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  1. So just for clarity. You are saying that disabling that check in the rules section will make sure AI teams will register the correct players/Not register players at all.
  2. @Timo61 heya so maybe you might wanna have a look at this regarding the Squad registration bug. Someone has found the root cause of the issue and maybe it can be applied to your pack?
  3. So i wonder if its purely custom squad registration dates set to automatic that is bugged? Is it squad rego all together? Whatever i guess ill just manually have to edit each fmf and turn it off i dont think SI are working on this issue nor do they give a **** about FM20 editor atm so its all we can do. I wish Timo and Sangueblues packs could be rectified.
  4. Can you confirm this fix still works? is there a way to change this rule in batch by using XMLs?
  5. I literally spent hours and hours making a logo pack for this DB its linkjed in a earlier page in this thread. @lionel messi should allude to it in the OP
  6. More than likely im 13 seasons in and downloaded it a while ago. Just after i did all the Club badges for the DB. Is it because of that seamingly hardcoded 3 place relegation set of rules for n/s
  7. Also the red card thing might be becuase the players generated in T10 and under have ******* hidden and visible attributes leading to worse tackles if you are pressing hard or taking more risks defensively. Most of the players at T10 -11 are MAX 30 -40 PA and average at like 10 -20 CA max
  8. Considering this COVID **** and the fact that 20/21 rules are being applied in 21/22 you may as well make up the easiest possible way for clubs to form the "new" league strucure. Who cares how accurate it is, like you said its only for the first year. As long as the rest of the years are the "new" format. Also in my current save on this file im pretty sure League one stays as 23 teams. I would have load it up to checkl but ith knthats the case.
  9. Oh hell no hahaha. Some of those Tier 11 clubs logos were hard enough to find let alone the kits.
  10. @Timo61 Is there a way we can remove registration rules en masse?
  11. Im talking about the english databse when you take it into advanced and all the nonsense they added to compensate for both the VN N/S as well as Burys Exclusion which made it neigh on impossible to have the editor verify anything when making changes and also with the VN n/S having three relegation spots each randomly. Its a known bug thats been logged with SI but nothing has been done since November. Its one of the main problems i had when trying to do what Lionel is doing here when creating a 20/21 and 21/22 fmf with all the changes working between both years, the current SI database is messy as ****. Literally make new nation rules add a divison to England and then take it into advanced and try make sense of what they have done and why.
  12. Okay well if thats the case then we need to contact SI's Database and editor team ASAP to make sure we can make the changes for 21/22 and not have the ****ing birdsnest of issues that we have in the current iteration of the default DB.
  13. You gotta be ****ing kidding me. Can i get your source for this or is it just speculation? Im assuming its real since all the leagues are closed. RIP Football manager 2021 editing for Lower league in england then. Its going to be the same convoluted BS as this year.
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