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  1. workaround works for me, don't know yet if changes will be succesfull
  2. There WAS already a thread on this issue. Do bother to check it.... They are aware of the problem.
  3. Same issue, very odd, and never happened before. Yesterday it worked like a charm. Hope this gets solved quickly
  4. Can Ethan Hazard be added? Talent of his brothers, but a great lack of discipline. https://humanwindow.com/ethan-hazard/ *** some stranges values @ rsc Anderlecht Verschaeren, Delcroix, Sambi, Kana, Amuzu, Colassin, Sardella all cost <1M€. Which seems hardly possible. Miazga is valued 7,5M, where tranfsermarket says 2M is this a bug, with random amounts? *** Kemar Lawrence should be equal to Mykha espected playing time. Lawrence is considered the better player of the 2
  5. incorrect; the cup winner was Lokeren. as it will always remain. LOkeren-Temse is a new club, based on Temse's clubN°. Lokeren as a club has dissapeared, as have their trophies and achievements. Same goes for instance for Germinal Beerschot.
  6. Killian Sardella has a contract untill 2025 Yari Verschaeren is u21 in my game, should also be more important than he is right now. (is a future talent) Trebel's injury, will it be added? Quentin Govaert is video analist for th RSC Anderlecht u18 side.
  7. superb! Will Tybebo also be added to the staff roster u21?
  8. Missing from Deinze ; Vic Seurynck https://www.transfermarkt.com/vic-seurynck/profil/spieler/823133 Charleroi : Remy Bastien https://www.voetbalvlaanderen.be/club/977/ploeg/209160/leden Benjamin Romeyns https://www.voetbalvlaanderen.be/club/977/ploeg/209160/leden Brooklyn Dubois https://www.transfermarkt.com/brooklyn-dubois/profil/spieler/715844 Houssein Diallo Lucas Queirriau Nicolas Closset maciej nieuwiadomski https://www.transfermarkt.nl/maciej-niewiadomski/profil/spieler/712672 martin gillet https://www.transfermarkt.com/martin-gill
  9. Harald Meysses (id 3840) should be Harald MeysseN
  10. thanks! will the others be added (Tybebo for instance) and the faded out players?
  11. the name for Seraing shows Francs Borains in the roster of the competition, also when searching for a player RSC Anderlecht : Niels Mathieu is the new Head Physical Therapist modif staff Luc Vanden Bossche is the new medic Maarten Brecko is a new Physical Therapist. Kris Vollon is doctor for the u21 staff staff u21 Eliot tybebo is video analist u21 staff olivier lavry is condition coach pol walravens kine Victor Swinnen moved to Anderlecht ganshoren data Zacarias Antonio moverd to Cosenza transfermarket Jonas de Roeck is T2, Ni
  12. @Sangue Blu is it possible to change the Jupiler league (Belgium) to 18 teams? tried to fix it on your 8 div modif, but without succes to do so no drop this season, OH Leuven & Beerschot have been added to the Jupiler Leage Proximus league consist of added teams : Club Brugge NXT (u23 squad), can't be promoted Deinze RWD Molenbeek Lierse Kempenzonen Seraing Virton, Roeselare were relegated; Lokeren seased to excist (new team combined with Temse)
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