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  1. I'm in my 10th season at Roma and after I think 4 or 5 I got a new owner who more or less wrote off the clubs debts and gave me Frenkie de Jong and Joao Felix effectively for free, minus their massive wages. Since then there have been more rumours of takeovers but just the one so far, no luck with a new stadium despite asking but that's understandable as getting attendance to 100% at the Olimpico might be impossible. We are on a run of 5 straight titles and 2 CL wins and our attendance is still only about 58,000. Having said that the board did agree to expand the Olimpico to 76,500 or something at the end of this season. As I said this is in 2029 I think.
  2. I am playing as Roma and for no real reason one of the club philosophies is sign players from Brazil, I don't remember Roma as having signed more players from Brazil than anybody else but whatever. Given that in Serie A you can only sign one non EU player from outside of Italy per season this is difficult anyway. I have finished the first season and finished 3rd which was above the Europa League qualification objective and now in the summer my board is blocking every single transfer because they are not happy that I haven't signed anyone from Brazil, literally every deal blocked. If I talk to the board it's always the same answer, unless I sign someone from Brazil I can't sign a single player. I might sign someone from Brazil if they gave me some money but despite making a £10m profit in transfers last season and reducing the wage bill and qualifying for the Champions League as well they gave me a whole £3m to spend Anyway the blocking of all transfers is obviously incredibly silly and has completely ruined the save, anyone else had this?
  3. Positional ability does take up some of a players potential ability yes. Not sure if retraining them slows down their development of their stats but a player who can only play one position will always look better attributes wise than the same player with multiple positions.
  4. I haven't posted on here for years but having played this years game and watching the matches I felt a need to come on here and see if there was a thread on this subject. At the risk of repeating what others said there are far too many silly decisions from players in general but especially when it comes to shooting. When I watch a match I don't feel like a lot of it has any relationship to what a player would do in reality, shots from way out or crazy angles is the most obvious but for me it also includes players standing around by the corner flag waiting to get tackled, they get tackled, cross is played in and goal. One on one shooting also seems very dodgy to me with the vast majority of chances missed by world class strikers but the long shots are the worst. I can give players and the team every instruction possible to reduce long shots but still CMs will smash it to the corner flag instead of playing in an overlapping fullback in 15 yards of space that they are staring at. When the fullbacks do get the ball often they shoot from an impossible angle despite being told to shoot less often and cross more when there are players in the centre. All of this makes the game very difficult to take seriously when you see complete nonsense on the pitch, yesterday I was playing a match where I was a goal up going into injury time and an opposing player had it on the halfway line and booted it into the corner with the commentary 'Player clears the ball'. I also agree with comments about freekicks, I've seen some scored but in my current save I've played 2 years and we haven't scored or conceded from a direct freekick yet, every freekick highlight is pointless or is the start of a counter attack.
  5. Can you still do that on FM? I thought you could only sign actual Basque's now...
  6. I had the exact same guy when I was in Serie C. His team were relegated to Serie D and I picked him up to play him at CB, unfortunately he was totally average even at that level and I sold him a couple of season later. In the past I've never found positional ability to make much difference but maybe now it does.
  7. I've just finished my 4th season playing as Savona. In season 3 we finally got promoted into Serie B, we led the table for almost the whole season before throwing away a 7 point lead in the last 5 games. We went into the extremely drawn out playoffs and eventually beat Taranto 3-1 on aggregate in the final, Alessandro Capello was our top scorer with 29. So finally into Serie B where I had the aim of obviously staying in the league, we had the second lowest wage budget in the division. I managed to get some half decent players in and thought we had a good chance at survival. Anyway as it turns out we are randomly brilliant, very solid at the back and just about good enough up front. We led the table for a long period and risked throwing away promotion at the death again but in a straight automatic promotion playoff against Livorno on the final day we won 2-0 to secure 2nd behind Empoli and go up to Serie A. My budget has exploded to a transfer kitty of £11m which is a huge number for us. Now I have the task of trying to put together a squad that can stay in the top league somehow. I've already got a lot of our loan players back again and need to see who else is available.
  8. I've had Romagna on previous games, I doubt he would be possible for a Serie C club like us but I'll check out the others. I did have a CB called Bianchi from Juve last year who I will try to get back.
  9. So my second season is done... Started with me cocking it up by forgetting to register 4 loan players for the first half of the season so they only contributed from Jan onwards. We struggled badly in attack, at one point I think we had the best defence and worst attack in the whole league, Bollino who seems a star player for this level was terrible after the first game where he scored 2. He ended with 6 in the league all season, I was really disappointed with that. At halfway we were midtable but improved with the influence of the 4 loanees in the second half of the season, specifically Alessandro Capello who scored 11 to become our top scorer despite only playing half a season. On the way we beat the team that ultimately won the league by a mile only to lose the next week to bottom of the league, that sums up our inconsistency. In the end we finished in 5th, 1 point away from the playoffs which was frustrating. Anyway now we get the chance to improve a bit more again over the summer, the young players have improved a little so I aim for promotion next time round.
  10. I might as well take part in this thread given the save I'm currently playing. I generally struggle these days to motivate myself for a long term save but I have started one as Savona in Serie C and so far it's been good. After taking over I find out we start the first season on -6 points for match fixing and are predicted to go down, we basically have no money and I was only able to get free transfers or loans except for one player. Mauro Bollino was a real talent a couple of games back, clearly his PA isn't as good as it once was but I was able to pick him up with potential to improve and be very good at Serie C level. Anyway I have completed the first season, at half distance things were looking good as we were up to about 10th even with the points deduction. After that we finished the season abysmally with about 10 games without a win. That left us in a relegation playoff where we suddenly turned up again and won both legs 2-1, so we stay up. Bollino was the top scorer in the end with 12 from midfield. Summer of season 2 and I took the chance to get rid of a lot of the higher earners who were basically crap. I also managed to get Lorenzo Tassi back on loan again but for 0% wages instead of 100% which helped. We have managed one big signing which is Loris Damonte who was playing for the team we beat in the relegation playoff, this guy is clearly a Serie B if not Serie A player. The only problem is he is a right of left winger and his stats are average for those positions so I'm playing him at CB, he has zero positional ability there but I've never noticed to make any difference frankly. He is also now our captain. Now into season 2 and we progressed through the group stage of the Serie C cup which we didn't last season although I'm really not bothered about that. We also won the first league game of the season 2-0 with two more from Bollino who has 4 in 3 including the cup games. We have one or two other players with potential, Attilio Cinquegrana is a poor mans Mascherano, picked up about 20 bookings last season and Vannucci is a great attacking left back at this level.
  11. Lucas Ocampos Nahuel Leiva Julian Brandt Vaclav Cerny Signed them all for my Inter team and all became varying degrees of world class.
  12. Only the second season and Zenit not even defending champions, impressive job.
  13. In real life I think Bonazzoli was sold to Samp in January and is on loan to Inter until the end of the season. Somewhere Inter said they have an option on him to resign him but I haven't seen that in the game.
  14. I've been doing similar to you kubo. I started with the intention of using only Milan home grown youth team players but I had to abandon that as the players I got in the youth team were such bobbins for the first 3 seasons or so. I played the first season with some massively average players and were relegated in 19th place I think, got sacked a couple of times I think before just taking over again with a new manager. Second season we got promoted in 2nd in Serie B still with only Milan home grown players. That meant we had some decent players like De Sciglio (although he was awful at this point), Abate, Albertazzi, Darmian, Antonelli, Paloschi (goal machine) and young guys like Mastour, Petagna etc. Bryan Cristante was also resigned. Anyway since realising it would take forever for Milan to actually produce some more half decent players I decided to allow myself to sign Italians, first season back in Serie A we finished 4th and got back in the Champions League and won the Coppa Italia against Napoli in a miracle game. Antonelli got himself sent off early for no obvious reason, Napoli finally scored after 70 odd minutes before somehow we went on the attack and scored twice in the last 10 minutes with 10 players. Just over half way through the next season now which is going well, there's a 3 way title battle between ourselves, Juve and Inter and we have Feyenoord in the last 16 of the CL after topping our group which included defending champions Chelsea. We were knocked out of the Coppa in the QF's by Napoli on penalties this time after playing some young guys. My squad off the top of my head is something like this: GK: Colombi DF: Albertazzi, Astori, Darmian, Ely, De Sciglio, Calabria, Murru, Jakupi(newgen) MF: Verratti, Cristante, Castellano, Sturaro, Grassi, Pugliese FW: Paloschi, Longo, Petagna, Belotti Mastour was bought by Chelsea for 21.5m (release clause), not too bothered as he had already reached his PA and was no better than ok. We are playing a genuine 4-3-3 with 3 strikers which is working well with 2 attacking full backs in De Sciglio who is playing much better now and Jakupi who is only 19 but will be an absolute tank on the left. Cristante has license to get forward from midfield and has 9 goals I think from there already this season. Targets who I would like to sign but are too expensive right now include Romagnoli, Berardi and El Sharaawy who I obviously sold at the start of the game.
  15. Alright guys, I've struggled to really get in to FM15 so far so I'm going to try to recreate one of my best saves from I think FM12 where I had a Valencia team made up only of Spanish players. I've also decided not to allow myself to scout players as it becomes too easy to see which players have the best potential, obviously from playing previous games I know roughly who is any good and who isn't at the start of the game but anyway. It's a shame to have lost some of the best Spanish players like Guaita, Canales, Romeu, Victor Ruiz, Bernat etc so it will be a bit harder to start. With the current squad it looks like I'm missing 2 centre backs and the youth team looks very average. Anyway I will be getting around to selling as many of the non Spaniards as possible and bringing in some half decent replacements as soon as I can.
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