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  1. Only applies if more trouble happens INSIDE stadiums.
  2. "Told French cops asked countries to flag "known/potential" hooligans ahead of Euro. Switzerland flagged 800. Russia just 40."
  3. Yeh, I think you're missing the point. It doesn't really matter whether there's much trouble at 2018 or not. It's the fact that it's going to be a horribly attended farce of a World Cup. Can't wait to watch games being played in half empty stadiums.
  4. http://youtu.be/vAPodNXjkBU Mental. Mainly those shorts.
  5. Not sure if it's of interest chaps, but the Guardian are doing a live update on Ashley getting a grilling by MP's at the moment. He's just admitted that Sports Direct pay below the minimum wage. https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2016/jun/07/mike-ashley-quizzed-by-mps-over-sports-direct-working-conditions-live-updates
  6. Hmm, there's an extra set of fixtures this time around though to consider, as well.
  7. Lads...help me out. We're doing this at work, rules are thus: Here's how you play: 1. Choose four teams you think will score a maximum of 21 goals between them across the tournament 2. Every time one of your teams scores a goal, you get a point. Score more than 21 points, and you’re bust and out of the pontoon. 3. All goals scored from kick-off on 10 June 2016 to the last whistle of the final on 10 July 2016 count, except penalty shootouts. Considering just picking 4 teams from the same group.
  8. I like him. He hasn't done much wrong, but seems to be getting a lot of stick without people realising how utterly useless the group of players he has to work with are. He hasn't been able to sign a single player of his own, so all he's had to work with were players that aren't of his choosing. I'm not really sure what else he was supposed to have done. I suspect he will have a very good career when he leaves us. The fact that he speaks better English than Tim Sherwood was also a nice bonus.
  9. Maybe European football. Premiership has been dire this year.
  10. Doesn't matter if he won't be at the next WC. You pick players to give you the best chance in that tournament.
  11. That's my mate at works nephew... Mini-Hutch looks decent.
  12. There is a company that sells these sort of tweets to advertisers. You'd think as this is literally their only job, they'd be a bit better at making them look natural.
  13. Well you've done it now, haven't you...?
  14. I mean...you definitely don't have the ability to sign any player you want.
  15. UEFA announce that David de Gea "will 100% remain a @ManUtd player" - the Champions League group stage squad deadline has passed
  16. I actually was at the game last night - took some clients so was in the Arsenal end. Thought you were great in the first half, and actually held up pretty well in the second half after Arsenal improved. Personally didn't think Benteke was that great last night ( and I love the guy) but he seemed to make some strange runs. I did enjoy him barging through about three Arsenal players on a run in the first half. I'd also forgotten how effective Jimmy Milner is. So under-rated imo.
  17. Just because Scotland fans were out of order, doesn't in anyway excuse the England fans. There's just no place for those sort of songs.
  18. Yeh, that was shocking stuff from Sterling, pretty poor from Forster as well. You shouldn't be getting beaten at your near post like that.
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