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  1. Not sure if this is a common bug or not, i've not been able to find anything through the search. The match info showing between highlights doesn't seem to be working properly, as you can see it's over to the left and tiny. When I hover the white hand icon appears, but I can't drag to move or expand the boxes at all. I have attempted to install Michael Murray's custom highlights add on but it didn't make a difference, but to be very clear this is happening on the default skin and is not an issue with any custom add on.
  2. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Have these customisable editor files been removed now?
  3. In FM17 I could search for every single club, select all > edit and make a change to every single club in the game at once, e.g. give every team a transfer embargo, or edit every teams starting balance. With the FM18 editor it keeps hanging for 15+ minutes when trying to do that and I have to use Force Quit to exit out of it. Same machine Macbook Pro - 16GB RAM - 2.8GHz i7 Have there been any changes that would be causing this? I noticed there was a new error message, I didn't note it down and can't seem to replicate it, but something like "you can't choose this transfer budget for a team of this reputation and sugar daddy status". If it's doing extra checks to see if a budget is valid for every individual team could that be what's causing it to take so much longer than with the fm17 editor? EDIT: replicated the error it was "Cash amount too high for club with this reputation and sugar daddy status". I'm not sure which club it was as i'm editing multiple at once, but the amount was only £123 so it seems like a bug in itself.
  4. Yeah I thought there might be a better way, you'd have to check scotland etc as well, or the exact type might not be obvious.
  5. As the title says, if you missed the brexit news item what's the best way of discovering what brexit you wound up with later in the game?
  6. Show reserve teams in the editor

    You need to change this: <flags id="database_table_type" value="team" /> But i'm unsure what to change it to. Using "person" lets you search for people, not people names. "person_name" seems like the obvious one but this causes the editor to crash.
  7. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Okay I understand what you're saying. I'm sure I've seen this stuff somewhere I'll have a look soon
  8. Show reserve teams in the editor

    @Fredrik Can you explain what it is you're trying to do? I can probably help. You said you're trying to show person name, but person name is obviously filterable and displayable for me so i'm not sure what you're referring to.
  9. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I just looked at what the other things had and copied them, it generally seems to be that the first two letters related to what it is and something like "ls" means "list". So just look at what the other things have and try and guess what the first two characters might be, in this case "tm" is "team"
  10. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I've done it! You just need to add this to "db record lists.xml" around line 59 after the club list table. Then it will add a "teams" option to the sidebar and you can search by teams instead of just clubs: <!-- team list table --> <record> <flags id="field" value="tmls" /> <translation id="name" type="use" value="Teams" /> <flags id="type" value="database_table" /> <boolean id="is_section" value="true" /> <boolean id="stretch_to_fit_screen" value="true" /> <flags id="database_table_type" value="team" /> <boolean id="use_labels_for_columns" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true" /> <boolean id="dont_remove_unneeded_fields" value="true" /> <record id="list_item"> <flags id="fields" value="tmcl" /> </record> </record>
  11. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Ah yes by going through competitions it appears. I wanted to see via Clubs though. E.g: search for all teams in the playable Croatian leagues I was wandering if maybe it would be possible to edit the data editor xml files to include those, there are lots of files such as club.xml, club ui.xml, club filter.xml under steamapps/common but I couldn't see anything obvious that would change it. It is possible to search by teams because when you go to add a team to a competition you get the team dialog popup and this includes reserves. From what I can tell from the xml it seems to be the difference between a "team" and a "club". Perhaps there is some way to add a team search (like the team dialog)
  12. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I've tried that and now i'm very confused by what it does. It now seems that 12 teams are showing for "Croatian Second League", however one of them is Segesta, who are actually in the "Croatian Third League West". It's as if test competitions promoted a team in some way? Reserve teams still don't show in the search.
  13. Is there a way to get the editor to show reserve teams? If you search under "Clubs" for the Croatian Second League it only shows 11 clubs even though there are 12 clubs in the league (Dinamo II is not shown). Similarly if you search for Dinamo II's ID (24045851) it won't show. Is there an option somewhere (maybe an xml file?) to get it to show reserve teams as well?
  14. DBC and FMF compressiion

    It probably takes at least 5 minutes to download an xml file, import it and export. The sortitoutsi data update is released once an hour, that's 5 minutes work every single hour? Perhaps you didn't understand the use case?
  15. DBC and FMF compressiion

    Is it possible to find out more about what sort of compression the DBC and FMF files are using? XML files can get very large but of course opening and saving them in the editor each time is quite time consuming. I have in mind specifically the sortitoutsi data update, which is a collaborative online tool with hundreds of people working on it so doesn't use the editor. Obviously XML is easy to write programmatically, but if there was a way to create a DBC or FMF file outside of the editor it would greatly reduce the file size. I've read in the past that FMF was using a type of compression originally designed for emails or something, I can't find the old post so I can't remember exactly what it said.