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  1. I did the photofit thing, but always pull a face while doing it. This seems to have picked up my inner Popeye.
  2. I think the idea behind the game is more that YOU are the manager rather than being someone else being a manager.
  3. I do enjoy using real players, especially the first couple when you can pick up some good players with relegation clauses, but just prefer newgens with their funny faces and names.
  4. No I play the seasons rather than holiday, normally with just one team too.
  5. I play about 1000 hours on one save all season. I do everything but general team training and press conferences. I do get my chief scout to do the scouting assignments, but also do my own scouting too.
  6. I actually really start to only enjoy FM once it’s only newgens. So my true enjoyment of FM doesn’t start until about 2035!
  7. It’s quite good for the beta because the seasons are quite short so you can blast through a couple of seasons and I can experience the development working more
  8. I started at FC Gute in the Swedish second division and won that on the last day of the season. I then left there and went to Akropolis in the Swedish first division elite and won that. Now taken over Norrkoping in the Prem and currently top of that. Once the main game is out I will start a European journey man starting in lower France as never managed in France before.
  9. If I'm looking at strikers I will look at attributes and whether they would fit into my team over their performance/goal ratios for the AI teams. But, I will always a favour a 17-21 year old with worse attributes than an 23-30 with better attributes. Once real players retire and I'm only left with new gens, I rarely buy anyone over the age of 26.
  10. Judging Staff Ability, but more importantly Negotiating. That's a nice little addition to help when you're trying to make an offer for a player!
  11. Only ever have 1. I get easily confused by players and stuff. Even now I’m only in my 2nd season on FM20 and I keep accidentally searching for newgens I was scouting on my last save of FM19 to see how they are getting on!
  12. Attendances look about right for the gas :P
  13. How many clubs are on FM20? And you have 2 of them so far!
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