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  1. Is it true that Marco Asensio is eligible? I'm doubting upon starting a save again. FM20 hasn't been kind to me with all these ME issues which really affect the way I play the game. Might be swayed, though, not sure. I am enjoying the reads over here, though!
  2. Absolutely not. After this year's stunts with the ME I won't be anticipating the release. I'll check the forums here to see how the ME is upon release and decide my purchase accordingly.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I will save some extra PKM's and get back to you with the specific TI's.
  4. Thank you. Well understood. Sad to hear this issue won't be looked into then. Just to round things off, I'll put things into perspective in the hope you'll understand my wildly criminal behaviour: in any other kind of job, just try and deliver the same kind of quality we've had this year and see how the customers will react. As a paying customer I am well in my right to post these bugs and criticize the total lack of engagement on the ME forums these past few weeks. Not just my post, all the other ones as well. So forgive me the namecalling, but I'm allowed to lose my **** at least once on this. I sincerely hope you understand this. The past week, however, I noticed engagement picked it up again. Keep it up! And if this post somehow violates rules as well, then go ahead and take the necessary actions. I won't be back until FM21 at the least anyway.
  5. Here's the old topic: Here's a pkm: RSC Anderlecht - KRC Genk incapable crap.pkm I change TI's a lot during a match in order to win it because you might be surprised but that is the actual goal of the game, right?
  6. Not like I'm going to get a reply from SI but whatever. TI's on or activated during match: Run less with ball Be more expressive Low crosses GK throw distribution Be more patient KRC Genk - RSC Anderlecht.pkm The PKM's attached. Do whatever you will with it.
  7. Yep, tried it. Both refused. One even made a fuss about it in the dressing room.
  8. I go to preferences and change to windowed mode. Next time I start the game, it's full screen again.
  9. Spare yourself the frustration and wait for FM21. And don't pre-order.
  10. Thanks lads, I understand. Leagues loaded include all the big ones (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Portuguese League, Eredivisie and Swiss league). It's logical that my best performers would attract intrest from any of these leagues, and maybe the Russian/Chinese, but those would be the exceptions. So I'm still puzzled on this.
  11. I've got two players who are deadweight and I want to get rid of. No one is interested in them, even after I put them on the transfer list without asking a price. After offering them to clubs for no price, I had two offers for one player and he then refused the contract he was given there. The other one just doesn't generate any interest whatsoever. The former is a 23 year-old left back with about a full star potential left to fulfill. The latter is a pacy 28 year-old winger at the top of his game. I'm also shocked by how few teams are interested in my players. I'm playing as KRC Genk (big fish in a small sea) and have several hot prospects in my team (some of you may know names such as Berge, Maehle, Lucumi, Ianis Hagi, Samatta). I chanced my way to the round of 16 in the Champions League and still no one shows any interest in any player. Their contracts shouldn't be a problem. Hagi is the top earner with 108k/month. Nothing a bigger club couldn't afford. In real life, KRC Genk is a team that buys 'em young and sells for a profit. Every transfer market some key players leave for nice fees and they're constantly battling interest from other teams. In FM this totally doesn't seem to happen. This isn't realistic, is it?
  12. At the start of an Athletic Club de Bilbao save, you're required to MAINTAIN the best youth system in the country. It's more than just the facilities; it includes your HoYD, HoPD and all technical staff of your youth teams as well. At least, that's what I think given that Athletic Club's youth trainers rank among the best in Spain. As we all know, the staff screen shows how your staff compare to the rest of the league. I'd say make sure you're the best in almost every one of them.
  13. Download the public beta, it's a big improvement in the 1v1's.
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