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  1. Noticed when I've took over at Rangers it says Gerrard has won a 3rd consecutive title while only winning 2 titles
  2. not sure if this is the right place but iv noticed that all Scottish leagues apart from premiership all have season preview 1st odds of 1/91, surely a team cant be favored that much??
  3. When Discussing a new trait with a player, there is no option to suggest developing a players weaker foot like there was in previous games
  4. "Press Conference starts with well done on reaching the Carabao Cup final. How does it feel?" Even though the semi was lost 3-1 on pens
  5. Just checked the DB again just incase I missed it but only PPM he has is Likes ball played into feet, could report it as a bug and see what they say
  6. Beedham was missed, as for the rest if you know any of their d.o.b then let me know as cant seem to find any of them online so possibly might have missed age cut off cheers.
  7. Lindelof showing blonde hair in game, heard a few other people say players are showing wrong hair colour? Possibly a match engine bug?
  8. I had the same issue yesterday, think it might be a bug as forrest was running around with sandy hair
  9. Based on what iv seen on Jullien he is very hard to judge, the assist for Klimala was out the top drawer but iv yet to see him play a similar pass, in terms of his dribbling it could be on the lower side as you have mentioned. Majority of Duffy' attributes were from his parent club, his performances of recent could suggest a massive ability drop and a few attributes changed. Mikey has been out for a while now and hasn't played much football recently to judge him on, the reserves thing isn't a data issue its more how the game decides which squad is more suitable as far as I'm aware. PPM's for McGregor slipped past me, I agree with you on that and it should get fixed for full release the cuts inside was more earlier years when he was used out wide Forrest usually moves the ball back on to his right before taking a shot. Also with RWB id say its still a fairly uncomfortable position with forrest. Would say that Elyounoussi is no more than competent at playing the striker roll although should be natural at LW In terms of Edouard, His work rate stat could be a bit too high and will be considered, The Runs with Ball down left must have been done in game as not set in DB
  10. Also just noticed connor wickham has higher finishing than the following players (15) rashford, sterling, firmino, bruno, pogba, martial, gabriel jesus, calvert lewin, grealish surely not
  11. Crystal palace have Scott Guyett - Head of Sports Science contract as non contract with no expiry date or wage
  12. Finances were amended but not shown, finances from celtic were only released other week, June 30th revenue was announced at 70.2m
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