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  1. would downloading a DB that has every countries youth rating as 200 generate more newgens?
  2. was there confirmation that it has been fixed? largely addressed doesn't mean fixed - does it? maybe I have read it wrong.
  3. I haven't been past season one yet - so will find out over the next few days.... Cheers
  4. season 1 with Crystal palace - regens are loading for me in leagues I don't have loaded. I don't have Romania, Poland, Bulgaria loaded.
  5. sorry about all the screenshots - not sure what's happened there
  6. there seems to be more little bugs on this years game than in previous versions (reading through the feedback) I just don't get how something can work in last years - then be a bug in this years, unless SI totally start from scratch for this years version. I'm not a coder/IT person, so when I say "I don't get how...." that's genuine, not having a pop.
  7. Someone on a youtube video said the update would be on boxing day - which I thought strange
  8. I always wonder how the game is coded - genuinely, as I'm not a coder, IT person or game creator etc.... I think "Why, if something in FM20 worked well, how does it not work, or is it not included in FM21"
  9. Thanks - I found it during HT & FT - shame that it's been limited to those times only.
  10. am I being blind? apologies if I am, but where do I find analysis during a game? I used to look at average positions, shots, heat maps etc part-way through a half... I can't find that button now.
  11. forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere - are newgens generated in leagues that are view-only?
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