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  1. Just had Kepa save 2 penalties in the last minute and he only comes out with a rating of 7... absolute madness.
  2. It used to be fine until iOS 14.. then it starts stuttering randomly and I’ve put up with it long enough but it’s starting to really **** me off. Used to be well smooth but now it isn’t even at 60fps.
  3. I managed to fix it, however, are we ever going to fix the stuterring?
  4. Join the board not unlocking. Been manager for 10 years + and won 32 trophies.
  5. The picture should say enough. Also Werner is practically cursed at taking penalties. Missed 8/10 this season.
  6. Haha, would be nice to try. Did you read the bit on Goalkeeper stats? Would be nice.
  7. We need more respect put on Goalkeepers in this game. We need their amount of saves and save% recorded because tbh they don’t get nearly enough justice. They can make 5 saves get up to 9 rating in the first 20 minutes but by the end of the game it goes back down to 7 despite not conceding... it makes no sense. I have enjoyed the improvements made but I still feel you can fix the stutter and lag. Would be nice if OLD players would receive loan offers and they could be accepted. Would also be nice if we could edit set piece and penalty taking attributes 👌
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