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  1. Mr. Sam, you mention a file: *3.17 CHANGE NOTE - I have now included a version of the file that sets all playable clubs in the USA to "Professional". This is not entirely accurate, but it does seem to help overcome the hard-coding issues that make it difficult to sign players at the lower levels). and -----There are now two options for the USA Expansion file: #1 Standard - The standard version of the file leaves all club status' and reputations "as is". #2 Pro - the pro version sets all clubs statuses to professional, which helps with the lower level clubs in signing players and acquiring loans. DO NOT PUT BOTH FILES IN THE EDITOR DATA FOLDER. The file will not load up if both are included. which one is it? and, will NCAA team be effected by this change? Please advide. Thank you so much for the creation
  2. There is a yearly membership fee coming in to clubs finance, and its quite significant
  3. Thank you mate, so even if the current owner chooses to exit the club, there will not be a possibility in which the fan takes over?
  4. Is there a way to edit my team to make it owned by the fan? just like the team Sport Club Internacional, or Barcelona, Real Madrid?
  5. Hey messi, so if my team eventually is promoted to preimer league, how long does it take for my reserve team to get invited to he reserves league? or, will it be possible for them to get in a regular lower league?
  6. Unable to download, and it says Something appears to be missing… what happened? thank you for the efforts anyway!
  7. thank you so much, uncle Sam! A quick question, the part where you mention #1, #2Pro version regarding the USA file, is it still relivant? I have but 004, 902, 904, 906 file in the zip. Should I still remove one of them?
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