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  1. sorry for the late reply in advance rules click on fixtures for year (once you have created your fixtures) where it says stage name put in opening stage
  2. There’s a fan survey at the bottom of the start screen that’s all it is to my knowledge
  3. uefa european world cup qualifiers schedule match day 1,2,3 ect should be split over 2 days instead of match day 1,2,3 ect been played on the same day ive provided full schedule of dates World Cup 2022: UEFA release schedule for European qualifiers – Sambafoot
  4. uefa nations league scheduling match day 6 should be split between 17/18th nov in game all match day 6 fixtures are played on wed 18th nov ive provided a list of nations league full schedule Fixtures & results | UEFA Nations League | UEFA.com
  5. Got it working now after 5days of trying
  6. does anybody no how i get the premier league fixtures to show/work in game in advanced rules ?having to use advanced rules otherwise the national leagues dont revert back to 24 teams the following season ive inserted all fixtures as shown in screen shot
  7. I’ve had one goal awarded through var 😀 after a offside check half way through 1st season
  8. If it says 21.1.3 bottom left of Home Screen you have the latest version when you start a new game the top right is the database which is 21.1 and that won’t change till the winter transfer update
  9. I’ve had one var review for offside given has a goal half way through 1st season
  10. What a kind thing to do hats off to you 👍
  11. Comes up every match for me since I switched from extended highlights to comprehensive highlights if that helps
  12. supercopa de espana (id 1301423) season 19/20 history is missing also the scheduling is the 19/20 season not the 20/21 season ive also sent the link as proof the info below is under history thats last seasons result(19/20) and the teams that should feature this season (20/21) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercopa_de_España Year Champion Score Runner-up Semi-finalists Stadium 2019–20 Real Madrid (2018–19 Liga third place) 0–0 (4–1 pen.) Atlético Madrid (2018–19 Lig
  13. AWARDS MISSING european golden boy 2019 joao felix (id 83169822) of atletico madrid(id 1687) in game say no award given. https://www.squawka.com/en/2019-golden-boy-award-contenders-ranked/ also (world) goal 50 award 2019/20 1st robert lewandowski (id 719601) bayern munich (id 915) 2nd kevin de bruyne (id 18004457) man city(id 679) 3rd lionel messi (id 7458500) barcelona ( id 1708) https://www.sportingnews.com/us/soccer/news/bayern-munich-lyon-dominate-goal-50-player-awards/1ryg36048optc1d52vrxdkh391
  14. Click on scouting centre to the far right click on player search then at the top click on senior package from there you can change your scouting packages
  15. Fair point might have something to do with al staff responsibilities were you can assign under 23/18 manager to make signings for under 23/18s
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