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  1. Thanks @Heywood JaBlowme. I assume if I did that, I'd have to reset all my recruitment focuses and training etc? I actually did create a save before I accepted the job, so I can go back to that one but I don't want to have to play the last 6 weeks of the season again (I manged to win the champions league and I'm worried I won't manage to again).
  2. I accepted a new job and decided to start it when the season ends, so I could finish out the season with my current team. It's now the day before my move to the new team and I don't want to move anymore. Before I purchase the in-game editor, I wanted to check if this is something I can undo in the editor. Thanks
  3. What I really want to understand is how the scouts prioritise multiple assignment in the same recruitment focus (two two focuses with one assignment each). Using the example I gave before, a scout with one focuses and two assignments in that focus, #1 Continent: Europe, #2 UEFA Youth League. How will the scout prioritise which to do. My hope is that the scout will scout a UEFA Youth League match when there is one and when there is none, they will scout Continent: Europe. is that correct? Thanks
  4. I have a question regarding funnelling inside or outside. I set up a tactic which has three at the back and two wing-backs on attack and two DMs. Because I'm exposed in the D-R and D-L position and have a lot of players more centrally (2 DMs and 3 CBs) I set the funnel inside instruction to make sure the opposition doesn't exploit my exposed areas (D-R and D-L). Does that make sense or, because funnelling inside or outside only affects behaviour in the attack and mid thirds, does it make more sense to use stop crosses? The reason I didn't use stop crosses was because I am confident in my CBs dealing with crosses, I just didn't want the opposition exploiting the empty D-R and D-L positions and having the freedom to create chances from those areas. Thanks.
  5. I want to understand if giving a scout two recruitment focuses will affect the quality of the scouting. For example, I have a scout with two focuses, #1 Continent: Europe, #2 UEFA Youth League. My assumption is that he scouts all over Europe when possible and then scouts the UEFA Youth League when there are matches, so the two assignments shouldn't impact each other. Is that right? Also, if I do want my scout to have two assignments, is it better to have one recruitment focus with two areas/competitions or two recruitment focuses, each with one areas/competitions? Thanks
  6. I can't see my player's fatigue levels. it says I need a sports scientist but I have five of them. Any ideas why I'm not seeing this? Thanks When hovering over the heart icon I see this:
  7. Which specific YouTube video did you watch? Thanks
  8. Is there any update on this? I'm still having the issue on the latest patch. Thanks
  9. The save is called "AC Milan - Scout issue.fm" and the tournament it happened on is the Toulon tournament but I've seen it for other tournaments as well.
  10. - Improvements to fixture scheduling, particularly the frequency of consecutive home or away games Doesn't seem like this fix is working too well
  11. Since the update the suspense of VAR goal decisions is gone because you now see the name of the goal assister show up in the match stats panel on the left hand side if the goal is going to be given and it doesn't show up if the goal is going to be disallowed. It would be nice to get this suspense back by removing this new "feature".
  12. Here is one example, called "Roma - Squad View", but this issue isn't isolated to one save. I've had it on all my saves since the update.
  13. I've raised this as a bug here, please feel free to add your experience to it as well. ,
  14. @Sanel@(sic) I raised a bug about the views changing. I'm not sure how SI prioritise bugs but I hope the more people who complain about it the more likely it is to get fixed, so please feel free to add in your experiences to the bug report.
  15. I have the following recruitment focus set up: and this player appears in the Near Matches section: The player is 19 years old and has the current and potential ability that matches by recruitment focus filter so he should be in the Recommendations section. This is just one example, I've seen a few others like it as well.
  16. On the Matchday squad view, the view you see in the tactics area during a game, I have it set to this: However, when I go back to it later in the game, I see this: The Ratings column has been shifted way over to the right, off the screen. This means I need to reset it each time. I've seen the same issue on the squad page. I've only had this issue since the 23.3 update.
  17. Anyone else having an issue with the matchday squad view changing? I have it set to this: But then later in the game when I go back into it, the last column, ratings, is way off the screen, like this:
  18. I set up a recruitment focus with Standard priority for a tournament, the Toulon tournament, and I got a message saying "Recruitment focus complete" even though the tournament is still ongoing. I've had this with multiple tournaments, not just the Toulon tournament. The recruitment focus should only end when the tournament is over.
  19. I get messages to my inbox with the recommendation to scout a specific competition: Even though I am already scouting it. Not a major issue but a small annoyance.
  20. Looks like this is still an issue in the same save (I haven't started a new save yet). Do you need a copy of the save file?
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