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  1. First of all, thank you to the SI team for the update. There's a small improvement in the known issues. Although these PKMs show that there is still an imbalance in the issues described below. Would be great to have a reaction from the team and to balance these issues in the ME out even more. Thanks i.a. Version 20.2.0-1323779 (ME v2026) Performance of strikers 1v1's: I have managed to have my strikers score on 1v1's! So there definitely is progress. Although the PKM's also show they need way too much chances to finally bag one. In my opinion, the number of bottled 1v1's is still too high. You can argue what the rate should be, absolutely. But the rate as it is right now is still too low compared to real life matches. Same goes for the AI's performance in 1v1's vs me. PKM: Club Brugge - KRC Genk and KRC Genk - FC København Headers on target: 20 jumping reach, 16 strength, 14 headers. Yet my target man is unable to get his headers on target. I won't even begin about other strikers. And especially my wingers who somehow are magnets for crosses, whether you put two strikers with great aerial capabilities in the box or not. The result of nearly every header is a ball that flies over the goal. PKM: all, but save yourself time and go for Zulte Waregem - KRC Genk Crossing behaviour Progress as well. Although I'm still seeing way too many shots from impossible angles and players just not crossing when they're in such a position. Also TI 'Early crosses' and PI's 'Cross more' and 'early crosses' seem to have only a small effect. I always need to set my tactic with many cross-related TI's and PI's to get a normal crossing behaviour comparable to the one I experienced in FM19. If I then come into a situation where I sub on a target man and want to launch crosses at him, I have no more options to increase this. PKM: Club Brugge - KRC Genk and KRC Genk - FC København Ignored TI's Next to crossing related ones, 'Run less with ball' TI is ignored: PKM: Zulte Waregem - KRC Genk Higher number of offsides The number of offsides by both me and the AI has risen significantly since the update released. More than enough examples: PKM: Zulte Waregem - KRC Genk, and KRC Genk - FC København Club Brugge - KRC Genk 1v1's issue.pkm KRC Genk - FC København 1v1's and crossing behaviour.pkm SV Zulte Waregem - KRC Genk striker performance, offsides, crossing.pkm
  2. It's an effect of the 1v1 bug and is a known issue. SI are working on it.
  3. Hey, I didn't get a notification apparently :o Thank you for clarifying this. That's all I needed
  4. I've been practically living in the Bugs forum for the past couple of days and have uploaded multiple PKM's, save games, and what not about side netting, players refusing to cross and bottled 1v1's one after the other. I know the older ME's and how these tactical instructions work and believe you me, I'm not exaggerating. No 'known issue', no 'in review', nothing. Just me and some Northern lad posting PKM's into the great wide open.
  5. Your presumption is correct, of course. I sense you're thinking what I'm saying is nonsense. And perhaps it is. But all I'm trying to do is to find a solution to get my team crossing instead of side netting every shot and scoring a 1v1 every now and then for a game that cost me 45 bloody euros with practically no intention or communication from the developer that they're aiming to do something about it.
  6. I have two teams of six devs where I work, SI aren't the only people in the world who do this. And at least we'd get things done instead of sitting on this enormous piece of a **** ME without any communication from the big guys.
  7. Is there a way to patch the ME yourself? I remember from playing Total Club Manager and Fifa Manager back in the day (hey, we all make mistakes, okay?) that a lot of guys on the message boards just patched the thing themselves.
  8. Jesus Christ. Does it even matter to play on the public beta or not?
  9. Simply scandalous that we're well over a week past release and that we have a ME where players refuse to cross and rather shoot the side netting, 1v1's rarely get finished and strikers are virtually invisible. No hotfix, nothing. Threads on the bug forum are simply being ignored.
  10. An open question: I'm looking to gain some insights on the 4-2-2-2 (both wide and narrow). From a formation point of view, it seems one of the best tactics for an ultra high-paced direct Gegenpress tactic. I'm very aware that this is only feasible with players who have above average work rate, determination and physical abilities so it's not for every team. Who among you has had some successes with 4-2-2-2 as a formation and a high pressing tactic combined with it? I'm especially interested in the roles of the left and right back, the midfield duo and wide players both in terms of attacking, pressing and effectively snuffing out counter attacks. It also seems an interesting edition now that we can use RAM and LAM as IW instead of only IF.
  11. Same here. I have stopped playing the game ever since since it became unplayable with these bugs and my tactical approach. Majorly frustrating. The 20.1.4 hotfix is already a week old. It's time to deliver, SI.
  12. There, all match events have been added in the first post. I've complied to every demand required to post a bug by now. Would be nice to hear at least something from someone at SI. Thank you.
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