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  1. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice here - I often find player happiness situations contradictory. As an example, In my current Arsenal save (first season) Hector Bellerin has 3 years left on his contract. I offer to extend and he says he isn't interested due to the interest in him (major interest from Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern and Liverpool). I think fair enough, try 3 times to extend and he gives the same response. So I transfer list him a couple of days before the January transfer window and he is now very upset and concerned about his future at the club. Doesn
  2. @knaphi Knap - quick question and sorry of this has been explained before. what is the relationship between TIME and ECHOES?
  3. didn't start this save on the beta, but interesting that it didn't stop you registering. I just cancelled the deals though before I saw this :-)
  4. hi all, currently on 1st July in second season of a Crystal Palace save. I have had a couple of bids accepted for 2 players based in Italy (Biraghi and Rodrigo de Paul) but getting a warning that they can't be registered until January. Anyone know a reason for this? Players from other leagues seem to be fine, so does this just apply to Serie A? Thanks in advance
  5. @VirgilFanDijk12this looks great, well done! I’m two games into a Crystal Palace save and might introduce this as it’s not that far from my starting tactic. Quick question - someone mentioned a download link (they were asking about W or IW)?Or can I just use the screenshot and add the PIs I have quoted? Thank you
  6. so regarding players I haven't offered out, no offers for anyone. And in my squad I have Memphis Depay, Saliba, Partey, Gravenberch, Szoboszlai, Martinelli, Aouar, Haaland, Bennacer, Donnarumma, Gabriel - all these players have been at the club for at least 1 season, so not brand new purchases. All of them are playing well. example - Haaland was top scorer in the prem last season. Surely a Real Madrid/Barca/Bayern/City would be sniffing around? I think of the times when Arsenal had top talent like Henry, Vieira, Cesc, RvP, Sanchez, etc there was always a struggle to keep them each year (a
  7. Interesting around the asking price, this makes sense. Nketiah was top scorer in season 1, I then brought in Haaland for season 2 when we won the double and Nketiah played a lot less. He is valued at over £60m though. I might change some asking prices and see if that attracts offers
  8. interesting. did you get that most seasons or only recently (i.e. in 2026)? I'm in my 3rd season and I've had 1 offer in all those seasons for an unlisted player (Man U bid for Bellerin)
  9. @cris182 @Grifty all good points (although one could argue that Arsenal don't have people bidding for their players as it is an average squad on high wages but that is a conversation for another day!). Might not have been clear in my OP - I'm wanting to understand if other people receive regular bids for their players in transfer windows. It's been a long time since I have had a really big bid come in that makes you think hmmmm....at that price should I sell? Apologies if my question is not clear :-)
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