should have been 3.3k p/m after promotion.
  3. I just see this thread: It is about the same point.
  4. This is just how it is displayed in game in the tactic window. It isnt fully displayed. Only if you hover over the name. In the player view it is fully displayed: The first and last one are almost identical in name (the only difference is the space), but they are two different roles. The first one has only defending duty, the last one defending, supporting and attacking. From the tactic view: In English both have distinct names: Inverted Wing-Back Inverted Full-Back In Dutch there names are too identical. You really have to look closely for the difference in their names.
  5. The disallowed goal from C. King is a goal for the away team, not for the home team. C. King is the goalie of the home team making a disallowed own goal. So his name should be on the away side in this picture. The game probably thinks that C. King is a player of the home team, so it was a disallowed goal of the home team. This logic isnt true for own goals. As result this goal is showed on the wrong side in this picture. See picture below: Red = home team, yellow = away team. It started with the free kick to the second post. Then their keeper C. King made a mis step, which made it a goal, so it become an own goal of the goalie. But multiple players were standing off side, so the goal was disallowed.
  6. Yes, in English they are both clearly different roles. But in Dutch both have almost the same name. That leads to a lot of confusion about which role stand for which type of play? I would suggest to change the names in Dutch so they are clearly different.
  7. Can you use this tool for adding players too? And for FM24?
  8. Thanks! Hopefully this will be fixed soon! Please tell me if you need more info!
  9. In FM you can export data to for example HTML so you can load the data in Excel. This works well for most data fields, but it isnt working for star ratings. Just try to following things: Try to export the squad view including the CA and PA star ratings based on the view of you assistent manager. These fields become empty in the export. Try to export a Scout view with CA and PA ratings based in your Scout opinion. These fields become empty in the export. This bug is already in the game for years. I dont know why this isnt already fixed. Fixing this shouldnt be that hard...
  10. Two roles for the back position are almost identical in the Dutch translation: Naar binnen komende vleugelverdediger Naar binnenkomende vleugelverdediger Except of the space in the middle there are identical. This makes these roles very confusing. I would suggest changing the name to something that isnt almost the same as another role.
  11. Currently you can set some settings to use if you offer players for sell to other clubs. These settings are pretty limited in my experience. Percentage of his value You can set a percentage of his value. But you cant see the ingame value anymore, since it has become a range. So you have no idea with value is picked based on this setting anymore. This makes this setting unclear and it needs some improvement. It is not really clear which value will be picked for a player. Expanded settings for mass offering players for sale For loans you can already pick a lot of different option. I would this too for selling players. You can for example tick a box so a percentage of next sale will be include in the transfer deal. So you can ask for including (or excluding) fees and clausules. That makes it much more micro intensive to sell lots of players. Lock settings in transfer deals via offer to clubs I would also love a setting to offer player to clubs, but lock certain parts of the deal. It is pretty annoying to get 0% wage percentage offers for loans, when asking for 100%. So i want to lock 100% wage percentages for offering out the players, so i wont got these stupid 0% wage offers. I just got 50 offers on different players with 0% wage contribution, while asking for 100%.
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