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  1. Sorry. That one could easily result in a red for sure. Was really dangerous and and was meant to be "hard" as it's not the way you try to control the ball surely.
  2. No chance. First of all, he was perfectly on the line and also there would've been a minimal chance of it being ordered to be re-taken even if he was off the line, considering that it was never picked up at the tournament. He was just trying to be cool with it. Like it's a regular job to make a EURO winning penalty save.
  3. **** you Southgate. What do you expect from the players who were eager to get in the pitch for 2 hours and have to shoot the penalties when they basically haven't touched the ball before.
  4. I support England team in that match and hope they win. But I definitely want Southgate to lose the game because of his cowardice with the subs... Can the teams swap the managers for the penalties and let England win with Mancini as a manager?
  5. Why? He is just mocking up someone who spouted that ******** over Chiesa injury. Though, considering the author he could really mean it... But should be read as a reply to that Chiesa message.
  6. Who was that person who said in another thread that it's not possible to book players for simulating injuries because it's impossible to determine if it's faking the injury. Show him Maguire being "hit" there This game is going to turn into a complete shitfest.
  7. Pretty sure, you haven't. I am all for red cards for such fouls but unfortunately those (much worse fouls even) type are never given as red cards.
  8. They will be brought on on 105th minute. I just don't understand this at all. They will have an advantage for 25 mins. But he could bring them on 65th and the advantage would've been to 55.
  9. Well, I'd say it's the opposite actually. Someone like Rashford is super dangerous on the counter. So, him coming on will unsettle the opposition trying to do a possession football. Grealish - may be, you need to control the game more, so he would be more useful when chasing the game. Still, even him coming on will be a huge boost to England straight away.
  10. Why the hell doesn't Southgate use the biggest advantage England has over all the opponents on this tournament? Top class attackers on the bench. Unleash them at 65-70 minutes and they well have plenty of time to destroy the tired defense.
  11. Perfect. So, why didn't you like the suggestion from @DJ? I got a heavy knee injury a month ago and still suffer because of it. So, yeah. Only a moron could wish an injury on some other person. To be honest, that is "fine" as there are lots of morons and in some of my actions in life I am also a moron. But what is even worse is refusing to acknowledge such behaviour and trying to defend it by saying that it's fine. Wasn't me. I totally agree with you here. It's totally the same. Same awful thing to wish. And yeah, I really believe that the players from the England team would prefer that the opposition players don't get injured. I hope it is so, surely. I really struggle to believe we have a discussion if it is acceptable to wish physical harm on other people. It's 2021 ffs.
  12. Come one, man. You just said that you hope that a player is being knocked again on the existing injury, so that he would be out of one of the biggest games of his career. Obivously, it's a totally different scale to wishing death but it's exactly the same direction of moral values.
  13. Was ridiculous that he didn't whistle when Walker was wasting 30 secs on a throw-in. And then almost an extra minute.
  14. The first one was from Shaw. Actually, for the second one he made half of the job, too
  15. Same. Was an awful penalty actually. Would've been saved if Lloris guessed right.
  16. Yeah, because it's totally fine to hate people just because there are some scum persons of the same nationality. And it's always brushed aside on these forums.
  17. You called the Hungarian team/players pricks and don't want them to win because some other Hungarians are racist. You are no better than them then.
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