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  1. Im pretty sure even with the trailer released tje DB adn technical team will have every single change represented by game launch
  2. But they literally have. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/august/bury-fc-membership-of-the-league-withdrawn/
  3. So you can confirm now that Bury is officially non existent that you will be coding in the proposed solution by the EFL to have 1 less League 1 team relegated? just for the first season in game?
  4. I see this post has been marked as resolved but i havent had any input from the team on just HOW my "solution" fixed the problem? I was hoping for a bit of context or maybe some confirmation of my beliefs.
  5. UPDATE with good news!! So today i needed more SSD space so i went and got a 240GB SSD. I then proceeded to move Rust and FM over through steam, but with my 15GB of images and files for Badges and faces etc i wanted that on the new drive too so i migrated that entire folder NOT to any My documents/SI folder but purely to the Root of my new Z drive then used a launch option to point to that new location. So as of that point there was just Rust, FM and all FMs files. I decided to load up the test game ive been testing FPS on since i got the GPU and HOLY SMOKES IT ONLY WENT AND DONE THIS! At first i finally got screen tearing which meant it had something to do with either some sort of Vsync option or my Windows Basic. Turns out it was Windows basic and turning on Aero fixed the screen tearing. Then i had major FPS drops when the camera would pan over the stadium which confirms my long held belief that the crowd and the stadium can cause issues so i lowered that and now its running like a dream (fingers crossed). So in summary its fixed? Maybe? Somehow a new drive and a basic file system structure fixed my FPS problem? I dont know if you can spot any sort of reason for this from your technical perspective? My only real guess is having FM point to a folder straight from the root of the new SSD has something to with it other than that im out of ideas. As i am typing this ive watched an entire match and it very rarely falls below 60 FPS. ANYTHING that you guys could say that might explain this will be good. Anyways, i think we good dawg. Edit: this was with everything on Very High but i turned crowd quality to low
  6. No MSI Afterburner i just use the standard Radeon Pro software. With everything on low i get 47 FPS 50 FPS as im alt tabbed typing this and then back Emailed the Belarc to you with subject of "Ratio 1618 Belarc for thread of "Match Engine lag where there REALLY shouldn't be"
  7. Also just noticed that changing the crowd detail to low with everything on high bumps my frames up to 53 odd. Without Aero, windowed and fullscreen.
  8. Just tested 2D again and it is now running at 60FPS weirdly enough with Aero off AND on! Weird However in 3d in stuck at 37 -43 FPS and my GPU is running like this
  9. Are you able to set up a system with windows 7 64bit and plug a AMD RX series card into it, i feel like im well within the system requirements and i shouldnt have to upgrade my system to windows 10 to get optimal performance when you guys state on your steam page that Windows 7 is supported. I feel like it is your responsibility to confirm your own diagnoses. I understand that the team my be winding down or being downsized in regards to fixing FM19 problems with the new game coming out and im going to assume thats why im getting palmed off with very general "fixes" but im sure you have a windows 7 test system and it may help fix issues in the new game if you were able to test with my enviroment and confirm or deny if its a OS related issue.
  10. Everything is the same even in 2D top down. I have a 570 but there isnt THAAT much of a difference between the cards at least when it comes to FMs graphical fidelity
  11. This is an epic post. Im getting match lag on Windows 7 and the tech teams last ditch effort to help was for me to upgrade to windows 10. Astounding stuff lads!
  12. Can you confirm/deny that the recent build pushed to the BVT branch has something to do wiht my issue?
  13. Neither of those articles addressed in detail why windows 10 would help my RX570 run 3D applications any better, in regards to gaming both merely state that it supports XBOXes. I need like conclusive evidence because im not about to toss all of my files to upgrade to a OS i pure hate (ive used this modern junk before with its awful tiles and app stuff) Ill have some more digging around myself. But i cant help but feel im being shuffled around here because you guys dont really have an answer, I just pure dont see how an OS upgrade is going to give me 30 more frames in 1 specific game when im able to run 60 -120 fps on much more demanding games.
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