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  1. I get that people thought Celtic were much better than they were. But now we know they're not, and Rangers have won the Scottish league by 20+ points, it's a shame the game can't be altered to reflect the reality of Scottish football this season. Celtic's season was over by the start of January but the winter update didn't even reflect the current gulf between the two Old Firm teams. I mostly play the Scottish leagues and the lack of realism is very jarring indeed. Hopefully next years game can more accurately reflect what's happening in Scottish football.
  2. In Scotland Rangers have been rampant. Over 100 league points, setting a new defensive record, Celtic have not been able to win an Old Firm game all season. Celtic, on the other hand, have been a calamity going from one embarrassment to the next. I play the Scottish leagues often and Celtic are still rated as the best team in the country. When you look at what happens in the game, and reality, the two are far removed from one another. When the game was released Shane Duffy was worth £14m and was rated as the best CB in Scotland, but in reality he's horrific and Celtic wouldn't buy hi
  3. I ran another test with this Diamond 4-4-2. This time in the German Bundesliga. I opted to go the competitions lowest ranking team, and favourites for relegation, Arminia Bielefeld: I made no signings whatsoever. Simply loaded up the tactic, assigned staff duties, and simulated the season. I finished the season in a European spot. My CF-Su and AP-At were creating goals for fun. In terms of an underdog tactic this team performs brilliantly. I'm going to give it a go at a big club and see if it continues to perform as it has been. Will post the results later.
  4. I've never posted a tactic before despite years of playing the game. I've come across a tactic that seems to be performing way above normal. It's a diamond 4-4-2. I first used this formation in the SPFL as Rangers and within 4 seasons I had reached a Champions League final. For experimental purposes I then began a save in the English premiership as Brighton. I made no signings whatsoever, just assigned all tasks to my assistant manager, and simulated the season. Brighton were projected to finish 16th but ended up in 6th place with a GD of +18. I scored 70 goals (4th ove
  5. The Scottish media was ridiculing some of the valuations today: Duffy is absolutely hopeless domestically and at international level yet his valuation and stats make him a top SPFL defender. The people who gather the data must've seen this prior to release yet here we are. Strange.
  6. Read the post I was responding to. Then read my post again. Get back to me if you have an actual point other than "what?".
  7. Celtic are rated higher than Rangers in the Football Manager database. I think it's by one point, so the teams are pretty even, but still. The reality is Rangers are running away with the domestic league and are on course to reach the knockout rounds of the Europa League again. Rangers are outperforming Celtic by quite a distance at the moment both domestically and in Europe. So my point is the data base doesn't reflect the reality. Rangers are the better team and are now the bookies favourites and for good reason. The tables speak for themselves.
  8. Aberdeen gave a debut to a 16 year old today. Ronald Hernández was his name. Came on when Aberdeen were 4-0 down to Rangers so didn't get to see much of him.
  9. It shouldn't need to go up over time since it's true to say Calvin Bassey is tremendously strong right now. This is a basically a 6'2", 13 and half stone CB, acting as an attacking full-back. His strength rating should be 15 or higher from the very start.
  10. I'm looking at the game and it states 'Balance' reflects how well a player can stay on his feet on and off the ball. I think HUNT3R had an understanding of how physicality can help with that researcher or not. I mean, surely being 6'2" and well over 13 stone would give a player a high rating of balance since it would be so difficult to knock them off the ball. Apparently not. I thought Bassey's physicality would be a real asset when he bombs forwards as it is in real life. Bassey is only a small step up physically from 5'7 Frimpong who would've thought that having watched both players in
  11. I haven't changed anything. Balance does have some relevance to a persons physicality according to Sports Interactives own MOD 'HUNT3R' Even in game 'Balance' is defined as being the ability to stay on your feet on and off the ball. Does 6'2" Calvin Bassey look easy to knock off his feet when he's running up the wing, or in defense? No, he's a physical match for anyone I've seen him play against. I've never seen him get knocked off the ball. Just to highlight how absurd this physical rating of 14 is for Bassey he's a 6'2" CB who is being deployed as a covering LB for Rangers
  12. So despite Bassey being physically massive and strong as an ox he gets a 14 for physicality. No other attribute reflects his physical size and strength. Even video evidence won’t help you see what is clearly visible to everyone who has seen the boy play. Okay, got it. For perspective Joe Aribo has a 15 for strength on FM21. Is Joe Aribo (an attacking CM) physically stronger than Bassey (a CB who can also play LB)? As a Rangers fan who watches every minute of these guys play I can safely say no. Your baseline stats are off. No point providing you with anymore feedback since it’
  13. His contract is up at the end of the season. He is almost certainly going to leave for a team in England in January. It's a shame so many of Scotland's best youth prospects get scooped up like this (Billy Gilmour being another recent example) but there's very little that can be done.
  14. 10 balance and 14 strength does not accurately reflect the size and strength of Calvin Bassey. He's not going to get any smaller by the time January comes. His baseline physical attributes should be better than what they are. Check - 3:08 Check - 5:23 You can see how big Bassey is from these clips. He can comfortably hold off opposition players with his physicality and strength.
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