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  1. According to the times, the record and the sun a sell on clause was agreed along with bonuses, dunno how reputable that is though
  2. Its a tricky one I originally had him set at 9 but after a discussion with stuart we decided -85 was a better suit as giving him a 9 would give him the same potential as being as good as messi which is unlikely
  3. Just rechecked the data there, he is currently set to a -85 which is between 140-170
  4. Set at a random PA of -75 which is reasonably acceptable considering his current involvement with the first team
  5. Arsenal Issue Kieran Tierney missing 15% sell on clause to Celtic
  6. iv Just added both just now, angelini was missed as i wasnt sure of date of birth but has been fixed now, and Tobi had to be created from scratch cheers
  7. Will also be added, didnt see his name
  8. Most of the players listed are under the age of 16 which means they’re not eligible to feature, only McRobb and Moffat will be added cheers.
  9. Pretty fair point, i’ll have a look at them again as most were judged on pre champions league qualifiers
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