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  1. Something I'd like to throw out there since I've been wondering how it works. Imagine we have two players and let's not take the quality of the pass that goes in their direction into the equation: PLAYER A - small player with above average heading abilities 160cm, 16 jumping reach, 16 heading, 16 strength, 16 man marking and 16 all other interception-related attributes like anticipation etc. (if he's the one trying to intercept) PLAYER B - tall player with under average heading abilities 190cm, 8 jumping reach, 8 heading, 8 strength, 8 man marking and 8 all other interception-related attributes like anticipation etc. (if he's the one trying to intercept) In real life, I would say Player A can jump so well that he can equal the height (and maybe also the jumping reach in height) of Player B. So it would be an equal battle in the air. But what if Player A and Player B have exactly the same stats (16 jumping reach, heading and strength) but still differ in height, would the taller player B statistically win more aerial duels in game? This might sound like a stupid question but I've had a youth intake with a 202cm tall striker who has 7 jumping reach but 16 headers and was wondering if his height would compensate his lack in jumping reach. Thanks!
  2. The ME is not scripted, but I believe it's still out of balance in the finishing aspect. Changing my mentality after scoring is something I've done since posting about it here; so far, so good. The tackling sounds like a good tip, will try. Thanks.
  3. Will do. Thanks. And do note that I don't want to sound hostile to my fellow gamers. But this game has been frustrating me more than this damn Covid lockdown.
  4. No, the screenshot is an example. I have roughly one game per month that it's like this. I'm aware this happens in real football too; but even if I change my team's mentality, in some games it's just waiting directly after I scored and there's nothing I can do about it.
  5. Of course not every shot on goal is equal, you're right about that. At first I took all shots/goal but, for scientific accuracy, narrowed it down to shots on goal. But then why do CPU attackers always seem to shoot with force, sometimes from distance (long shots: 8) - not the only one who experiences this -, and my best attacker (finishing 16, composure 15) seems to roll all his shots straight to the GK. I've tried everything: different strikers, different formations, different tactics, shoot more, shoot less, play ball into box, hit early crosses. Really, everything! So I don't think it's the quality of chances that are being created. I honestly think something is unbalanced in the ME. I don't expect to need less shots than the AI to score, by all means. But I would like it to be balanced. What would you do in my case?
  6. In half of my cases I am the better team, in the other half I am not, which seems logics as I'm playing as Athletic Bilbao in Spain. So my GK isn't crap and my strikers aren't crap. Yet still.
  7. No, I don't. But they've been struggling with the ME for nearly a year now, and this is just another example of it. This isn't just a trend. I can play some more games and expand the table from my OP to show you it's not a trend, black on white: player needs 5,5 shots per goal, CPU a little over 3. Where's the logic in that?
  8. Sigh, and another one. Got so fed up I made a comparison in shots on target per goal between the superhuman über-clinical CPU and me.
  9. Dear SI, Please stop screwing us over and make the AI equally clinical as us, or us equally clinical as the AI. I don't know why you do this, but it is nothing short of prime scumbaggery. Tell me why you made the AI so clinical that someone with 8 for long shots and 10 finishing is more clinical than my 16 finishing 'world class striker'? And don't go on it as if it's my tactics. I've been playing this game for five years. Below some examples of your incompetence and a shots on target per goal comparison of the superhuman AI and me. Thank you.
  10. And why does this keep happening in half of the games? I score, the superhuman CPU scores on the attack directly after kick-off. I score, they score again directly after. Rigged nonsense.
  11. Getting REAAAL sick of these matches and miracle goalkeepers and my strikers only shooting in the centre of the goal. These matches do happen in football, I agree. But they don't happen twice a month.
  12. Hi all On my youth intake day, it was the Director of Football who alerted me of the players that were in the intake. He also said things like "Thanks to my way of working, player X and Y are very good talents". So my question is: is my DoF responsible for my youth intake and not my HoYD? Because I have both staff positions filled and specifically signed a new HoYD with impressive stats and personality, so it's a bit of a shame. Is this where I change it?
  13. Well, a bit late to the party, but what a great first season! Started the game hesitant. I made post here that I was struggling with tactics, roles and duties. It was more difficult than ever to make this team tick. The best move appeared to be putting Muniain as a MEZ on attack and Williams as a CF on attack. Before I knew it, we went unbeaten all the way to Christmas. Had some spectacular wins v Real (2-0 at home), and Barcelona (2-1 at home). Only Atlético proved unbeatable, both in the league and the cup. I competed for the cup until the semi final. The league matches during this time were a lot more difficult due to injuries and that's when I lost my first spot. A good run in April and May came a bit too late to stop Real from winning the league. Ibai Gomez and Capa proved to be irreplaceable this season. Both tallying up the assists and constantly posing a threat. Gomez is such a weapon on set pieces. De Marcos, Herrerin, Balenziaga and San José want to leave the club cause they want to broaden their horizons. I did convince Sanjo to stay, the other three are free to go. Another cool thing that happened: Muniain wanted a new contract but I failed to reach an agreement with his agent. The day after, Muniain sacked his agent. Two days later, we sealed a nice deal. Now that's a sign of love for the club! My youth intake generated a handful of useful players with this guy as a starlet: Also, Alaves and Osasuna are relegated. So snagging up Moncayola shouldn't be an issue and I managed to lock down this regen from Alaves for next season: I also signed Herrando, Javi Martinez and Iker Muñoz from them. Eskerrik asko, Osasuna!
  14. This is very interesting. I just can't seem to get Raul Garcia to work, on any position. He gets frequent touches during games but doesn't make any game-changing plays. Shame of his insane attribute spread. I absolutely love this guy, also IRL, but with an average of 6.64, I just can't be happy.
  15. And we have a Basque final in the Copa on our hands!
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