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  1. I did change to a "control possession" oriented setup, trashed Spurs at home 5-1 in Premier League so it seems like the way to play home at least DLF/A SS/A AP/S CM/S BWM/D WB/S WB/S BPD/D CD/C BPD/D SK/S Rematch against Spurs at home in Carabao Cup ended 3-1 Happy so far (CHO is crazy good as wingback ) Tweaking the set-pieces atm to get a little more edge and goals.
  2. Yeah I'm on a really bad run atm so some changes are needed. Seems impossible to score for now, so much wasted chances. Dominating games but lose on a set pice or penalty. Next up is Man City away so we'll se how it goes
  3. So pre-season is over and some good results to match. I like how the team play, defend, attack and interchange. Feel free to try and tweak Positive 3-4-2-1 - Test.1.fmf
  4. 2nd game and positions - Need some width - Once again right wing back isn't as high as I want to...and #10 on the pitch is to narrow and static (doesn't do anything) - Overall ok
  5. So this is what i've got in FM-terms first game: - CHO's position is spooky when he was in the front all the time? Role: CWB-A #2 - Stable defence: Much Higher Defensive Line - Good pressing: Higher Line Of Engagement - Transition: Distribute To Centerbacks - In Possession: Play Out Of Defence Mentality: Balanced Overall a very good 1st game actually! Played as I wanted to, positions good (not CHO) good combinations but wasteful in front of goal (like irl)
  6. Hi guys I would like some help and advice on how to setup Chelsea's current tactic under Thomas Tuchel and "How To Boss The Midfield Like Kovacic and Jorginho" does. As I know they play a 3-4-2-1/3-4-3 system that transforms into a 3-2-5 in attack, but the key seems to be the double pivot in midfield. Feel free to leave a comment and and we'll see if we can make a stable tactic to play with. Here's some analysis/pictures of game played so far under Tuchel that could be key and helpful. Tactical Analysis – Tuchel’s 3-2-5 How To Boss The Midfield Like Kovacic and Jo
  7. So if you looking at this how would you setup Kovacic and Jorginho? Maybe it's not even possible but... How To Boss The Midfield Like Kovacic and Jorginho – Tactical Analysis (maybe this should be asked separately in another thread)
  8. I'm trying to recreate Lampard's Chelsea tactic, a 4-3-3 but the squad is so unbalanced and bad so I most likely get the sack before being able to do some tactic tests
  9. Can't make it work, shouldn't it be an xml file to point it to the right direction aswell? (i'm using TCS skin btw) C:\Users\"username"\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\TCS '21 v1.1\graphics\icons\custom\match\logos Nevermind, got it sorted! Thanx
  10. It happens all the time, why? - Cache cleared - Automatically override custom panels unticked - No other skins - No changes made
  11. Is it possible to make it work in TCS-skin? I've tried but no success
  12. I want that one to and i know its the resolution that makes it look like that but it should be possible to edit and make it look like that on a 1920x1080 screen...but don't know how
  13. How do I edit this screen? https://content.invisioncic.com/Msigames/monthly_2020_12/9.thumb.png.19134e566131064a8b3d0f36ff138872.png The one in 1.1 isn't what I want. Cheers
  14. I don't have a Director of football anymore, mine says "General manager"
  15. How do i make my New match ibh look like the screenshots? My res is 1920x1080
  16. Following this, having some serious issues with Chelsea and tactics, a very unbalanced squad i think makes it hard to perform. Just like irl. My takes at 4-3-3 (4-1-4-1) and 4-2-3-1 wide has failed big time, almost got axed 2 times. Hope to get some new ideas from this thread
  17. Any specific Pi's more than "change one BBM to CM support with hold position" or other tweaks?
  18. The staff links isn't clickable in u23's and u18's ?
  19. I have BIG problems getting my striker in the game, Abraham, Giroud doesn't score but the midfield does and the defence is stable though.
  20. Why does the game randomly change the name of my Chairman and one, only one Director, in this case Bruce Buck and Piet de Visser in Chelsea? If so shouldn't the game announce a retirement of these people? Cheers
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