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  1. Welsh Leagues Tier 5 After battling with the basic editor, then converting it into the advanced editor and making some changes. I think this is the best I am going to get these league rules for the time being. However I feel the database is semi realistic and playable. I would avoid managing teams in Tier 5 in the Mid Wales and West Wales regions as there is currently no chance of promotion. I tried setting up play offs through the advanced editor and gave up. Known Issues: (The list looks worse than it is. I'm nitpicking) - European Play Offs seem to have a team enter play off
  2. When you're in the Advanced Rules list and you press add then it just crashes. This would make it very difficult to add new competitions or leagues. Workaround would be duplicating another item from the list and then changing the duplicate. Editor 2021 v21.1.0.1488190 (2020.11.28 23.34.52).dmp
  3. Hi Dan, Great work by the way. I tend to follow teams in the Hellenic, Western and Gloucestershire Leagues. I noticed after running a holiday season that Newcastle Town relegated into the Hellenic Premier, even though the boundaries for the league look ok. Similar story with Northampton ON Chenecks. The Midland Premier and North West Counties have 20. Possibly similar story with Clevedon Town going into the South West Peninsula East and the Western League league has Stoke Gabriel, Plymouth Majon and Millbrook which would be more suitable in place of Clevedon. I'm wondering whether
  4. I remember doing my school sports day at Stompond Lane. Only once went there for the football. Looks like they blanked off the stand opposite. Good luck with the save, looking forward to seeing updates :-)
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