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  1. But more attacking players are seen as better or higher potential as a young player in real life, why would FM be different? If you name the biggest prospects in World football right now, how many would be defenders compared to strikers?
  2. I think the best performing player I've ever had on an FM
  3. I had Benfica make an offer for one of my players valued at £2.5m for a total of £101m which is a nice change to offering £5m for a player worth £10m!
  4. I'm in 2045 and Lampard is still manager of Chelsea - he was won 13 league titles and 39 cups so it's probably deserved!
  5. Youth Recruitment is very much not useless. I'm in the Swedish league which I imagine has a higher rating than Hungary, but as a Champions league knock-out round regular, 11 of my squad of 21 came through my youth system. According to the news item that pops up every so often, I've created 36 players who play in the top leagues currently. I haven't created any players who go on to be elite or world-class, but I don't need them to, I need them to be solid Swedish league players, who if needed I can sell for a few million, or who can play for my team for a number of years. If I look at my b
  6. In FM20 I did a proper Journeyman type save; Half a season at Monopoli, half a season at Chippenham Town, 11 seasons at Hemel Hempstead, 3 seasons at Malmo, 8 seasons at Bayern. In FM21 I was going to do something similar. 2 seasons at Skovde, now I'm into my 23rd season at Brommapojkarna...
  7. I think the ref felt guilty about sending off one of my players early doors...
  8. Probably just realism? You're not going to win the league with players like Ben Pearson or Oliver Norwood.
  9. I'm struggling to get my 2nd stadium built since the game started, although I have had a 12000 seater stadium upgraded to 24000 which we have been filling at 98% for 6 years.
  10. I'm currently 23 years into a save in Sweden, 21 of them at Brommapojkarna. I've managed to win the Premier Division 11 times now and the Swedish Cup 7 times. Got the stadium up from about 6000 at the start to a 24,126 seater. Got £162m in the bank and spending roughly half of my £850,000 wage budget. In terms of Champions League, I've only ever made the Quarter Final once and am now starting to regularly finish top of the group stage, but seem to fall at the First knockout round, normally due to fatigue issues due to the timing of the matches and when the Swedish League ends/starts.
  11. I reckon something similar in real life happens, but it's club trying to sell itself to players they are trying to buy. So you can imagine a club getting a player in for discussions and saying this is what we want you to be a part of; long term and short term. Could be things like we are aiming to win silverware by next year, we are looking to strengthen a defence, etc I take it as SI's method of getting that into the game, but it's just the players that force it to make you as the manager adapt.
  12. As it's the Scottish Writers Manager of the Year, could reputation not be a part of it? I'm not sure what your reputation is, but I imagine Gerrards is very high. It shouldn't affect who would get Manager of the Year, but in reality it normally does. On a side note, I've won 10 Swedish titles, 7 in a row and was pretty miffed I never won the Manager of the Year in Sweden, until I checked the previous winners and runners up and found you have to be Swedish to win it!
  13. What an odd view to have? SI produce a game that reflects real life football so we can play it. They are not supporting it, nor having it in the game means they support it, but that's its a thing that is real so is in the game.
  14. Did he ask of a promise to be allowed to use the club as a stepping stone? If you remove that, sometimes you can remove the release clause altogether.
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