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  1. 100% of the time in my case, both when closing the game through the in-game menu or just through a right click on the icon in my dock. My OS is version 10.14.6, by the way. I have tried the cache-clearing steps on the SI support pages, but that also doesn't solve the problem. Neither does the change of the starting properties in Steam.
  2. Zoroniak txapeldunes! After yesterday's amazing game it was time to start my annual Athletic Club save after having won almost everything with my beloved Racing Genk. Great to see many familiar faces in this year's thread again!
  3. That did the trick. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi guys I've uploaded some facepacks (both megapacks and more detailed packs) and now I've lost a fair amount of faces that were from the detailed packs. I'm pretty sure this is because the config file is now the one from the last megapack I used. I've looked around and only found old broken links to config.xml generators or FMXML which won't open on my Mac. So now I have more player faces in my faces folder than there are in my config file. So I'd like to update the config file to match the faces in my folder. What's the best way how to do this? Or does anyone have a config ge
  5. During a save, you can add new leagues and they will be added when the current season in that league ends. Will that also positively affect the demand for players?
  6. By active clubs you mean clubs in playable leagues or are clubs in watch-only leagues active as well?
  7. Hi all Is it just me or are a lot of you struggling with getting other clubs interested in your players? I'm currently managing a bigger club in a mediocre European league so, to be sustainable, I have to be a selling club. We're doing great in the league, nearly all my players have avg. ratings of 7 and much higher. Two of the top three goalscorers are on my team, for instance, one player won player of the year, another one is talent of the year and so on. Yet, there's not a single team showing any interest in my players whereas, in real life, it's a huge struggle to fend off the in
  8. I usually play in windowed mode but the game always goes back to full screen after restarting.
  9. KRC Genk's András Németh has Hungarian as first nationality, not South African. He's also playing for the Hungarian U20's.
  10. Hello I believe Niels Jansen is still missing from the U21 staff at KRC Genk: https://www.krcgenk-jeugd.be/nl/news/detail/1216/niels-jansen-nieuwe-techniektrainer
  11. Something I'd like to throw out there since I've been wondering how it works. Imagine we have two players and let's not take the quality of the pass that goes in their direction into the equation: PLAYER A - small player with above average heading abilities 160cm, 16 jumping reach, 16 heading, 16 strength, 16 man marking and 16 all other interception-related attributes like anticipation etc. (if he's the one trying to intercept) PLAYER B - tall player with under average heading abilities 190cm, 8 jumping reach, 8 heading, 8 strength, 8 man marking and 8 all other interceptio
  12. The ME is not scripted, but I believe it's still out of balance in the finishing aspect. Changing my mentality after scoring is something I've done since posting about it here; so far, so good. The tackling sounds like a good tip, will try. Thanks.
  13. Will do. Thanks. And do note that I don't want to sound hostile to my fellow gamers. But this game has been frustrating me more than this damn Covid lockdown.
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