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  1. in all my years of FM, I've never had a player hand in a transfer request 2 weeks after joining the club! pretty sure that wouldn't happen
  2. not sure if this is odd or not, but signed Martial for Arsenal in the first transfer window. He played 2 games, had asked me to strengthen up front - i didn't buy anyone as didn't feel I needed to, and he has handed in a transfer request about 3 weeks after joining?
  3. Have noticed this on transfer deadline day, offers will come in but can't action from this screen, I need to click on transfers in the sidebar to access it
  4. nice! just starting an Arsenal save on the beta. Do you mind sharing? I'm thinking of going something like this (with some sort of 3 at the back version for tough away games)
  5. anyone having issues where the game is too big for the screen? Had this last year, can't remember the workaround
  6. Likewise. Still playing this Sampdoria save and it is really hard to get into. We just draw so many games. I even plugged this in for a few games ( ) which did ok but I am just struggling to get anything going attack wise. It’s tough playing against lots of 3 at the back formation, we tend to do better against better teams as there is more space
  7. hi @Matto97is this the same tweaked version as @Black Africa? Currently playing with Sampdoria where we are sitting about 10th. have started using this for the last 5 games which gave us 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, so pretty decent. Only finding shifting from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 we are a bit toothless in attack?
  8. hi @Black Africacurrently playing with Sampdoria and interested in taking this approach. Is this just the original tactic for the 4-2-3-1 and then your tweaked version in the screenshot for 4-1-2-3? thank you
  9. On this, I did think about having two up front with an AP although I’m not sure what that would look like! Maybe a diamond shape but that feels to exposed? Or some version of a 3-5-2?
  10. we are doing well results-wise since our first two opening games, but we are boring the pants off the fans! Have tried swapping the AP with a SS and a T but doesn't really change much. I'm going to change a CD to a BPD to try and get a bit of creativity going. Defensively we are very solid though!
  11. having the same where my AP and Striker are pretty toothless. As @Sneaky Petesaid, lots of 3 at the back in Serie A which might be a reason. I'm wondering if changing the AP to a trequartista could be an interesting move. Not sure if AF is the right pairing for a trequartista? Also thinking if changing the AP(a) to Ap(s) and putting the IF and winger on attack might make us hum a bit more
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