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  1. Yeh, well it's embarrassing. We're playing Scotland ffs.
  2. Why were the England fans singing "f*ck the IRA"?
  3. Switzerland who are ranked 8 places higher than us, among others...
  4. Like Nathan Baker...oh...actually, no. He's still ****.
  5. Urgh, remember when MON bought him. He was so terrible!
  6. He's not ****. He's just not good enough to play for England.
  7. Anyway, Huddlestone isn't a top four player. Let's not get carried away now.
  8. Are we allowed to say that England were far better in attack with Welbeck rather than Sturridge? Welbeck more willing to be flexible. Agree re: Henderson. Really, really impressed with him lately.
  9. Yeh, I think that's what Opta were quoting.
  10. Oh please. Moving places isn't that big a deal. Normal people do it all the time. I can assure you that I have no island mentality whatsoever. Completely agree that more British players should move abroad. Would absolutely benefit them to play in different environments, with different styles and cultures.
  11. Err. Pretty sure you can't use Andy Murray as an example of not being able to handle the pressure. The pressure he'd have been under in last year's final blows away anything that he'd have faced at Wimbledon this year.
  12. Would've loved to have seen England put in a performance like that.
  13. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2014-06-26/football-punditry-is-a-bogus-science-run-by-a-closed-club-says-danny-baker
  14. Lallana didn't start because he was nothing but average in the warm-up games and when he came off the bench.
  15. Why should he be allowed to finish the World Cup?
  16. Maybe the first time someone does this, I might agree with you. The third time? No way.
  17. Doesn't matter if he did, he's allowed second and third and fourth chances, right?
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