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  1. I am wondering if this some issue or by design: so I have been playing a spain save, and promote my team from the bottom to the top, but the price per game and season ticket has never change.
  2. So im playing a spanish third division team and as I enter the playoff, the screen would not let me continue to the next game day. File is COZYUCAM
  3. OMG messi! This is the one that I have been waiting for! Just incredible how detail it was when I used it in fm19
  4. I will say that your update really change the whole atmosphre of the game, as there are more interations and rising stars among the world. Thank you Dave, 10/10
  5. I've resaved it as savegame10111213.fm However, through some unspeakable method, when I changed the voting process of the award from "one vote each" to "five votes weighted", i was able to be seleted as the best manager of the year, which was not a result that was achiveble from the origianl setting.
  6. The league repulation also plays a role in producing regen
  7. As I tried with FC Augsburg in fm2020, takeover in germany is entirely possible, but the probability of the new takeover chairman coming from inside the club is way larger than in other league. What happen in my save was that the original director became the new chairman as he made exit from club.
  8. In my experience, it usually takes a couple year but it will show up eventually.
  9. Summary: Manager that get direct promotion does not recive the best manager because the team that is in playoff have more game play Description of Issue: so I am in the varamana league south and directly promoted to national with a winning rate of 83%, comparing with other manager with 50%ish, I can never win the manager of the year, becuase they have more games played from the play offs, 45, 44, comparing with my 42 Steps to Reproduce: winning leauge directly in lower league that involves playoff. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Cozy Bear - Dulwich Hamlet bmoy
  10. It used to be that I can edit the nation's youth rating and other things using the in game editing, but now it seems that I cannot find the editing area in the game. Is there a change?
  11. hello,for clearification, what does the 25%, 100% mean ?
  12. Tried loading several database and I feel that the no youth/reserves leagues part had a great influence on the game experience, but thats just my thought. Still apreaciate what you did here.
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