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  1. Player has been created, given data was entered.
  2. Youssouf Sylla id 43617742 (last year Torino is now playing at Zulte Waregem. https://www.transfermarkt.com/youssuf-sylla/profil/spieler/667903
  3. Yaw Preko id 2008243 (former Anderlecht) is now T1 at Great Olympics (id 5340898) in Ghana
  4. Oleg Iachtchouck is also an agent, works toghethe withj Sergiy Serebrennikov (also an agent) involved with the RSCA player Bogdan Mykhaylichenko , Ruslan Malinovskyi & Mykola Kukharevych pro star
  5. Pascal de Vreese (id 4) is T1 @ Jong Zulte Michel Ternest (id 18018697) is also playing at Jong Zulte jong zulte squad
  6. Yani vandenbossche & Yani van den bossche are double with KV Kortrijk (id 18115781 - 2000059695) Correct name is the last one.
  7. Starting januari 5 substitutions will be allowed. It's official. (making it hte same as in the rest of Europe)
  8. some missing staff/players Nathan d'Haemers - id 529571 is now T1 at KSK Lovendegem Alandson 18005419, Aaron Molisse 18051945 & Pieter de Winter 18021183 are playing at Wielsbeke Monseef Znagui 18027957 is playing at Wervik Arne Scheldeman 18075534 is also playing at Wervik Salah Dib 18074820 & Matthias Van Petegehem 18081920 are playing at Wetteren Matthias Feys 8181911 is playing at Blankenberge Bram Malfroy 18049687 - Andreas Van Outrève 18059110 & Jeffrey Verplancke 18058935 are playiing at Aalter. please be so kind to revive these. Highly appreciated !
  9. Bit of a braincracker. Trying to get Belgian Pro League 1B to 12 teams. Adding Virton (as they have won the trial to be allowed to re-enter); and the u23 squads of Anderlecht, Genk & Standard. However, sometimes it shows only 16 teams in competition in pro league 1A; and consistently 8 teams instead of the given 12. Club NXT (the fourth u23 squad, has been replaced by Virton then). What am I missing out on? Any solutions would come in handy.
  10. 5 substitions will be allowed in Pro League 1, Pro League 1 B & the Croky CUp. Next season we'll have 3 additional B squads (u23) in pro league B (Anderlecht, Standard & Genk). In addition, Virton will be allowed to compete again in 1B (so 12 teams instead of 8)
  11. Michael Murillo (id 80028885) is adressed Amir Murillo. Official communication on club website & instagram. full name is Michael Amir Murillo Bermudez. https://www.rsca.be/nl/amir-2025
  12. I'll give more intel on this tomorrow, haven't got the game at hand at this moment
  13. some players to bring back into the game. interesting when using lower leages, and players have already been created. Muhamed Tahiri (18089541) is playing at Oostnieuwkerke https://kskoostnieuwkerke.be/a-kern/ Aaron Defevere (18086254) is playing at Oostnieuwkerke Ewoud Defevere (18090245) is playing at Oostnieuwkerke Amaury Rodriguez da silva (18089802) is playing at Boezinge https://www.sassportboezinge.be/a-kern/ Laurent Vandamme (18083781) is playing at Boezinge Mathias Mouton (18086601) is playing at Boezinge Tom Deman (18083798) is playing at Boezinge Matthijs Blancke (18003848) is playing at Boezinge
  14. rating of Jean Kindermans should be higher.
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