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  1. Try looking back at League One for the players that out performed that division but are in teams that didn’t get promoted.
  2. I did say I’d love to be able to do it haha. I don’t expect to win every game I play, but I’d say the aim to win the Prem is to win 33+ games in a season which isn’t far off 85-90%.
  3. I’m similar in that I’d love to be able to create a tactic that will win me 50% of my games then it’s up to me to get players to push the win ration up to 85-90% of my games. Closest I got was a 4-3-3 3 striker formation for a 1st season in the Prem after promotion team that got me to 11th. Now what I do is find a downloadable tactic in the formation I like/want and then slowly modify it to how I want the team to play.
  4. I removed the form for the last 5 games column and it all fits well and no sliding about. I don’t really use it too much for reference anyway so hopefully that’s a quick fix for me.
  5. I’ve had a similarly bad transfer window too. For the first time ever I had to rely on loans and youth players to fill out my squad due to a previous managers insistence to add low release clauses in many players contracts so had a squad of around 12 proper first teamers, 5 loanees and 6/7 youth players to fill in on the bench. Luckily I won the championship due to a couple of good signings and my loanees however now all the clubs I got them from want to give them a chance in the 1st team. I also turned out some old players on high wages. All of a sudden it’s my first friendly and I have 8 first team players. Had to promote all the youth players and have bought a lot of random players. Ive got 1 friendly left and still don’t have a right back... 1st season in the prem is not looking fun...
  6. How the hell do these things work!? I like quite a lot of information, so use the whole screen to have it filled out. Position selected, name, info, position can play, moral, condition, form over 5 games, average rating, apps, goals, assists, ability, potential, value, wage, contract expiry date, nationality, squad status, height, age, personality and training performance so its pretty busy. To try and get these all lined up properly is a nightmare! you move one column and it moves 3-4 at the same time, then you double click to auto size and it messes up the size for about 6 of them and stretches it out so I have to scroll to the tight. Is it something I'm doing or are they just weird?
  7. I did read somewhere that the star rating on this was broken and to generally ignore it. Are you having performance issues with the graphics?
  8. I don’t see it that often. Happens enough to be realistic.
  9. On a slightly different viewpoint to what the topic is actually about... At what point during the season does hiring a new Head of Youth Development not have an affect on that years youth intake? i.e. if you hire him the day before youth intake day, would the youth players be based off him, or the previous HOYD? Is there a cut-off day before you should hire a new HOYD to ensure that years intake are related to him? I only ask because I've just found a potential HOYD with a 'perfectionist' personality so keen to get him in. Also, the staff responsibilities allows you to change which member of staff brings in youth. So if you have a great Director of Football for example, can they do it too?
  10. I'm the opposite, I have about 500 hours of play time on FM 19, and that is over 3 saves... 1st I do a Fiorentina save when the game first comes out to get an idea of how tactics/ME works. 2nd a Bristol City save for the whole year until the next FM. I only had to start a 2nd Bristol City save this year due to my laptop giving up and having to buy a new one, other wise I would have spent the whole year on the other one.
  11. That is the sort of thing I'm after, but to include cup and continental games too, I believe that is just league appearances?
  12. From my experience, players learn the language quicker if they are playing in that country, so De Ligt wouldn't get to use German as much living in Holland, where as Pherai (I'm guessing) stayed with Dortmund?
  13. This is more of a frustration of mine and can’t seem to find a resolution if there even is one, but if you view a players history to show goals, appearances, etc is there a way for it to show total appearances and goals rather than just league ones? If you sell a striker after a lot of games (and he isn’t in your best 11) there is nowhere to see his total game stats for you, only league? Also, in the club history, where did the sections for most league apps/goals for players go?
  14. I enjoy the wheeling and dealing side of it, so will take a photo of my wage budget and finances on my phone at the end of the season, try and do some negotiating/selling/buying and try to get a stronger team on less money.
  15. I like 2 players for each position + 2-3 youngsters as back up/available for u23s, and then 18 players in both u23s and u18s to ensure everyone is in the match day squad for youth games
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