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  1. What order are editor data files loaded in?

    hmm i'm sure I did a test and that wasn't always the case, but maybe I confused myself. Lots of restarting in a row you forget which file you're loading sometimes
  2. If you have two editor data files and one takes Lukaku to Man Utd and one to Arsenal and they are otherwise identical, what order are they ordered in? I've done some experiments to try and figure out if its based on file name or file size or something but can't figure it out conclusively.
  3. This file will give all players in the game random potential abilities, meaning that players will turn out differently in each new game you start.If you're one of those people who constantly starts new games but gets annoyed that the same players are always star wonderkids, this may help mix up your career a little more.Each players potential will not be completely random, but based loosely on their existing PA within the game to keep the realism. For instance, if a player has potential ability of 155 set within the game and you use this add on, the PA will be set randomly between 140 and 170. There's a good chance he'll still be in the 150s and thus relatively similar to the default database. But it's also possible he won't progress at all, or that he'll develop into one of the worlds top stars. It's going to be slightly different with every new career you start. Screenshot This screenshot shows the top PAs of players under 25 from the world across three different saves, demonstrating the variation that's possible across saves. You'll notice that similar players are at the top each time, so if you buy Paulo Dybala he's almost always going to be a top player. But sometimes he'll be more Alan Shearer and other times he'll be more Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.Let me know your feedback in the comments, it may still need some adjusting to retain realism. Potential Issues - The average PA across the game is raised slightly by using this. So there are more players with 190s or 180s. Overall it sort of evens out, but it's still something to bear in mind - With this update players that previously maxed out their ability (same CA and PA) such as those in their 30s will now have potential to improve. Although it's unlikely given the game's mechanics and the lack of development of older players. Download Links: Download from sortitoutsi.net Download from mediafire.com
  4. Sorry for the delayed response I didn't seem to get notified of this reply. I'm not sure what you mean about the screenshots or verifying the cache, i'm guessing you're not too familiar with XML, perhaps this would be better passed on to someone who is? To try and spell it out more clearly, the XML looks like this: <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> When it should look like this: <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/29182329/portrait"/> The part that says "UNIQUE_ID" has been left in by mistake, when it should be the players unique id. No verifying of cache will fix that and screenshots won't show anything other than a player not having a face which is common throughout the game. But once the XML is fixed the players face will appear.
  5. Within graphics.fmf there is a players folder with various default faces separated by nation and player, some of these are not appearing because the config for the players face is either missing or dummy text has been left in. For instance in the Wigan config.xml the following appears at the bottom: <record from="anthony plant" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="donervan daniels" to="graphics/pictures/person/28067967/portrait"/> <record from="james boyd" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jordan perrin" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jordi gomez" to="graphics/pictures/person/1511647/portrait"/> <record from="joseph downey" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="jussi jaaskelainen" to="graphics/pictures/person/103453/portrait"/> <record from="liam rhoden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="mwiya malumo" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="remell fitton" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="shane donaghey" to="graphics/pictures/person/28105659/portrait"/> <record from="tom hilton" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="tom powell" to="graphics/pictures/person/29160429/portrait"/> <record from="tylor golden" to="graphics/pictures/person/UNIQUE_ID/portrait"/> <record from="yannic wildschut" to="graphics/pictures/person/37024062/portrait"/> "UNIQUE_ID" is presumably just dummy text that was not filled in. There are also other players where the png exists but a line has not been added to the config file. Here's a complete list of the images which are currently not displaying because of incorrect configs: players/eng/qpr/yeni nbakoto.png players/eng/wigan/anthony plant.png players/eng/wigan/james boyd.png players/eng/wigan/jordan perrin.png players/eng/wigan/joseph downey.png players/eng/wigan/liam rhoden.png players/eng/wigan/mwiya malumo.png players/eng/wigan/remell fitton.png players/eng/wigan/tom hilton.png players/eng/wigan/tylor golden.png players/eng/wolves/cameron john.png players/eng nl/hampton and richmond/leon soloman.png players/eng nl/nike academy/benjamin tridubsky.png players/eng nl/nike academy/myer bevan.png players/eng nl/nike academy/pontus almqvist.png players/eng nl/nike academy/matheus favali.png players/eng nl/nike academy/siriki dembele.png players/fra/angers/medhi tahrat.png players/usa/nyrb/chris thorsheim.png players/usa/philadelphia/cj sapong.png
  6. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Federico Cartabia is still contracted to Valencia and on loan at Brafa, even though he transferred to Deportivo before going on loan Braga in real life http://www.transfermarkt.com/federico-cartabia/transfers/spieler/242548
  7. Has anyone else got this to work? I started a new save with just premier league loaded and no Ländle Cup appears in the search bar
  8. Is it possible to add a nation contract and nation role filter? Not so much a bug as a missing feature. Within in the editor you can filter people by club or division, or by their nationality and even region or continent. But you cannot filter by the nation they are contracted to or by their national team role. For instance you cannot filter by all staff employed by France or England, or by all staff employed by nations from a specific Region or Continent. Or all managers of national teams. Of course you can find all staff by going to "England" and viewing all coaching staff. But that's not the same. Is it possible to add a nation contract and nation role filter?
  9. Real Fixtures Pack 16-17 v3 (13/11/16)

    You can't do the results because of a bug i've already reported it here:
  10. Real Fixtures Pack 16-17 v3 (13/11/16)

    Do you have a script which lifts these from a webpage or do you create them all manually?
  11. When creating fixtures with results in the editor the game is using "home_goals" for both scores, so 1-0 becomes 1-1, 3-1 becomes 3-3 etc. When you create fixtures in the editor you wind up with XML like this: <record> <date id="date" day="5" month="11" year="2016" time="0"/> <string id="time" value="1530"/> <record id="home_team_id"> <unsigned id="id" value="1752003689"/> <integer id="Ttea" value="901"/> </record> <record id="away_team_id"> <unsigned id="id" value="1635218537"/> <integer id="Ttea" value="108997"/> </record> <integer id="home_goals" value="1"/> <integer id="away_goals" value="0"/> </record> However when going into the match, the results come out as 1-1 instead of 1-0. After some testing i've concluded that this is because "home_goals" is being used for both sides each time. What I did was create the fixtures of Germany and put all the results for one day (5th November) as 1-0, then I started a in a country with a start date in the future and looked at that first days results. They all came out as 1-1 instead of 1-0. I've tested this with other leagues and scores as well, but won't bother listing them all here since it's repetitive. I'm 100% sure it's just a case of home_goals being used for the away team as well. I have uploaded various files to the FTP: game-save/DARTH ROB - Broken Fixture Results.fm game-screenshots/DARTH ROB - Broken Fixture Results.png game-editor/DARTH ROB - Testing Scores.xml
  12. FM17 / FMT17 BETA - missing pics ?

    https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/player-faces EDIT: that was meant to include a quote but i'm getting confused by the new board and can't figure out how to do that
  13. I've figured out how to add the real life fixtures for leagues like the Premier League, La Liga etc fairly easily. But I can't seem to find where to add real life fixtures for the Champions League, World Cup Qualifying etc I saw a post saying you had to set the nation for the Champions League to something random like Turkey then edit it via the Turkey nation rules. Doing it this way, do you need to set all the registered teams before setting the fixtures or can you just go about inputting the fixtures and it'll work out who qualified, who was in what group etc automatically?
  14. Random Bonuses and Clauses

    Anyone? If not it would be a handy feature when transferring players around clubs you can easily bankrupt a club if his old appearance bonuses are left
  15. Random Bonuses and Clauses

    Is it possible to set random bonuses and clauses for a player? For instance if you transfer a player from one club to another and set the wage to "£0" he will be given a wage automatically defined by his reputation and the clubs reputation. But if you give an appearance fee of "£0" he will just not have an appearance fee. Is it possible to let the game/editor automatically set an appropriate appearance fee?