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  1. Mason greenwood (manchester united u18’s) deserves a boost on free kicks, scored many and has just scored 2 in the same game against liverpool dont think 5 does him any justice
  2. Also had weird things happen in my online save with a friend, both watching my game and game ends up two different scores and doesnt let us continue
  3. Best camera angle to see the issue is behind goal this is on the latest match engine aswell
  4. Happened in last years game, so hopefully
  5. Messi and greizman’s wages need looked at surely 1.2m a week for messi is surely not right
  6. Ronaldo’s wages need changing, saying 1m per week, when in reality the contract signed was apparently £538,000 p/w
  7. Terrible player but even gordon has above 5 for passing and his passing is brutal
  8. Any news on a update to jack hendry’s passing of 2?
  9. One of the most biased posts iv seen on here, point 1 - first game of the season in real life celtic won 3-1 😂 point 2 - celtic have dominated scottish football in all 3 competitions for the last 2 seasons point 3 - Celtic are in a different league when it comes to finances between them and rangers
  10. Would agree with that, dont believe any professional footballer would have passing as low as “2”
  11. If thats the case scotland would be 20th
  12. In terms of league standings in europe, spfl is ranked at 29 while the azerbijan league is ranked higher surely thats not true?
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