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  1. I'm currently not getting FM22 as I am enjoying a save on FM21 too much.
  2. I had the same with a striker at Derby who would almost single handidly keep them up every season, often on the last game of the season. I never got him and he’s still there banging in goals!
  3. No, not ignore the information, however you have asked why Haaland is unhappy according he has started 9 out of 13 games, but only played 90 minutes in 3 of them. I have suggested that while his contract/playing time notification has been fulfilled, Haaland himself is unhappy with being subbed at 70 mins the majority of games, regardless if he is tired or not. In real life according to https://www.infogol.net/en/player/erling-haaland/27207, he averages 97 mins per match (I presume this includes injury time). All I have suggested is that perhaps he doesn't like being subbed every game. No need to get so defensive and sarcastic.
  4. Sorry I was looking at Gravenberch thinking it was Haaland being the important player. I guess similar can be drawn though. Haaland is starting 90% of games? Possibly, so that may mean the star player is being met. But he’s only playing 70mins and that’s what he’s unhappy about?
  5. But I don’t think the OP has played the players as much as they want hence why they are unhappy. Haaland has been hooked after an hour in all games he’s started apart from 3 where he’s played 90mins and 3 where he’s been dropped/rested. so he has started a lot of games so he actual and agreed playing time has just about been met if you use Neils %s above, however Haalands issue says he’s still unhappy with the amount of TIME he’s playing. He hardly gets to finish a game. The game can’t and shouldn’t spell everything out for the player, there needs to be some man management for players individual needs and wants.
  6. Anyone got 3 players in the Goal 50 award two years running?
  7. I only ever do one save. Had a bit of a journeyman career. Skovde > Brommapojkarna > Lyon > Bristol City. In about 2060. Haven't picked up the game in a month now, but could still name my 1-11!
  8. I run England, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Scotland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Serbia in full detail and then add the odd league throughout the save if I notice a few newgens coming out of one country. I enjoy following clubs that I don't have any access over becoming champions or falling to mid-table. For example, Go Ahead Eagles have become huge in Holland.
  9. I've had a look at the average price on the Spurs website for the 3 categories and the average price for all areas; Cat A: Average price = £65 Cat B: Average price = £61 Cat C: Average price = £49 Total ticket average price £58. But as far as I'm aware, this would not include season ticket sales (the majority of the attendance). Season ticket average price = £1,296 On my game (2060 - so not sure what it is at the start) it's listed as £1,250. So individual tickets are £8 off and season tickets are £46 off. I'd say that is pretty accurate.
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