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  1. I once threw a play off final because I wanted another season in the championship. It was my first season of FM20 so was still getting used to everything and sneaked into 6th on the last day. Thought it will be OK, I'll lose the semi final. Won both legs, but only just. It'll be Ok, I'll lose the final. 2-0 up at half time. Moved my goalie to left back, won 3-1...
  2. I'm finding a few, but it's relative to my level of Swedish Premier League. I had a CWB from Portugal on a free and sold him for £11.5m rising to £15m to the Bundesliga, so he's a pretty good player, but not top tier which you may be looking for.
  3. My save is saved to the cloud and after about 10 seasons it is 800 MBs and I have around 2/3s of the leagues you have loaded, about 100,000 players.
  4. Read every topic on the forum relating to FM21 and you'll have your answers.
  5. I've only applied for one other job and after the interview it probably took about 6 days before they chose someone else, so my very limited experience, it seems about right.
  6. I do this too. I also like the social media page as there is often comments about players performance or transfer rumours for random newgens in the game.
  7. I can write neatly and use joined up letters if there's any need for that at SI?
  8. I don't think there are any negative consequences, but if you do one and do it the way the player likes, you can get 'bonus' positive morale if he reacts well to your press conference.
  9. I’ve always been tempted when being offered a job at a different club. I normally stick with one club for 15-20 years but if someone interesting offers then I’m tempted. Never actually done it and done two saves though. I’d get too confused between players in each save.
  10. I haven't changed my tactics in 3 FMs for fear of messing it up!
  11. I'm not expecting everyone to be a perfectionist. I'm not even expecting one to be a perfectionist, but I would expect less than 10/18 players to be unambitious. It was my understanding that club reputation and youth facilities / coaching would mainly affect the CA & PA of the intake, not their personalities? My club reputation is 3* but youth facilities are superb and coaching and recruitment are exceptional.
  12. I've noticed a lot of low determination, low self belief and unambitious personalities over the last few seasons, but I will give him a youth intake or two more to see if it was really a one off or not.
  13. I just want to if this is due to my HOYD... So these are his stats + a perfectionist personality. This is the list of personalities from my latest youth intake. There's also another 7 that have come through that are in my reserves that he has produced. Is there a chance he has a low hidden attribute for ambition which is why this is happening? The best personalities he's produced are things like Loyal or Sporting and that's probably 3 players in 4 years. Am I best off binning him off for a different HOYD? Is there a way (without using editor) to 'scout' staff to
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