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  1. For some reason, the Scouting Team Recommendation column on the Recruitment Focus page is also missing when I use the Base Skin (screenshot from the default skin) There's definitely something strange going on with my Base Skin. I'll re-download it and try again.
  2. That's strange. I am seeing the condition % but I don't see the column header for it
  3. Have you made alterations to those four files since you posted them in the other thread back in May?
  4. I don't have "use caching for faster loading" ticked. In your original reply, you said you did see the issue, right?
  5. The only thing I did was add those four files and created a "properties" folder because I needed it for the "person properties" file. When you try the FM24 Base Skin (normal version), what do you see?
  6. When I use the FM24 Base Skin I lose some of the information in the pop-up that appears when creating a recruitment focus. The World Knowledge and Current Focuses columns are missing (see screenshot (original skin on the left, FM24 Base Skin on the right). Any idea how to get this back? Thanks Forgot to add, I have added the 4 files mentioned here to the skin, don't know if that could be the reason?
  7. Thanks so much for your help. I changed the colours of a few settings but it turns out it's a lot harder than I thought. Changing the colour of the heart also changed other colours. I'll just wait until the FM24 base skin is released and then try to get the condition percentages.
  8. Thank you. Would I need to put the file in the "Football Manager 20XX > skins > {skin name} > settings" folder?
  9. I have the following recruitment focus set up: and this player appears in the Near Matches section: He is over the minimum Current and Potential ability and within the age range. He should be in the Recommendations section not Near Matches, I raised it here for FM23,
  10. I loaded up the RA Clicked on "Browse Archive" Clicked on the "settings" file and clicked load Screen is blank I clicked on the blank space and "Extract Selected" became available I clicked on Extract Selected It opened the Choose a folder box and I select a folder Nothing happens (there are no files in that folder)
  11. I loaded the file in the RA but the screen is now blank
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or a change but I'm noticing my Assistant Manager, who leads general training, schedules more three-session days compared to FM23. In FM23 I think the only 3 session days where when you did Match Tactics in the morning, Match Practice in the Afternoon and Recovery in the Evening. In FM24 I'm seeing more of these full days, especially with Routines being trained in the evening. Any one else noticing this?
  13. @snowofman @JustHowie I've been looking at the link, and I'm not sure what to do with this: "For the most part if you have been directed to this guide then you should know what file you are after and should have been told which fmf file it is located in, if you aren't sure then check back on the link that sent you here." You guys both mentioned the Settings file but I can't see that file in the folder, I can only see it in data > game >settings.fmf. Is that the correct one? Thanks
  14. Do you mean the FM23 skin will work or use the FM23 resource archiver? Thanks
  15. Thanks. I assume I have to wait until the full game is out so I can download the resource archiver?
  16. Where can I find the settings file (I don't have much experience with this)? Can I do it for FM24? Thanks
  17. Is it possible to change to colours Overall Physical Condition hearts? There isn't much difference between the Peak and Excellent heart so it's hard to see by just looking at the screen, I actually need to hover over the heart to see which condition the player is in. I'd like to change the Peak heart to another colour, like blue. Is that possible? Thanks
  18. I loaded up the save this morning and all the sections are now available:
  19. On the Responsibilities screens, in sections where I can set responsibilities for u19 and B team, I am unable to set responsibilities for them. The heading for the section shows but there are no items to assign. Here is one example:
  20. I'm having issues with the Responsibilities screen. My selection aren't always remembered, even if I save them and I am also not seeing all categories (in the screenshot I'm not seeing my options for u19 and B team training). Is this a bug or did I do something wrong with a setting?
  21. Thanks. That option used to be in the Edit Search box but looks like it was removed from there. Glad to see the option still exists.
  22. I can't find "Advanced" in Player or Staff search anymore, I assume its been removed? It was really helpful when looking for coaches because I could use AND or OR conditions, for example a coach that has at least 15 for Technical OR Tactical: FM23: Is there a way to do this in FM24? Thanks
  23. if you start as Arsenal in the "Your World" mode, I assume it means you don't have Declan Rice and there is not future transfer set up for him to join but you do have £105 million extra in your transfer budget?
  24. I thought a BWM on defend doesn't move around as much anymore in FM23? Hold Position is selected by default for the role + duty:
  25. I managed to fix the issue without the editor. In case anyone is wondering how to do it, I just added a new manager to the game and set him to manage the club I was going to move to. This cancelled my move to that club so I stayed at my current club. Then, after a few days, I retired the new manger.
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