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  1. Hi Freddie I have made my way through that period in the season. Will the save game still be useful to you?
  2. A few years down the line I'm having a nice cup run in the Europa League. At the same time I'm qualified for the Belgian Champions play-off group and the Belgian Cup Final as well. This means a large amount of games but it's just not realistic that I play a game on Friday and on Sunday, twice when there's room to reschedule the games. Is there a fix for this?
  3. I've started a small experiment: I'm playing as KRC Genk (one of the bigger teams in Belgium but a small fish in Europe) and am playing FC Barcelona in the Champions League. These kinds of matches I've been playing since FM15 are making me question some things about the way I play or about how the game plays itself. First of all: I know that a match against Barcelona shouldn't count as a benchmark, but then again, it's 2020 and the team I've molded so far isn't all that bad but I'm just really asking questions here. Somehow, every single player of Barcelona seems to be faster, stronger, smarter, a better passer, a better header (Messi scoring headers against my 191cm 17 jumping range 16 decisions 15 power defender) than every single one of my players. Every. Single. One. Every attack is the same. I get a corner, it gets headed away. Dembele (or even Busquets or Piqué or some other superhuman organism playing there) gets the ball, dribbles past five of my players (yes, Busquets and Piqué), reaches the touchline, plays a massive 45 back to outside of the box and some other superhuman organism is there to slot it home from 30 meters. Messi, Suarez, okay, I'll take it. But Busquets, Piqué?! These guys dribble past mine as if it's Maradona in his prime. Okay, maybe I'm vulnerable to long range shots, so I put an anchorman there and adjust my defensive line. Nothing changes. To the point: I am not ranting, I am well aware that Barcelona is the best team football has seen in decades and that, although I'm almost untouchable in Belgium, I'm no match for them. Plain fact. But how is it possible that I can't seem to even put up a challenge against any of those teams? It's like my team suddenly rolls over and dies. Nothing works. 4-1-2-3 DM wide, 5-1-3-1, 5-1-2-1-1, cautious, defending, all out attack gegenpress, low LOE, high LOE, training for specific tactics, training for a big match, ... I have tried it all and it's always the same. I've beat Zenit in the same group 4-1 at home and 1-2 away. Both times with different tactics. So my question is this: Is the gap between the biggest (let's say) 10 teams and the rest of the pile THAT big? Are there general tips for battling the bigger teams and at least not getting hammered 4-0? Other than lower LOE and defensive line, support duties, mentality and so on. I don't necessarily need an upset, but just once lose such a game with 2-0 or less. Sad, isn't it?
  4. I'm managing Athletic Bilbao and greyed out players keep on popping up in my reserve team. Who does this? Why does this happen? And how do I take control? Cheers!
  5. Imagine: It's half time, the score is 0-0, or you may have conceded one already. All of the highlights are your opponent's except for maybe one. The opposition you are facing isn't necessarily a better team. All of your players have a rating between 6.30 and 6.60. What statistics do you look at? How do you use the analysis tool? Which parts of the tool are key in taking in?
  6. My two cents for battling smaller teams, but as ever so often: it depends. Have your fullbacks bomb the flanks, make them Complete Fullbacks, and have them overlap on at least one of both sides. This will bring the option of more crosses to your strikers or whoever is in the box. Look at your striker's heading capabilities and those of the defenders. Decide on crossing low or giving your fullbacks the instruction to cross less if the numerical odds are against you. In any case, these roles will give you one or two extra players high up the pitch and will put the defense in a coverage dilemma. Your mentality should be 'Positive', at least until you're 2-0 up when playing a big team like Bayern against the lesser gods. Tempo should be a little higher. Give your best ball playing players (I'm assuming Goretzka, Thiago and Rodriguez in this case - passing, vision and technique should be around 15 or higher) the individual instruction to pass more direct and take more risks. Look at the scouting and team reports of your opponents. Look where the assists of the goals they concede come from. Usually there is one flank from where the number is far greater. This also works in the opposite direction; if their assists from the goals they score nearly all come from the right, shut down that flank with man marking or individual instructions and your time on the ball will increase, giving you more chances of eventually scoring a goal. Consider changing the formation. If you're playing with a big team, smaller opponents usually go out of their way to adapt to you. Catch them off guard by using a different approach. Switch to a 4-2-4, for example, or a 3-4-3 in this case. Make your own judgement in where your teams strength lies and adjust your new tactic accordingly. I.e.: don't go playing 3-4-3 when your fullbacks are too defensive or lack mobility (which shouldn't be the case in Bayern). There are about twice as much tips to be given here, but this should get you started.
  7. I'm playing as Athletic Bilbao and, after a successful first season (3rd in La Liga and Copa winners) am looking to reinforce the squad on two positions after having grown our reputation. In short: I want to sign Ander Herrera and Alvaro Odriozola. Both players are interested to very interested in a move, but the clubs demand very high transfer fees. Something I could understand for Odriozola, but Man U is still asking 65 million for Herrera. Is there a way to pressure the player into forcing a break with his club? I have tried the 'show interest' option once or twice (which generates the article saying that I'm interested with a quote by the player saying that he's interested to listen); if I keep doing this, will the player eventually force a move from his club who will sell him for a lower fee?
  8. Ok, this is embarrassing but I'm new to the forums: how do I join the public beta? EDIT: got it
  9. I'm playing as Athletic Bilbao in a personalised wing attack tactic and a personalised corner kick routine. My tactic is as followed: 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Width: extremely wide The wingbacks overlap the wingers I focus play on both flanks Work ball in to the box Be more creative Standard directness in passing Tempo: slightly higher Sometimes I play with early crosses, sometimes not. My flanks are Iker Muniain and Iñaki Williams, they don't need an introduction for anyone to know that they are more than decent player on the flanks. For Williams, I instructed him to cross from the goal line since he has the dribbling and acceleration capabilities to make it past anyone. And yet, somehow, 4/5 crosses get blocked. Wingbacks that get the ball in a promising crossing position always seem to wait until one or two defenders pressure them. I want them to immediately cross it! The odd cross that does arrive near my striker Aritz Aduriz (Yes, the striker with 19 for headers, 16 off the ball and 15 jumping reach) gets headed out again. Same thing with corners. I have my best heading players packed in the center, making different runs. I don't think I've ever scored a corner. The heading capabilities (heading, jumping reach, positioning and strength) of my three main headers (excluding Aduriz) are all 14 or above. There must be something that I am missing here. This is the first series in which I've had such a stubborn header problem. Thanks in advance for your tips.
  10. Check the reputation, training facilities, and competition at your club for his position as well. The game might not always mention these parameters but I think it's part of common sense.
  11. I have an issue where I promised my best player that he would be the penalty kick taker. In all of my tactics, I put him on the number one spot to take penalty kicks. He's been fit all the time and has taken several penalty kicks. Now I see in his dynamics screen that he thinks "The time is running out for the manager to assign him as penalty taker". WTF?
  12. Just joining in here. Have been following Athletic for some years now, finally visited a game (vs Ostersunds in November) in the home stands (I'm a Racing Genk fan and my first visit to San Mamés was as an away fan in 2016) and been playing FM for two years now. Ready for the challenge with Athletic and great to get some inspiration here. Thank you bowieinspace for the thorough guide.
  13. Nearing november 2018 and I've seen a couple, but far too little to be normal.
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