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  1. Hamilton Stadium name still not updated. flagged a few times already.
  2. James McArthur has retired from international football hopefully just in time to be updated in this.
  3. Any teams like Motherwell or Dundee been reduced based on current form?
  4. Normal loans, no facility to add development loans in.
  5. Was just about to post this myself. The post split fixtures should have two midweek games, instead it's currently one midweek and 4 weekends. Meaning the last game is on 26/05/19 and the Scottish cup final gets pushed back to 01/06/19 which is far too late given some players in Scotland have contract's set to expire on 31/05/19. Scottish cup should be on the weekend of 26/05/18 and one extra split game should be played midweek. Date of final confirmed below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Scottish_Cup ETA and as said above there is a massive gap between the last pre-split game and first post-split game. Usually there is only one free weekend then the post-split games start.
  6. Injuries such as Berra, Souttar and ikepazu that happen during the ongoing season don’t get added as far as I’m aware. Only if they happen in pre season or carry an injury over from last season. Otherwise the players injury history would be wrong.
  7. Hamilton have the incorrect stadium name. Listed as Superseal stadium. Was re-named HopeCBD stadium in the summer. https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1424605-hamilton-strike-stadium-deal-with-cannabis-oil-firm/
  8. Head researcher says that is not the case but whatever, shouldn't be too long.
  9. When can assistant researchers expect a beta code, made to wait for them again this year.
  10. Please release this soon MetalG atleast you actually do all the promotions and relegations in your files.
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