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  1. Show reserve teams in the editor

    You need to change this: <flags id="database_table_type" value="team" /> But i'm unsure what to change it to. Using "person" lets you search for people, not people names. "person_name" seems like the obvious one but this causes the editor to crash.
  2. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Okay I understand what you're saying. I'm sure I've seen this stuff somewhere I'll have a look soon
  3. Show reserve teams in the editor

    @Fredrik Can you explain what it is you're trying to do? I can probably help. You said you're trying to show person name, but person name is obviously filterable and displayable for me so i'm not sure what you're referring to.
  4. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I just looked at what the other things had and copied them, it generally seems to be that the first two letters related to what it is and something like "ls" means "list". So just look at what the other things have and try and guess what the first two characters might be, in this case "tm" is "team"
  5. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I've done it! You just need to add this to "db record lists.xml" around line 59 after the club list table. Then it will add a "teams" option to the sidebar and you can search by teams instead of just clubs: <!-- team list table --> <record> <flags id="field" value="tmls" /> <translation id="name" type="use" value="Teams" /> <flags id="type" value="database_table" /> <boolean id="is_section" value="true" /> <boolean id="stretch_to_fit_screen" value="true" /> <flags id="database_table_type" value="team" /> <boolean id="use_labels_for_columns" value="true" /> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true" /> <boolean id="dont_remove_unneeded_fields" value="true" /> <record id="list_item"> <flags id="fields" value="tmcl" /> </record> </record>
  6. Show reserve teams in the editor

    Ah yes by going through competitions it appears. I wanted to see via Clubs though. E.g: search for all teams in the playable Croatian leagues I was wandering if maybe it would be possible to edit the data editor xml files to include those, there are lots of files such as club.xml, club ui.xml, club filter.xml under steamapps/common but I couldn't see anything obvious that would change it. It is possible to search by teams because when you go to add a team to a competition you get the team dialog popup and this includes reserves. From what I can tell from the xml it seems to be the difference between a "team" and a "club". Perhaps there is some way to add a team search (like the team dialog)
  7. Show reserve teams in the editor

    I've tried that and now i'm very confused by what it does. It now seems that 12 teams are showing for "Croatian Second League", however one of them is Segesta, who are actually in the "Croatian Third League West". It's as if test competitions promoted a team in some way? Reserve teams still don't show in the search.
  8. Is there a way to get the editor to show reserve teams? If you search under "Clubs" for the Croatian Second League it only shows 11 clubs even though there are 12 clubs in the league (Dinamo II is not shown). Similarly if you search for Dinamo II's ID (24045851) it won't show. Is there an option somewhere (maybe an xml file?) to get it to show reserve teams as well?
  9. DBC and FMF compressiion

    It probably takes at least 5 minutes to download an xml file, import it and export. The sortitoutsi data update is released once an hour, that's 5 minutes work every single hour? Perhaps you didn't understand the use case?
  10. DBC and FMF compressiion

    Is it possible to find out more about what sort of compression the DBC and FMF files are using? XML files can get very large but of course opening and saving them in the editor each time is quite time consuming. I have in mind specifically the sortitoutsi data update, which is a collaborative online tool with hundreds of people working on it so doesn't use the editor. Obviously XML is easy to write programmatically, but if there was a way to create a DBC or FMF file outside of the editor it would greatly reduce the file size. I've read in the past that FMF was using a type of compression originally designed for emails or something, I can't find the old post so I can't remember exactly what it said.
  11. What order are editor data files loaded in?

    hmm i'm sure I did a test and that wasn't always the case, but maybe I confused myself. Lots of restarting in a row you forget which file you're loading sometimes
  12. If you have two editor data files and one takes Lukaku to Man Utd and one to Arsenal and they are otherwise identical, what order are they ordered in? I've done some experiments to try and figure out if its based on file name or file size or something but can't figure it out conclusively.
  13. This file will give all players in the game random potential abilities, meaning that players will turn out differently in each new game you start.If you're one of those people who constantly starts new games but gets annoyed that the same players are always star wonderkids, this may help mix up your career a little more.Each players potential will not be completely random, but based loosely on their existing PA within the game to keep the realism. For instance, if a player has potential ability of 155 set within the game and you use this add on, the PA will be set randomly between 140 and 170. There's a good chance he'll still be in the 150s and thus relatively similar to the default database. But it's also possible he won't progress at all, or that he'll develop into one of the worlds top stars. It's going to be slightly different with every new career you start. Screenshot This screenshot shows the top PAs of players under 25 from the world across three different saves, demonstrating the variation that's possible across saves. You'll notice that similar players are at the top each time, so if you buy Paulo Dybala he's almost always going to be a top player. But sometimes he'll be more Alan Shearer and other times he'll be more Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.Let me know your feedback in the comments, it may still need some adjusting to retain realism. Potential Issues - The average PA across the game is raised slightly by using this. So there are more players with 190s or 180s. Overall it sort of evens out, but it's still something to bear in mind - With this update players that previously maxed out their ability (same CA and PA) such as those in their 30s will now have potential to improve. Although it's unlikely given the game's mechanics and the lack of development of older players. Download Links: Download from sortitoutsi.net Download from mediafire.com
  14. Sorry for the delayed response I didn't seem to get notified of this reply. I'm not sure what you mean about the screenshots or verifying the cache, i'm guessing you're not too familiar with XML, perhaps this would be better passed on to someone who is? To try and spell it out more clearly, the XML looks like this: <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> When it should look like this: <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/29182329/portrait"/> The part that says "UNIQUE_ID" has been left in by mistake, when it should be the players unique id. No verifying of cache will fix that and screenshots won't show anything other than a player not having a face which is common throughout the game. But once the XML is fixed the players face will appear.
  15. Within graphics.fmf there is a players folder with various default faces separated by nation and player, some of these are not appearing because the config for the players face is either missing or dummy text has been left in. For instance in the Wigan config.xml the following appears at the bottom: <record from="anthony plant" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="donervan daniels" to="graphics/pictures/person/28067967/portrait"/> <record from="james boyd" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jordan perrin" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jordi gomez" to="graphics/pictures/person/1511647/portrait"/> <record from="joseph downey" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jussi jaaskelainen" to="graphics/pictures/person/103453/portrait"/> <record from="liam rhoden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="mwiya malumo" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="remell fitton" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="shane donaghey" to="graphics/pictures/person/28105659/portrait"/> <record from="tom hilton" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="tom powell" to="graphics/pictures/person/29160429/portrait"/> <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="yannic wildschut" to="graphics/pictures/person/37024062/portrait"/> "UNIQUE_ID" is presumably just dummy text that was not filled in. There are also other players where the png exists but a line has not been added to the config file. Here's a complete list of the images which are currently not displaying because of incorrect configs: players/eng/qpr/yeni nbakoto.png players/eng/wigan/anthony plant.png players/eng/wigan/james boyd.png players/eng/wigan/jordan perrin.png players/eng/wigan/joseph downey.png players/eng/wigan/liam rhoden.png players/eng/wigan/mwiya malumo.png players/eng/wigan/remell fitton.png players/eng/wigan/tom hilton.png players/eng/wigan/tylor golden.png players/eng/wolves/cameron john.png players/eng nl/hampton and richmond/leon soloman.png players/eng nl/nike academy/benjamin tridubsky.png players/eng nl/nike academy/myer bevan.png players/eng nl/nike academy/pontus almqvist.png players/eng nl/nike academy/matheus favali.png players/eng nl/nike academy/siriki dembele.png players/fra/angers/medhi tahrat.png players/usa/nyrb/chris thorsheim.png players/usa/philadelphia/cj sapong.png