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  1. I remember doing my school sports day at Stompond Lane. Only once went there for the football. Looks like they blanked off the stand opposite. Good luck with the save, looking forward to seeing updates :-)
  2. Nope. No work on this since release. If there are any conflicts with new builds of FM then I will.
  3. Yes, it can be done. You would need to add them as specific teams into the Welsh Cup, or similar. For the outcome on qualification, then It's dependant on the Continental Cup Nation. Therefore if Swansea won the Welsh Cup and FA Cup, and were set as England for Continental Cup Nation, then they would qualify through the English spots for Europe. However if Swansea were set as Wales for Continental Cup Nation then they would qualify through the Welsh spots instead.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I saw your post on the features request too. The Aberystwyth League issue that I think you're referring to is about about a wrong nation set. There is a Czech side in the secondary division part from what I remember. Removing that meant the league was fine to run. Mid Wales South has Rhayader Town in the league after they resigned from the Cymru Alliance and took the position of their reserve side. Therefore they're very strong for the league. I have them with their reserve side in the Mid Wales South. The reserve side isn't playing in the league anymore, but it's likely to appear again soon. I'm not sure what the future is for the club at the moment.
  5. I've attached a download to the first post. I went against my original plans of working to Level 4, and went straight to Level 6. I will go and play FM18 properly myself now.
  6. Different ideas in my head about this one. That's something I'd have to consider. The easiest and most realistic option is keeping these clubs in the English leagues and for them to play in the Welsh Cup. This gives them a Europa League spot (but can't qualify through England). Reputation and prize money would then be adjusted slightly as the larger clubs send out a youth side. Also leads to a bit of fixture congestion too. That's how I did it in FM17. If I put them in the leagues then the challenges are not ruining the clubs, how to replace the teams in their English positions, if it works with other community files, and keeps going. Anyway that part would be a couple of months down the road. Need to get the main structure and cups done first.
  7. That's what I thought. That will come later in the development then.
  8. Welsh cup will be a little tricky, same with FAW Trophy. They have regionalised early rounds. However Welsh cup would be Level 1 to 4 with some 5. FAW Trophy being Level 3 to Level 6. I will take a look at the entry list to see the levels in further details. League cups are a bit easier to work with. Main focus is league structure to Level 4, cups in place and then Level 6. Then looking at the finer details. It will be a realistic as much as possible with the basic editor.
  9. Hi, I have worked on this before in FM17, but this year I’ve decided to share my work with the community. I’ve seen a few projects similar to this in the past, but nothing recently. Leagues and teams down to Level 6. Which includes some reserve sides, but I've also added a number of teams that were missing in game and used basic details to set them up. I've added about 20 cups into the game. Mostly with the regions and league cups involved. They're not accurate, but it should still be playable. I will go and play the game for myself now. So I won't be working on this file again for a while. Tested DB: 1810 Tested to year 2020 Known Issues: Welsh Cup and FAW Trophy has no regionalisation. (Basic editor used) Promotion from Level 5 to Level 4 isn't great. It's a play off system where some teams can have 2 goes at promotion. 13 leagues into 4 leagues doesn't add too well. Lack of prize money on all competitions No persons added, therefore it's likely to be mostly newgens or greys (Recommend enabling adding players to playable teams) Some reserve teams seem to get promoted despite setting a few levels to not promote B/Reserve sides. WelshLeaguesLevel6.fmf
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