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  1. Just a quick update on this when I’ve come up to the jan transfer window 1st season I’ve just got the message players entering final 6 months of contract on my shortlist if I click on the player the frt icon now appears
  2. Click on scouting centre to the far right click on player search then at the top click on senior package from there you can change your scouting packages
  3. It’s to do with the nations rules any editor file you upload for England messes everything up if you look at league one with an English editor file loaded 23 teams but 4 relegated.theres been changes in league one and two due to burys expulsion from the football league and conference leagues and it’s having a knock on effect when using editor files
  4. Fair point might have something to do with al staff responsibilities were you can assign under 23/18 manager to make signings for under 23/18s
  5. does Happen in real life youngsters signed for under 18/23 for big money Morgan Rodgers Man City 4m Hannibal mejbri man united 9m
  6. just noticed since the 20.3 update that the frt icon to say a player is leaving at the end of there contract is missing . checked it on david silva of man city and edinson cavani of psg and then checked with editor and both players are set to leave at end of contracts
  7. nacho Fernandez (67030696) contract should be until 2022 not 2020 https://www.marca.com/en/football/real-madrid/2019/05/22/5ce5162aca474127158b4600.html Sergio reguilon (67211900) contract 2023 not 2020 https://tribuna.com/en/realmadrid/news/3416920/ both real madrid. carlos soler (67196204) contract 2023 not 2021 https://www.football-espana.net/2019/12/17/carlos-soler-pens-new-valencia-contract of valencia
  8. Bulgaria 29th I think that’s si transfer cut off point although Poland is mon 2nd mar
  9. As everyone says nobody but si knows but reading the match engine bugs forum There seems to be a few things under review since the last match engine update so I’m hoping there’s a final match engine with febs winter update
  10. On start screen press career top right should say 20.3 click on it change it to 20.1 for original dB
  11. aleksandar kolarov (5743340) of as roma signed a new 1 year contract extension in jan till 30/6/21 https://www.asroma.com/en/news/2020/1/kolarov-signs-contract-extension-until-2021
  12. I’ve used it for a number of years you have your new signings in your squad from irl transfers.i find it to tempting to sign a host of wonder kids soon as I start a save other wise because you can approach to sign a host of players from under 18squads.i also find it helpful to judge my current squad better players I’d usually get rid of can quite often surprise me into keeping them in my plans that’s imo anyways
  13. ethan laird (28115828) new contract till 30/6/23 with option of further year. paul Woolston (28099013) signs 1 year contract extension till 30/6/21 both of man united https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/new-contracts-for-ethan-laird-and-paul-woolston
  14. james rodriguez (76002390) contract end 2021 not 2020 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-rodriguez/profil/spieler/88103 and https://en.as.com/en/2019/12/29/football/1577615344_949811.html
  15. Still doing this in latest update 20.3 any update on weather this can be fixed or not
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