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  1. Yeah I've seen this before too, albeit with Buxton.
  2. Fmm is deliberately has more of an arcade feel to it. Its meant to be more accessible. If you're a veteran of the full game, and picking a decent side (I'll say that through gritted teeth), its not surprising it didn't offer much of a challenge.
  3. Further to above, having established the club as the best in Korea and Asia, I am now getting refused work permits granted on appeal. So unless its a coincidence, club reputation possibly plays a part.
  4. I have to report that I have finally managed to get a work permit agreed for an uncapped foreigner, on appeal. He was available on a bosman so i don't know whether that had something to do with it. He is a player I previously tried to buy and failed with the work permit.
  5. Update on this, the Rwandan defender passed 10 caps so I tried to re-sign him in the next window - work permit granted! So the caps are crucial in South Korea.
  6. Forgive me if this is a feature on FMM20 as I only have FMM19, but would it possible to filter out players whose attributes are hidden at least partially via the player search. I tried to use the attribute filter and set the minimum value to 1 but it wouldn't let me proceed, it needs to be at least 5 or it may have been too many attributes at once. I would find this useful as come transfer window I like to have a look at all players my manager has good information on i.e. all those with attributes unhidden due to them being well renowned players, players i have seen in games or players my scouts have sent me reports on. Currently that involves looking at each player to see if attributes are hidden or not which adds a lot of time the whole thing.
  7. Further to the above I decided to analyse all the foreigners in K-Leagues 1 and 2. My analysis shows as follows: All uncapped foreign players in K-Leagues 1 and 2 have been in the league since the game started. The lowest caps any foreign bought foreigner has is 12, ie they are all capped. I therefore surmise caps are vitally important to meeting work permit rule. The teenage Rwandan I tried to sign twice and failed twice did have 9 caps - so maybe something like 10 is a cut off point, maybe its his nationality, and maybe his age would have been a factor? I would be interested in your thoughts @James Akintayo I also conclude these work permit rules do not work the same as in reality, given the number of foreign uncapped players there are. But at least there is a level playing field from that point onwards. Given this a mobile game for a cheap price, I think this is satisfactory. Data attached if anyone is interested k League.xlsx
  8. Hi James thanks for your reply Admittedly the first few were young cheap uncapped prospects and I wasn't overly surprised they were refused and that's fine. However I was a bit more surprised to find my bids for Allano from Estoril and Geuvânio from Tianhai refused as they were both for around £2m transfers, offering a far bigger wage than anyone else in the squad and both objectively better than anything I had in their position too. They were interested players who my scouts had identified as good signings. I also tried to sign a Turk centre back whose name I've forgotten with the same result. So I signed Dave Bulthuis from another Korean team for less money and wages with no problem at all. I also had no trouble bringing in Bernie ibini on a bosman from Jeonbuk and Uros Djeric from Gangwon (I think). I think the mechanic though is once they're in they're ok for a permit? Admittedly none of the players were capped apart from a young Rwandan prospect so perhaps that is why? However, several teams have uncapped Brazilians in their squad (from game start) so it seems to me that the work permit rules aren't really working the same as they do in reality.
  9. For my first go at a new release. I tend to go straight for loading all the UK leagues and starting unemployed and seeing where my career takes me. My next step is to choose a main league at random (using random.org) and then pick other nearby leagues, and pick a team at random in the bottom playable division.
  10. Reply to say I tested the possibility of it being linked to the max 5 foreigners rule by selling one of my 5 and rebidding for two different players i was previously refused permits for. Permits refused again. So i think permits are broken in South Korea. Perhaps this has been fixed for fmm20 - anyone know? Edit: or perhaps they are not broken - but it would be good to hear from a developer on how it is meant to work.
  11. I had 1 (one) instance where VAR did not result in the goal being disallowed. This was on fmm19.
  12. Does anyone know how the work permits rules work in South Korea in game? FMM19 specifically. I have been playing a career in South Korea and am yet to successfully sign any foreign player except from another club in South Korea. When playing UK based careers hiring an attorney to appeal the decision often works but every time it fails so far in Korea. In real life South Korea has a maximum foreignors in squad rule. 5 max, 3 have to be from an AFC country with of those from an ASEAN country, with two free hits from anywhere. So I wondered if this is the games way of implementing that rule on me. Although the 5 foreigners I have don't quite fit that profile - 3 are non-AFC. However, other clubs in the league have a far wider range of foreigners (and I've checked - no dual nationality). Players for whom permits have been rejected include Brazilians with established careers albeit no caps, youngsters from a variety of countries including one rated as having 5 stars for potential from Morocco and another already capped 9 times for Rwanda. The only time a permit has been successful has been when I had less than 5 foreigners in my squad and/or they have come from another South Korean team. I wonder if its just a bug - but does anyone know how the rules are meant to work in game?
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