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  1. Even after the update, it still feels slower than FM22. Has anyone seen any improvements since the update?
  2. I've had this issue a few times so thought I'd finally raise it. I'm playing in the premier league and one of my players just received his 5th yellow card of the season and now he is suspended for the next game. The issue is that he received his 5th yellows in the teams 25th game of the season and according to the rules the players should only be suspended for a game after 5 yellow cards if they occur before the 20th game of the season. https://www.premierleague.com/news/2801986 The play who has been suspended has only played 14 games (13 starts, 1 sub appearance) so it seems like the game is reading this rule as the players 19th game not the teams. Same issue existed in FM22: Could this please be looked into? Thanks.
  3. I have a save from right after the game but not from before. What is the rec file for a match?
  4. I'm noticing the same issue but much earlier. It started happening in my second season 2023/2024.
  5. How can you forbid certain players from taking set pieces? I never want my fullbacks taking corners but I don't know how the set this up (other than including all players in the corner taker instructions and having the fullbacks at the bottom of that list).
  6. How do I get a scout to scout a competition and stop scouting it when it's over? In FM22 there was an option to scout until the competition is over but that option is gone. I set a recruitment focus for the Toulon tournament and set the priority to standard and after one match day I got a notification telling me the recruitment focus has ended. Other times, I've set the priority to standard and the focus never seems to end, I need to manually end it. Is there a way to do this that I am missing or is it just another bug in the recruitment focus/scouting feature? Thanks
  7. Going into the last day of the season, I was tied on point at the top of the table but second on goal difference. I play the last game and win 3-0, I then have a trophy ceremony at the end of the game, so I assumed the other team I was tied on points with either lost or drew. When i then continued the game it turns out that they won 2-0 and that they were the champions, not me.
  8. Go to the scouting page > Scoutng Coverage > Scouting Assignments. One of my scouts is shown as having no assignments but when I click on his section you can see that he does have an assignment:
  9. I'm having the same issue, with ongoing assignments ending. Would another save file help?
  10. To scout the whole squad you just need to click on the first player in the list, hold down Shift, click on the last player in the list, then right click and request scouting assignments.
  11. This has been set to resolved but I'm still having the issue. Please reopen this.
  12. I set up my recruitment focuses and then realised they were all set to the formation I am playing so I wanted to change it to look for players in any position regardless of formation. I go in to edit the recruitment focus, change formation to Any and confirm it but it doesn't actually change. When I go back in, it is set to my specific formation again.
  13. I'm playing as Bayern and have my scouting range set to "World" but I couldn't scout the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20 and the Fifa U-20 world cup, which in previous versions I always could. I go to create a Recruitment Focus > Areas > Competitions but they aren't listed there.
  14. There is either a bug with Recruitment Focuses or I am misunderstanding how the details work. I have the following assignment set up - Players between 15-21, based in France, at least half a silver star in current ability and at least 4 gold starts in potential ability. However, Nuno Mendes has been recommended to me, even though he doesn't match the potential ability minimum of 4 stars, as he only has 3 stars. Is this a bug or have I misunderstood what the filters mean when setting up the Recruitment Focus? Thanks.
  15. On The page Scouting > Players > Scouted Players, you can't filter your search by any of the scouting filters like current/potential ability, days since report created, etc. These filters are available in the Players in Range section but should be available in both, like they have been in the previous versions of the game.
  16. I'm not sure if this is the right way, but I'm setting them up in a similar way as I did in FM22. I also just want a scout continuously scouting a specific country. I assume the settings I have for current/potential ability mean Player has at least half a silver star in current ability and has at least 4 gold stars in potential ability. I feel like I'm getting fewer recommendations compared to FM22.
  17. I'm playing as Bayern and have my scouting range set to "World" but I can't scout the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20, which in previous versions I always could. Could it be that I can't scout it because the tournament has already started? I'm pretty sure in past versions I could start scouting a competition after it has started. On a similar note, another issue I'm having is that I'm missing competitions to scout because I don't get the inbox message which had a list of competitions I should consider scouting (which I've always received in previous version). I guess this might be a casualty of the move from scouting assignments to recruitment focuses, but I think it would be good to get this message back in the inbox, just rephrased with something like "We recommend setting up a recruitment focus for these competitions".
  18. In player search, when I click on a player then right click to scout them and then go further down the page and right click on another player and scout them, the previous player I scouted gets selected in green. This means I'm taken back up the list so I lose my position in the list. This issue existed in FM22 as well. Please see the video FM23 Player Search.mp4
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