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  1. @knap quick one - currently rotating a couple of your formations. Have all your corner routines switched to a short corner?
  2. Apologies as this is probably in the wrong place, but having issues with FM19 downloaded tactics. Firstly, my game doesn't pick up the tactics from the tactics file in the FM19 folder. Instead they are in AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\cloud\tactics. Yet when I go to load a new tactic from either local or cloud, it just says this file could not be imported. In local for example, I get the below option but it won't let me change to any other folders. I am clearly doing something wrong - can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Knap, have started a save with Arsenal, only 2 games in and using !FM19PILGRIMAGE451KnapP100C. Interested to know what of your FM19 tactics you would use as a Home/Away pairing for Arsenal? Thanks for your help
  4. Apologies for the probably silly question - I was playing the beta, pretty sure the release downloaded. Should I now be playing version 19.1.1?
  5. I politely challenge back on that. £110k a week for a player of Ramsey’s calibre and experience is nothing in today’s market. Agree on Welbeck though, although English premium etc
  6. So managed to get a couple of hours in yesterday. Initial observations: 1. Looks great with the dark skin 2. Feels fresh and new, particularly the new tactics 3. Might be missing something, but I don’t get an alert or email when a scout report has been generated? Have to go into scouting to check? 4. It is still impossible to sell Ramsey and Welbeck which I find bananas and frustrating (have always found the difficulty in selling players the only thing not realistic in FM). If you put Ramsey on the market at £10m there would be loads of clubs interested. As it stands no one was interested FYI - have been playing FM Touch on iPad the last couple of versions so back on the PC so apologies if point 3 is me missing something overall really encouraged
  7. Thank you HUNT3R. Just realised I didn’t specify if beta was available to play on an iPad - can’t find it on the App Store (apologies if I am being really thick)
  8. Hi all, just trying to figure something out - is it possible to play the beta on FM Touch?
  9. Cheers for the advice, although I got fired 2 games after posting this! Will try and implement this on my new save :-)
  10. So I have played a few games on a new save with Arsenal with both these versions (retaining the regista on both). Bizarre results - liked the way it played, we set up some great chances but we literally couldn’t hit the side of a barn. 2 of the goals against sp*rs were penalties, and we managed to throw away a 3-1 lead to lose 5-3 in the space of about 5 minutes! Here is the tactic. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi all, love a 4-4-2 and have been trying to put one together after reading this thread. Idea was to have a winger going forward and whipping in crosses, a wide play maker that would link midfield and attack, and a dlp also dictating play. When it works, it works well but it’s really inconsistent, especially away from home, have tried dropping to control, counter and defensive with mixed results. Formation and results below. Is there anything jumping out that needs changing? Thank you for help and advice!
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