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  1. Finding this thread really interesting, and completely agree with @glenjamin I’ve played this game for years but the last 2 iterations I have struggled. I find myself a bit stuck in the middle between creating your own tactics and having to download something. I get so frustrated when building my own tactics (and I’ll spend hours reading articles, etc) and I’ll get a a set of tactics (home, away, SUS) that works for a few games and then it all turns to custard for no real reason. The need to re-invent constantly detracts from, for me, what I enjoy I.e. squad management, in game tactical shifts from a reliable set of tactics, transfer market, contract negotiations, etc. So after a few seasons of frustration at not being able to get any consistency going, I go and download a few tactics, have a massive unbeaten run, win everything and then think meh, what’s the point? I really want to find a solution as I do love this game. Oddly I always seem to have a good run on the initial beta, but after the next couple of versions come out my tactics fail!
  2. Hi Sebastian, about to start second season with Arsenal. I like to play with 2 or 3 tactics in a set that I can change around depending on home or away, opposition, etc. Which of these would most suit Arsenal? Thank you
  3. This is interesting! Just started an Arsenal save and have begun using @crusadertsarlatest version as a base. Only 3 games in but as you can see it hasn't been a strong start! A lot of the squad are on holiday or injured, but we have been pretty average so far: only in the 3rd game have we created more than the other team: Thinking I might have to add some more friendlies into the pre-season! And drop the wide players back, at least from home. Question - do you shift mentality through the game depending on the situation, or just stick with positive/attacking?
  4. Cheers! will have a go with this today, in pre-season now. Could Ozil work for the DLP/Hook role? Balance is decent but strength is low?
  5. Brilliant as always, and love what it evolved into! Is there a download link for your latest?
  6. So happy to find this thread! Looking to start a new Arsenal save and this is exactly the type of style I want then to play. Interested in @nick1408 version with the WP (Ozil?) as an option. Will get stuck in today and report back. quick question though - I usually play touch but am going full fat version as want to play the public beta. Is there any particular training routines any of you use? thanks in advance
  7. @knapAs a Led Zep fan I had to give Ramble On a go! First game at home - had to adjust mentality throughout the game, but looked good. FYI if you are wondering who Beckenham Panthers are, I got bored and tried the create a club option (replaced Burnley). Its good fun, you just clear their squad and use the budget to fill the squad (of course Burnley's is pretty small)
  8. thanks all - I have since moved to another save. We got relegated, and I think it was simply down to morale. We ended up with no wins in 16 or something like that. Once we were in a new season in the championship, things changed completely and we started winning again
  9. Correct, am playing FM touch on PC. Always remove work permits as I just find it more fun having no restriction on youth talent
  10. signing them to new contracts worked FYI but had to triple their wages!
  11. Hi all, Not sure if this is a bug or just happening in my save. I'm currently in 2nd season of an Arsenal save, and am playing with the 'No Work Permits' downloadable applied to the game. However, the below rules have come into affect and now two of my players can't play because they don't have work permits. I will try offering them contracts with wages over £8,000 but surely this shouldn't be happening if I am using the 'No Work Permits' downloadable?
  12. this has been my experience so far of FM20. Pretty joyless. Its a game, its supposed to be fun!
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