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  1. go to your player shortlist click/tick box at the top that says keep scout reports updated
  2. its the real fixtures causing it mainly italy spain sweeden due to league/rule changes remove italy spain sweeden fixtures and any others that cause it and you will be able to load those leagues up
  3. premier league transfer window shuts day before season starts were most of europe shuts on the 31st august
  4. rodgers is at leicester on the 19.3 database once id verify my game files through steam
  5. he is but if you manage man united he wont be because hes on an interim contract same has ole
  6. noticed a few people having problems with the winter database rodgers not at leicester mitchel bakker of ajax not having a future transfer to psg ect i had the same problem so i verify integrity of game files through steam and all works fine rodgers is at leicester parker interim manger at fulham adrien rabiot leaving psg on free transfer ect anyone having these problems hope this helps
  7. rodgers is at leicester parker intrim manager at fulham i had same problem i had to verify integrity of game files through steam for the winter update to work properly i dont no why
  8. i meant they wernt there and a few others were missing but once i verify integrity of game files through steam and restarted a new save phelan is at unted parker is at fulham on the new 19.3 database sorry if i didnt explain properly 1st time
  9. i was missing phelan at united parker fulham manager and a few others i had to verify game cache through steam then all updates went on dont no why though
  10. Go to staff responsibilities first team at the bottom handle auto-picking team selections assign a member or staff and it will enable quick pick
  11. Thanks for the info I’ve never noticed that before 👍
  12. Report it has a bug I reported it when 19.2 was in public beta mode told me me if I didn’t have an assistant manager it would be disabled soon has I hired one it worked
  13. 2017/18 golden shoe winners missing should be 1st Lionel messi 2nd Mohamed Salah 3rd Harry Kane ... 2017/18 best player in Europe also missing this should be 1st Luka modric 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo 3rd Mohamed Salah
  14. If you haven’t got an assistant manager it’s disabled so you need to hire one to enable it
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