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  1. So i noticed that my custom NZ file had teams full of Grey players which was weird I then noticed that the temas with greys had no manager and hadnt for a while Thinking this was just a custom file problem i checked my non playable English prem and to my shock a few teams had the same thing happens Here is crystal palace for example Grey players Trasnsfer history. also here is the manager history. This will probably happen all over the place if i were to check. Ill throw in a few examples. I will test with my custom files off If it is a problem
  2. End of the day a) most people dont knwo the real set up anyways it wont be noticed b) its for one season then the actually good non league system is in place, noone will see it if they are starting in step 5 etc
  3. The three leagues chosen to promote only one were picked on the basis on the reputation of the second-most reputable club in each division. While not ideal, this will allow for the accurate pyramid set-up for 21/22 onwards. What a lad, this is perfect dude. Now you got me ****ed up, iwas gunna start a NZ save now i wanna do a Isle of Man save
  4. Arent there only meant to be playoffs in 20/21 becuase in 21/22 it expands to 16 leagues making the 2 up from each league possible? What was the workaround, Also where did you decide to put the new leagues? Did you follow Nonleague Forums suggestions
  5. English advanced verified for me
  6. Aparnetly it did. Did u update the game and the editor before trying to validate?
  7. https://steamdb.info/app/1436120/depots/ I just check here like a paranoid schizophrenic.
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