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  1. They are in the stadium watching the match. 8 posts with pointless requests in an hour. You must be bored.
  2. It's been working for me fine between PC and MacBook too. I just make sure that when I close the game, I check that Steam has updated the save to cloud and when I open FM in my library on the other computer, Steam synchronises my save before I press play.
  3. No, the salary is a form of job security. i.e. the higher your salary, the less likely the club would be willing so sack you. Your idea for a first person football manager game is awful I'm afraid and you've completely missed the point of FM and why people play it over something like Fifa or PES. Virtual cone putting out and walking into the canteen to look at your players. Crazy.
  4. I've just seen something cool that I'd not have automatically done in any FM before. I'm managing in the 2nd division in Sweden and my board just created a Senior Affiliation with Chievo Verona. I've never seen the board go and do it off their own back before, I've always had to ask in previous iterations.
  5. Day to day simulation, match smoothness and saving speed is 10x faster on FM21.
  6. In the below shot, I can't select my Reserves Manager to provide team selection advice. He is selected to provide opposition instructions though? Also, below I can't select my Assistant Manager to provide my team selection advice.
  7. Regens look a lot better this year IMO. I havn't seen any balding 16 year olds with goatees yet anyway... I'm in the Swedish 2nd division. so can't say about the big stadiums, but there seems. to be a bit more detail in LLM stadiums.
  8. I think that's the point that they've brought it in, you don't really know the exact % of how fit someone is in real life. I'd just like to know the boundaries of when someone goes from bright green to the next one down, etc to give a rough idea of how seriously knackered they are.
  9. Started unemployed, joined Skovde AIK in Sweden after about 12 games, got them promoted in the play offs, now just about. to start 1st season in First Division Elite. Date time it's only March 21. Loving the types of goals I'm scoring, real placement of shots and headers. Maybe it's because I'm not used to the match play yet, but I'm not seeing a highlight come up and automatically know if a goals coming or not and who for.
  10. All leagues loaded from England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and Holland. As the game progresses, I normally add one or two leagues where I see some good players coming from, i.e. Serbia, Turkey, etc.
  11. OK so I have just over 20 hours gameplay and finished a season in the Swedish 2nd division; 1. I use a not particularly powerful MacBook Air and the performance is 10x better than FM20. I ran the same leagues/size database than last year and was a star rating better for performance. Also, with graphics on low, it looks 10x better than low last season. 2. Can we add a team colour specific bar or header to players? Currently it's the default purple/black skin and looking at players who I don't know is not easy to actually determine if they are my players, free transfers or play for ano
  12. That's a good description of the Scottish league no? I would say Rangers and Celtic as a whole are upper Championship standard with 2-3 players each who are lower Prem standard. You're also using the 20 games this season as justification, however everything is set before the league starts as far as I'm aware so is irrelevant.
  13. I think pretty much every manager played the game professionally at some point so I'd say it's pretty realistic that if you only played Sunday league, it's extremely difficult to go straight in as a top level manager.
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