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  1. same question here. If the facility is empty, will there ever be a stadium for the club?
  2. would they be able to get one in game? Like rent/build one? Or this situation will stay forever and I wont be able to get any booking from game day? thanks
  3. I am coaching Temecula FC, a club in the USASA group 2. Is is normal that i am not playing in any stadium? Also, the facilities page is empty.
  4. Currently, the two selection cannot exist in the same time, but i sometime do want a player to get more game experience, this should be a simple fix
  5. Hi guys I wonder if it is possible for me to change a activated league into view only in the process of a game.
  6. That is unfortunate I really enjoy using your file By the way, creating more than 30 different combination is just purely amazing. Thank you for the hard work :))
  7. Hi Carlito, In game I notice that even after winning the champions leauge, the ranking of the league does not get a boost. Is there a way to fix it? Does the coefficient thing work? thank you
  8. feeback on 1.0: Galway cup, along with Dallas cup, supposely a u-23 competition. only allows players under 19; It turns out that the slection in the scottish league was switched up: the reserves team to the u19 competition, and the u23 team selected to be in the u19 competition
  9. In the 1st division elite file, Seoul FC, a professional club is playing in the Jeju international cup, along with other professinal team, when it should be desinated for u23
  10. thank you sir. it turns out i just refresh the skin then it is resolved. apreciate your assitance my friend
  11. ah, yes, is that where the issue might come from? if so is there a way to fix it? thank you!
  12. No transfer history, other than in the club tab, can be display: not in the worlds', country's, or league's. It says "no transfers to display" in all these places. " Save name is cozytransfer in the cloud
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