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  1. i'll just drop the DL down by 1...so instead of much higher line, i just have a higher line...i dont change line of engagement, i may leave more space for the opposition but you have a DM there to support the area infront of defence
  2. Well to be honest this tactic acts like a 41212 when it possession, my CB in the middle is a Libero so he comes out into the DM role often. I'll work on the 41212, FM loves wing play so attacking its not as effective, full backs are too deep to constantly be a threat. But must be a way to make it work! I'm with you on that! Maybe I'll test it with a small club when i finish the season. My defence is solid and defenders get high match ratings but that's probably more to do with the quality of players. But cant be too sure so will test it later on. *fingers crossed*
  3. You like 5212 WB? Currently created one and it's doing crazy numbers with L'pool. It'll probably just be a top team tactic though
  4. you posted this in the wrong place. but by looking at the tactic, everything seems controlled, you dont have anyone really attacking their defence trying to break it down. a lot players create spaces, like your IF, AP, T and CF, but nobody running of them in the space..you can change your CM to B2B maybe, or T to a winger (a)
  5. Can you please explain who we manipulate results? Of course we're not going to post bad tests. But stop accusing of manipulating without explaining. Are you saying tactic creators cheat? I won the league with Wolfsburg and Betis and Bournemouth. All first season, I posted everything you are asking for. But you clearly did not see that. Not to brag, my other thread is a popular thread for a reason! It works for people, lower rep or big rep. Again, the AI will notice your style, you as a manager will then change stuff. You are obviously not doing that if your complaining about long balls. How about drop your DL? People who get success with tactics constantly tweak little things, not just download a tactic and play 38 games with the downloaded tactic. For example, Brighton I had Shane Duffy, accererlation of 8, I will not play with a very high line away
  6. you don't like the tactic. nobody will create a file and post screenshots just for you mate. you really don't have to use it if you dislike it. Or any of the tactics i share. People can be whoever they want and sign whoever they want and use the tactic to be successful. i posted already some screenshots, my West Ham squad clearly has 0 signings and in first season. Even my results for Brighton are there too. Also bare in mind there's only so many pictures i can upload in a post. I cannot post screenshots of every result and every page you want. If you follow my other thread, you'll see that i post results during tests too. funny enough, the beginning of creating this tactic started on the other thread as Palace where i posted results, of me losing too. so again, if you're looking for a game breaker, you're looking in the wrong place
  7. Are you actually accusing me of manipulating? As in cheating? Lol. When I first started posting, I posted SS of my game status. I stopped as there was no need. Also I feel you are just plugging in and playing and not reacting during the matches? Of course you can get statistics like this in FM. Other uploaders such as Knapp and TFF produce better results, and so do their users. I'm just simply uploading tactics (for free) so users can use them. If it doesn't work for you then I'm sorry
  8. Best defence? I also tested in the prem as you can see in screenshots that I won the league EPL with West Ham and Tottenham. This tactic is for people who want to use it. Other people have also got success. If it doesn't work for you then you don't have to use it, or you can tweak it so it fits your team like other managers do. Also, in your screen shot, that's not my tactic plugged in. My tactic isn't 433elmagicov3
  9. sorry to hear about your results. With spurs, i felt the test was too easy so weird you're having these problems. i'm constantly tweaking and testing, will post any updates i have. @goku4 yes, screenshots are above, i only post 1st season results. Finished 1st with West Ham, 2nd with Brighton, dominated with Spurs and unbeaten with Lpool (results of that are in my 442 thread). Bare in mind i tested with FMT, though its the same match engine, things like squad harmony and stuff doesn't effect results too much. somebody else posted their Milwall results, he also achieved best defence in league Defence is supposed to be the strength of this tactic so apologies if not working for you. Neither is this tactic a "game breaker" thats not what i'm trying to achieve
  10. Excellent! A little hint, what worked for me during Brighton test, playing away I moved time wasting to "sometimes" from the start.
  11. Also I advise you when you get promoted to change time wasting to "SOMETIMES". Working great with Brighton.
  12. That's the same issues I have! During test I try and purposely get knocked out of cup comps so my players can be fit. Specially at Tottenham, Eriksen and a couple others couldn't play 2 games In a row without being knackered or need of rest, so frustrating as it doesn't seem the AI have same issue. Funny enough, at Tottenham it was the B team that won the cups, I then played a strong team in the late rounds of CL But I recommend people to have a big squad for rotation and not start anyone below 91% condition
  13. Will try and post later as I'm in the middle of a new test The newest which I believe is 19.3.4
  14. Yeah I would use quick when you're predicted top 4...OR when you feel you have players technically gifted enough Thanks man. I believe you should share a little info at least
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