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  1. I made this exact post like a month or so ago
  2. I have created 3 Files that sorta all work together for anyone wanting an NZ save. The NZ league is formatted like this NZ Premership then Division two is split into A north and South island league. OFC Champions league draws from this database and then the Club world cup draws the two Finalists from all Continental comps around the world. Tested quite alot both in-game and in-editor but if someone wants to do a good play through and stress test it fully please let me know any issues you may come across. OFC Champions League.fmf NZ Leagues.fmf Club World Cup Advanced 7a.fmf
  3. After further studying of the aforementioned CWC file for 19.1 on this forum, i learnt how to give the group stage teams separate stadiums. Using a multiple rule set for each group and then within each group adding the stadium i want it to use within each subsections dates section I was able to get the fixtures to generate SORT of properly, not PERFECT but good enough. Preferably i would like every single match to be played on a saturday, so if anyone knows how i can make that work that would be cool but sorta uneeded at the moment. So now that thats all wrapped up. Anyone know how to fix the aforementioned history keeping problem with the doubling up and second and third not being recorded?
  4. Okay managed to get them playing in stadiums in the host nation im ASSUMING using this. And then using Stadium 0 - 10 in here? Its not using very big stadums at (infact mostly local parks and sports grounds around small towns in NZ) but they are at LEAST in NZ so thats a massive step Can anyone tell me where exactly it looks for these rules? I mainly got this idea studying another guys Club world cup file and suggestions made here Also This number of stadiums thing what does it signify? Anyways thankgod for the in editor competition tester! ALSO if anyone can help me on the Past winner competition history writing thing?
  5. I dont think its possible unless you maybe added all winners of the continental toa hidden group stage in a hidden competition then drew from those teams. I dotn know how you would clear it out every year though.
  6. Could you explain how you got the Host nation to host all the games IN THEIR STADIUMS. In my CWC they all seem to play at home and stuff
  7. I fiddled with that after making this post it and didnt change anything. I set the nation as the stadium as i had read that it would pick any stadium within the range. Also where in the editor specifically do i point the round to the stadium
  8. Ran the comp for a second year Seems it will do this every year Should be of note a OFC Champions league i made seems to handle all of this perfectly fine. And i did NOTHING. Did it by itself
  9. So i am making a Club world cup and have a few problems relating to keeping the Stadium inside the Host nation..... My CWC is set up like this 12 teams Winner and runners up of each Continental Cup 12 Teams in 4 groups, 3 teams a group 2 Teams leave each group an enter a 8 team Knockout round 4 winning teams go to Semi Final Loser to Third place play off Winners to Final ___________________________________________________________________________________ Now in my editor testing (the quickest way i can check) i am able to get the teams playing in the correct stadiums, bare in mind im testing this CWC in NZ As you can see they are playing in Christchurch stadium like normal Now when i check the first knockout phase As you can see they have all buggered off to their home stadiums Its the same for every phase beyond right to the final .. I have a funny feeling this particular setting is allowing them to play the groups okay As i have tried to put "host" into every single place i can including This is just for the first knockout round but its the same for every other round. .... Now i have these particular settings for these two Stadium based sections Im out of options, i have no idea what im doing wrong whatsoever. ANY help will be great. I've spent so much time on this and i still have a couple of smaller issues ill detail here as well incase a superhero can come along and correct my file. Here is my Host Nation list (yes i want the CWC in NZ and Aus Only) So yet again, i am utterly clueless. I would love to force specific stadiums but with the CWC moving around to different nations every year its hard to do so. Another issue i face which is annoying is this I seem to get the winner okay but not runner up or third. I have done some forum searching and figured it had something to with Ranking level info, Or Stage finished actions, Ive also tried league fates and numerous other things This is set as well. One thing of note is Tigres who Liverpool beat in the Final at Anfield This seems to have updated when clicking the competitions dropbox. This is also set up like this Overall everything is a mess when the competition works fine, im at wits end hence this lengthy Screenshot filled post. Im also going to attach the file im working on as i will be away for the weekend but will be able to check up on this thread. If ANYONE who can help lend me a hand and get this firing i would be enternally greatful, i swear i have done everything. Please please please is anyone out there who can either tell me what im doing wrong or take the wheel and fix my fmf and explain what i did wrong. Im so stressed out. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also before you ask, Yes i have scoured this forum using many different key words to try find others with issues. Club World Cup Advanced.fmf
  10. Okay after ****ing up my FM install several times i found the culprit. I changed my Custom FOC Champions league and it made the NZ Super Cup give the error. Problem solved.
  11. Im starting to randomly getting "Cannot find default database" errors on FM19 launch. when combining with Riddlers mega pack. Wasnt having issues before but now i am
  12. Yeh, is it like direct transcribing of options, or is it something to do with exporting FM18 files as xmls or whatever and Importing them in Fm19 editor. Basically just how do you do it for applicable files. Also what makes a file applicable.
  13. Care to share how you updated old FM18 editor files like u have claasens?
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