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  1. Imagine being a manager for 120 years and still not being able to motivate anyone! Surely that stat must be wrong!
  2. In my current team, both centre backs are 6'4" +, left winger is 6'7", Strikers are 6'6" and 6'2". My right winger is 5'5" though...
  3. Tall players. I love buying tall players
  4. On FM17 I found a 4-4-2 downloadable tactic which was pretty solid. Over the last 3 FMs I've used the same tactic, but amended player roles and defensive lines and other bits to make it my own and to improve it. Basically, get a formation you want to use, select only a few instructions and slowly build on it. Player roles are only a guide from your AssMan
  5. If you want to see players during your tenure, chances are the main ones would show up in your best XI
  6. Could be either. 1 on 1s are not quite right but they can be scored. You'll need to look at your players composure/finishing/technique. You can also train the trait to dribble round the goalie which one of my players has and he scores a fair few where he is put through and does actually dribble round the goalie/opens his body up to finish into an empty net.
  7. Jesus mate, you hate the game so much, its crap, broken, blah blah blah. Play something else. I hated Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Guess what? I didn't play it.
  8. I wouldn't say I immerse myself into other teams and clubs, but I will note the social media side of it as well as how other clubs are doing in other leagues. The social media side is a good way to pick up players who have won awards like U19 Brazilian player of the year, Monacos top 3 players of the month, etc. I use it like another scouting tool. I enjoy seeing 'large' clubs slip down the leagues, falling on hard times, etc. Also, I keep an eye on teams who have good youth systems who art doing very well to try and pinch some youth players.
  9. Is he still playing? Some players who retire are no longer searchable.
  10. To be fair, isn't that what teams do? They play in a particular way to score particular goals? I've set my team in a very particular way in that I have a very fast skilful right winger who skins the full back and sends a cross in to the far post where I have a 6'7" IW and a 6'6" SC for him to aim for, so I score more goals in this way. However I also score goals from corners, free kicks, long shots, through balls, etc. IRL, Man City score more goals by getting it to the play maker (Silva, Bernardo, De Bruyne) who play a ball between the full back and centre back for the winger (Sterling, Mahrez) who then slide a ball across for the Striker (Aguero, Jesus, other winger) to slot in. If you see that in a match, you'd say that's a Man City goal. So, I'd have to disagree that there a NO variations in play in FM 20. There are goals which will look similar, but there can only be so many permutations that the game itself can manage due to size of game, amount of animations etc. No team will score an even amount of every type of goal, or carry out every type of attack, because teams play a particular tactic to defeat the opposition or play to their own strength. I'd actually argue that "Its plays like a set of equations in which teams are competing to get the ball to their winger and then cross to the far post, whatever system you play." indicate the match engine works?
  11. As @Bigpole says, when you see your youth intake, you may notice a newgen from the same nationality as the affiliate club. I think it may even say what club they came from.
  12. Just keep an eye on them. If you follow them, you should get notifications in the Social area when they are doing badly, then keep an eye on the job security page. You could always just quit Napoli when the Feyenoord job comes up.
  13. In all the previous FMs, I've managed Bristol City from day one and normally get to about 2040 before getting a bit bored. This FM, I've focused on me and building me as a manager. So I've gone from Monopoli, Chippenham, Hemel Hempstead, Malmo and now Bayern. It's 2046 and I don't even feel the save has started as I haven't managed Bristol City yet. I'm waiting for them to drop a league or two, then I'll come in and rescue them and take them to the Premier League.
  14. Really? Lucky if you get £4m for a £40m player?
  15. To be fair he doesn't have much technical ability. I'd say your last sentence (minus the idiot) describes him perfectly...
  16. Ah this was the start of the next season so they are 16th alphabetically! They actually finished 5th I think it was.
  17. I don't think I've ever seen a goal given by it, but having it in does not annoy me. If someone asked me to name 100 features in the game, I still wouldn't think of the goal line technology.
  18. Mass exodus at Swansea, even though they reached the Champions League final... 20 1st team players on the transfer list...
  19. He's now my pretty awful DoF, but I didn't have one so not really missing out. He can do all the press conferences.
  20. The freak of nature retires in a week so here are his final stats. Still improving at the age of 38! I shall miss him
  21. To be fair, I do that. If one team bids £30m for one of my players and I'm happy to accept it, if another team bids the same, then I will try and negotiate a higher bid for the 2nd team (not normally an extra £27m though).
  22. I've normally been able to get one striker to play well, but not two this consistently.
  23. Jokanovic at Fulham, got them promoted and was sacked.
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