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  1. The Italy Researcher has solved this by subtracting the games (30) Chiesa has played last season, and only setting the remaining 16 games as a clause. (Chiesa also has a clause that makes his loan permanent if he plays 46 matches). Maybe this could also be done with Mateta. So, subtracting the 7 games he played last season, and setting that his loan becomes permanent if he plays 8 matches
  2. This was just today, he even goes to the other side to take them because he is that good at them. You need to watch Villa, its an incredible weapon that has only been used even more now that they have Austin MacPhee as their set-piece coach. Here is an entire article on his long throws, with further examples. http://zonalpressing.com/set-piece-analysis/matty-cashs-impact-throw-ins-at-aston-villa/ Honestly, he probably deserves 19 Long Throws.
  3. here is just one example, I can give you more if you want
  4. Matty Cash's Long Throws are ridiculously underrated. Especially this season he always sends Delap-esque rockets into the penalty area and has already set up a couple of goals and big chances with those Long Throws. 10 is not enough, he needs 18 or even more
  5. Kwadwo Baah (29237093) should have Germany as his first Nationality. He was born in Stuttgart (Germany) and is in the Germany u19 squad. (2nd nationality England / 3rd Nationality Ghana) Germany's u19 squad: https://www.dfb.de/u-19-junioren/team-und-trainer/?no_cache=1 To more accurately reflect his standing in his age group, he could have around 100 CA and his left foot should be ≈ 8
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