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  1. In my game I have loaned a Welsh regen from Cardiff City. Could be coincidental, but hopefully not.
  2. Just playing in the many available leagues holds interest for me!
  3. It sounds like you've done everything you can do other than keep buying players and maintain your dominance. As @passenger58 said, quit and find a new challenge.
  4. If the bottom playable league in Belgium has relegation, then it should in theory be possible for non-league teams to be promoted. Which one it is will mostly be random I believe.
  5. I've tried that but found that by the time the team actually offers me the role they've signed a squad of players! Or at least that was my experience on FMM18 and FMM19 (I posted about this before). Never tried to editor to be fair, thats a good idea.
  6. I've noticed a large number of times now if I score from a corner the commentary says i hit the other team on the break and other similar comments. I wouldn't see scoring from a corner a counter attack so think that may be a bug. Worth noting I am tending to play with a counter mentality. I wonder if its a reflection of how I won the corner but still don't think that makes sense.
  7. Personally I'd like it to be an option to choose not to have a squad at all, and perhaps just a youth intake. That's because then it would be the challenge of recruiting a squad which is something I always enjoyed about the champ man games where some teams didn't have squads (presumably due to a lack of scouting - which is good that's no longer a problem).
  8. Plus I think those of us who want 2d likely feel strongly about it. Personally I read this post and thought I've really got to put my point across to help keep 2d only the way it is.
  9. I agree with @StephenCronin. I like the fact that it is only 2d. I don't understand the comment about staying in competition with FM Touch. FM Touch is a different version of the game by the same company - what are they competing with? Thats like saying Vauxhall should make their Adam bigger to compete with their Insignia. They are deliberately offering different versions of their product to suit different customers.
  10. I would guess at the three Asian leagues plus the USA. I had a career on fmm19 and I remember looking at the Philippines to try to sign a player that fit a foreigner requirement (that's not built into the game but is a real life rule). I'm sure there were only maybe a dozen players total. In which case managing them won't be possible.
  11. I would personally turn sound straight off. I'd rather listen to music.
  12. Back on the old champ man games I understand it allowed you to test tactics out and I think the main function was during multiplayer. Obviously no multiplayer here and I believe testing tactics in that manner no longer works, so not actually sure why its a feature but I've never used it and never intend to.
  13. 95% for me, led by the shade of green the game assigns for fitness from that number up. I will start subbing players with condition of less than 80-85% (depending on how the game is going).
  14. I delight at the odd injury - increases the challenge and can be the excuse to give a youngster a go.
  15. I think what @titi77400is asking is what each fmm attribute consists of in comparison to the wider range of attributes. E.g. aerial is a combination of jumping, heading and height (or so I read in another thread). What about the rest?
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