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  1. No Pi's or other settings than the info given in your post?
  2. You can attach files/images when you write your post/comment
  3. I have to say WOW, stable tactic in every way, great combinations between players and positions. Have not lost a game since I applied this setup! 13 games unbeaten ( 11 wins, 2 draws ) The only problem I have now is that I am useless on set-pieces, many points could be lost or won so If I succeed with that the tactic is as complete as it can be! (would like to add that I bought Niklas Süle and Erling Haaland, otherwise no changes in the squad.) Cheers and thanx
  4. This is what i have atm, haven't had the time to play so can't give you any feedback yet, but feel free to try the tactic. The following Pi's are given to: RPM-S (Kovacic) - Dribble More CM-S (Jorginho) - Hold Position CWB-A (James) - Pass It Shorter & Take Fewer Risks CD-D (Azpi) - Stay Wider Set-pieces are default. Chelsea 3-4-3.fmf
  5. Well if you can't have your own opinion about tactics and the ME there's no point keeping this one open
  6. Off course i know and understand that you can't replicate real-life-tactics in FM, but it's frustrating to not make a top team perform at all with any given tactic. As i wrote before for ME soo many things are broken and has been since FM19, tactics, ME, overpowered teams and soo on but i keep trying and understand why this is. You have some good ideas in your post there mate so when i have the time i'll get back to the drawing board and try making something stable to work with. Cheers and thanx!
  7. Yeah I'm out of ideas soon 😁 Pre-season is very good but when season starts the team can't pass, shoot , cross, attack or defend. The whole team seems broken and I don't get why at all 😂 and I also use a wide 3 in attack 👍
  8. This is what i got so far, haven't decided the front 3 yet I'm thinking about a possession/gegenpress type of tactic... How Mateo Kovacic’s role has evolved under different Chelsea managers
  9. Yes defending doesn't work great neither do scoring goals
  10. I haven't enjoyed FM21 at all and to many things are broken according to me
  11. No not really...i think it's even worse after the patch/update, I will try a last time/save and after that i'm done with FM21
  12. I really didn't think it was possible to be as bad as Chelsea in this years FM. The squad they have is a good one, talented and it should be possible to perform but for me it isn't. No matter what tactic a utilize, advanced, basic they can't do anything on the pitch, obviously I'm doing something very wrong here! or am I missing something? 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-3.... Liverpool is overpowered as last year, teams that play 3-4-3 is dominant (even Brighton is) but if you try to play it yourself you get absolutley trashed. Chelsea isn't a top team I know that but this is absurd Haven't managed to get trough a season yet before the axe banging my head
  13. I'm on the verge of getting sacked atm, currently 9th in the league (13 games played) , a fall out in Champions League and haven't won in 8 games. 5 straight losses and 3 draws... The team is playing so bad it's pathetic Back to the drawing board I guess
  14. The results are good/ok, still having BIG problems to score goals though... Tweaked a little and changed some roles, Pi's and Ti's - Split block for the front 3 - Roam for the AM/S
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