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  1. Mush1983

    Quic Pick option do not work

    Go to staff responsibilities first team at the bottom handle auto-picking team selections assign a member or staff and it will enable quick pick
  2. Mush1983


    Thanks for the info I’ve never noticed that before 👍
  3. Mush1983


    Report it has a bug I reported it when 19.2 was in public beta mode told me me if I didn’t have an assistant manager it would be disabled soon has I hired one it worked
  4. 2017/18 golden shoe winners missing should be 1st Lionel messi 2nd Mohamed Salah 3rd Harry Kane ... 2017/18 best player in Europe also missing this should be 1st Luka modric 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd Mohamed Salah
  5. Mush1983


    If you haven’t got an assistant manager it’s disabled so you need to hire one to enable it
  6. 100% agree you can tell si are working hard on this we’ve had numerous updates in the public beta some minor and they are working on a alpha match engine by the looks of it but won’t release it till they feel it’s ready for public beta and the same has they won’t release the retail 19.2 till they feel it’s ready some of the criticism is unwarranted for me personally on past fms I don’t think you see a near polished version until the .2/.3(winter update)
  7. Mush1983

    Tactic screen 19.2 Quick Pick

    I was man united had there coaching staff no assistant manager quick pick button also disabled on squad screen holidayed to jan transfer window still the same
  8. On the tactics screen the quick pick button is disabled
  9. The al transfer fixes has this fixed the January transfer budgets when you disable 1st transfer window or is this something that’s still been worked on?
  10. Mush1983

    [Europe] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I don’t no if this is a bug or not but in previous versions of fm you would get the odds of winning the champions league and top goal scorer odds but it isn’t in this years version
  11. Mush1983

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Tahith Chong man united should be classed has home grown been there since 2016/17 but on the game it’s saying won’t be till 29/6/20