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  1. It happens a lot in RL football, it is all a part of the beautiful game 👍
  2. You got FM'd..I know how it feels I have been on end of that a lot of times
  3. Deleting saves on android is easy to do..I do not know about ios tho
  4. Ajax staff is not a bug, its a license thing(same in PC version)
  5. I always make myself fitness coach at the start as it is most important feat especially when you start small..most clubs at those level have no fitness coach at all and if they do he does poorly..over the years I realized that the key to keeping my players fit is as I mentioned above As far as rest of staff goes I would recommend this Hire a attacking,youth, defensive and motivational coaches Physio would ideally be 2 prevention and 1 rehab I dont really use scouts but first team scout and youth is a good shout Always train your players in positions you use in your tac
  6. VAR issue carried over from last year(found a pic on vibe) Basically when VAR upholds a goal after a review this occurs, it is very rare but can be annoying This one is not really big but still thought I should share..as seen is photos we can have staff pictures anywhere except on their profiles, and for managers it is vice versa Shown on profile but not in inbox(when awards are handed etc)
  7. Height would be a nice feature if it actually affected the gameplay But since aerial covers all of it it is purely cosmetic thus unnecessary I'd personally be much happier if some bugs got fixed that got carried over the years That being said I have to admit FMM21 blew me away I was really cautious this year with FMM wait(given this damn pandemic and all) I even thought it was gonna get skipped this year and even if it got released I did not expect much But you really came through Set pieces, squad relationships, overall depth make this most exciting release since
  8. @JohnyBruce I would suggest tweaking your midfield roles..make Kante a BBM and Kovacic or Havertz AP, closing down should be all over, play either attacking or control, run at defence generally gets me more goals then through balls
  9. It depends on what you seek For me mobile version is ideal because it is streamlined but also has depth at the same time There is that fine line and FMM walks it perfectly Few years back I was also a FM player but as I got older I lost the will to sit down for hours and micro manage which is required for the PC version Cheers
  10. Hmm Try deleting .skc file application_support/caches folder and then reload the skin in the game
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