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  1. Sweden is good. There are some big clubs in there and certainly a Europa League challenge can be done quite early. I also find you get a log of good newgens in Sweden.
  2. I struggled with this early on in the year and changed my formation to 3 at the back 2 defensive wingers on defend. Get a few goals from down the outside but it's made my tactic stronger I think.
  3. If you mean the one at the end of the season then that is only other real people. There is an in game hall of fame. I’m not sure how to navigate there at any time, I only really check it when it pops up in the news item and has the link at the bottom.
  4. I never see the point in looking to the game this in depth. So what if you are correct and there is something deep in the code that means you HAVE to lose a particular game. What does it matter? What are you going to do with that information? Start a new save? Never play it again? At the end of the day, it's a game. Play it for fun. If you don't have fun, don't play it. Go and do something you do enjoy.
  5. I normally hire an ex legend of my team and make him answer all the press questions as punishment.
  6. I don't know the answer, but you're topic title reads like someone a murderer would say
  7. Jumping reach 20 doesn't mean the player can jump 20ft in the air. the attribute given to pace, isn't the time he takes to run a km. It's how quick the player is at his top speed (I believe), so a pace 4 would be slower than pace 18.
  8. If the game/ME takes all that into account just for a headed duel, it shows how deep and complicated and advanced it really is. So when people complain about players shooting and not crossing and why don't the players just do it, how hard it is to make a representation of football in a game format.
  9. Mane has caught the eye "on occasion". With his 115 goals and 75 assists in 38 games...
  10. You'll have a limit on max player wage. You won't be able to offer 1 player £20k p/w and the rest of the squad take up £7k p/w. You might be able to ask the board for an increase in max player wage.
  11. Quite a good idea if you have the patience for it. Maybe you could extend that by a further hour each time you get promoted.
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