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  1. also, any specific training schedules people are using that compliment Knap's tactics?
  2. hi all - what is the best suggestion for a 2 striker formation for a sub-top team (Arsenal)? Was using the Kashmir 4-5-1 and 4-2-3-1 (came 3rd) but looking to add a two striker formation into the mix.
  3. liking this tactic, good work! just got spanked 5-2 by City away from home though with the tweak
  4. @knap @wMIKEthePIKEw really interested in this, thank you. tried this in my Charlton save with the Fire and Water 4321 p103, first game we won 4-1. Not sure squad suits this formation though - is there a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 that you would recommend that might work with this approach?
  5. Hi @knap thanks again for the great tactics. have just started a Charlton save - is the Fire 4312 ID 1426? Also, do you have a favourite 4231 you would use for a long term save? Looking to couple it with venom & faith v3 109. thanks in advance!
  6. using this formation for a create a club challenge i just started. Charlton, but cleared the squad in create a club mode and used the budget to fill it with youth apart from 3 older players (Scott Carson, Johan Djourou and Loic Nego). will let you know how I get on with it!
  7. @Adam Sutton I’ve got a Bradford save at the moment so really interested in what tactic you’re using. I can’t find the one you mentioned earlier on Knap’s spreadsheet. Any chance of a link? Would be much appreciated!
  8. @knapthanks for all your great tactics! Currently have a Bradford save that I've started which we are expected to win promotion. Any suggestions on tactics?
  9. hi there, which version are you talking about? there seems to be lots of different versions on the google spreadsheet? thank you
  10. hi there, sorry - I can't find that tactic on the list. any chance of a download link? thank you!
  11. hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place but it seems my views on FM20 have changed and can't figure out why. I did download a custom view but have since removed it, but there seems to be options/actions missing. Can anyone help? A couple of examples: if i click on medical centre it takes me to this screen: On a player profile screen, there is no 'information' option or 'interaction' option: I can only access things like 'offer new contract' by going to the squad list and right clicking and choosing from the drop down. Any help would be much appreciated! thanks in advance.
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