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  1. For me he went to a mid table Leicester at the end of season 1 and stayed there most of his career until I signed him for Roma. Seemed pretty unrealistic.
  2. Does anyone have any tips on how to break down a back 3? My teams find it completely impossible, any team that plays with 3 at the back is impregnable for me. This has been the case for year after year on this game now and I have no idea why, I pray that teams turn up with a back 4 or I already know I need a set piece goal or something to ever score. Literally there are no highlights in the game except the inevitable break away goal. I have tried everything over the years and nothing has ever worked. I am playing in Italy and now Sampdoria always play a 3-3-3-1 and it's just painful to watch,
  3. For me he went to Spurs in 2022 on a free transfer, won Premier League player of the year and the title for Spurs.
  4. To me Lazio is probably the most overrated team on the game, Immobile, Milinkovic-Savic, Luis Alberto and Acerbi are basically all world class, Lazzari, Correa, Parolo and Luiz Felipe not far behind.
  5. I seem to always play a Roma save every year, this time is no different. Been playing for 2 weeks on the Beta and it seems I signed players that are pretty common albeit unknowingly at the time with Papetti and Ugarte. Personally I try to move on all the older players as soon as possible although I feel some are holding their attributes better this year, Dzeko didn't lose much in the year I kept him but he was sold mainly due to his massive wage and Milik coming in on a free to replace him. First season I finished second, actually bottled it in the last few games and let Inter snea
  6. I'm in my 10th season at Roma and after I think 4 or 5 I got a new owner who more or less wrote off the clubs debts and gave me Frenkie de Jong and Joao Felix effectively for free, minus their massive wages. Since then there have been more rumours of takeovers but just the one so far, no luck with a new stadium despite asking but that's understandable as getting attendance to 100% at the Olimpico might be impossible. We are on a run of 5 straight titles and 2 CL wins and our attendance is still only about 58,000. Having said that the board did agree to expand the Olimpico to 76,500 or somethin
  7. I am playing as Roma and for no real reason one of the club philosophies is sign players from Brazil, I don't remember Roma as having signed more players from Brazil than anybody else but whatever. Given that in Serie A you can only sign one non EU player from outside of Italy per season this is difficult anyway. I have finished the first season and finished 3rd which was above the Europa League qualification objective and now in the summer my board is blocking every single transfer because they are not happy that I haven't signed anyone from Brazil, literally every deal blocked. If I talk to
  8. I think it's funnier that they finished above Argentina.
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