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  1. Restart steam completely, change library to tools and it will be there.
  2. Only went in to rid myself of Zebre FC, but I couldn’t change anything in European Union.
  3. Yes it is? I had to restart steam to see it after the full game downloaded, Then go to library and change to tools you can download it.
  4. Yep as I said you can’t edit the European Union on the editor.
  5. in the CPL 4 teams are down as predicted to finish 1st in the team selection part. Cavalry FC, Forge FC, Pacific FC and York9 FC.
  6. Indian Arrows transfer policy on the club selection screen states “Indian Arrows are not allowed to sign over-number#1-age players.
  7. Ronald Hernandez is a 23 year old full Venezuelan international who had already made 4 appearances for Aberdeen before today...
  8. Thanks, what is the database/research issue in football manager in this post?
  9. Nobody has shown me otherwise with the pre game editors.
  10. For a guy that has only played 3 senior games his PA range is already high enough as war dog points out. additionally using FIFA to back up your point isn’t a good idea.
  11. Very odd, starting my second season he is declared for India with a handful of caps, While English isn’t listed in the nationality part just his place of birth. think that answers how he got a work permit for another British club. I can post a screen shot in a different part of the forum if it may be a different issue, because as far as I was aware when a player declares/is already declared for a nation his other nationalities still show up.
  12. Bournemouth player Dinesh Gillela only has Indian as a nationality however his place of birth states Camberley (England) so should have English as a second nationality. makes him pretty much unsignable post Brexit.
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