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  1. My game is fully updated so I'm assuming it's the most recent match engine. What I would say is that I changed the two strikers to CF-s and CF-a. Rangers have Morelos who is very good as a CF so I wanted to keep him in that role. The wide midfielders get about 30 assists a season it's crazy. I came up against Bayern Munich in the last 16 of the CL and drew 5-5 over two legs and was knocked out on away goals. Given the difference in budgets this tactics is performing brilliantly in Europe.
  2. Using the 4-4-2 formation exclusively. Won the Scottish premier league in my second season. I'm halfway through my third season and check out these results: I've qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League having beat teams like Man City 4-0 in the group stages. Cruising the league and currently sit 13 points clear. This is by far the best tactic I've used in FM2019. It consistently gets results.
  3. I sat for about an hour there and came up with this: I'm admittedly not the best at creating tactics so if anyone can think of some ways to improve this please let me know. Any and all feedback would be welcome. I'm going to try it out for a few hours and see if I have any success with it.
  4. I started a save with Glasgow Rangers and they have two fantastic wingbacks (Barisic and Tavernier). I was looking for a 3-5-2 formation but nothing seems to be out there. Morelos can play as a CF so a big target man next to him should make for a formidable tactic in the Scottish league.
  5. I have an iPhone XR. I’ve finally got the update and was looking forward to playing the game. However, there seems to be a bug and I can’t advance beyond the first screen. I’ve pressed ‘career’, held it down, tried swiping to the second page with ‘name’ but nothing. When I press it the word ‘career’ does highlight red but nothing happens. Please investigate this issue.
  6. When is the update for the XR coming? I’ve paid full price for a game I can’t currently play.
  7. I have the same issue. I bought the game over a week ago and would like to play it but it’s letterboxing and many of the buttons and words on the left are obscured by the notch. They need to get this fixed and role put an update for the iPhone XR right away.
  8. The mobile versions are fine in terms of difficulty. I think the mobile version targets the more casual player who doesn’t have several hours per day to spend at a desktop (like me). You have the PC version which will appeal to your needs of a bigger, more in depth challenge, so you’re sorted.
  9. Thank you so much. I didn’t know that was a pitch. I actually thought it was an option to save game probably because it looks a bit like a floppy disk 😂
  10. I’m playing the game in the iPhone XR. I know a skin for this device is being worked on so for now I’m just playing the game as is. However, when I go to my tactics screen all I see is this: I was watching a guy edit his tactics on YouTube and he had this: I don’t seem to have tabs for ‘shape’, ‘defence’, ‘attack’, or ‘assignments’. What’s going on?
  11. Hi all, Just bought the game today and have been playing for a few hours. I can't seem to find the screen that will allow me to designate my captain for the season. Nor corner kick or free-kick takers for that matter. I'm certain it's something obvious I'm overlooking can anyone help?
  12. Hi there, I have an iPhone XR. I just purchased the game today. It doesn't display properly on the screen. Rather than take advantage of the full 6.1" screen it's blacked out around the edges. Also, the iPhone XR has a notch and the game doesn't seem to be taking this in to consideration. The notch overlaps some of the text on the left meaning I can't see or select it. Will you be updating your game and optimising it for the latest iPhones?
  13. Some teams have two very different shapes when defending or attacking. In many instances that can be replicated but in some instances it can't.
  14. Thanks for posting this. It's remarkable similar to the tactic I'm working on right now. Interesting that it's described as an "underdog tactic" as my results are exactly the same. In Europe I'm punching above my weight. Lost 5-3 away from home against Lazio in the Europa but won the return leg 3-0. They have £40m players and my highest value player is worth £6m. Domestically I have the best defensive record and while I rarely lose any games. However, I'm still not scoring enough to put teams away. I think a bit more quality in those inside forward positions will see this team come good and finally I'll win the league. I'll update the thread once my current season is over and let those who are interested see the results the tactical changes have made.
  15. I've changed the some positions and tactics in accordance to your advice. I'm just about to start the next season. I'll let you know how it gets on.
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