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  1. Guess im not buying FM this year then. Sick of this ****.
  2. Who cares the english database wont be broken anymore!
  3. @lionel messi Get your editing boots on boy the restructure happened
  4. Yeh im super keen @Wolf_pd should totally give me hand on getting the end of season premiership to work tho i cant get it to work for the life of me Oh sorry yeh i will get on it ASAP sorry i forgot i even uploaded this tbh
  5. Yeh now i just gotta find a way to do it hahaha
  6. Yeh so like End of season premiership maybe play each other once for game load sake Top 4 of each regional league qualify for premiership league Central Div Northern Div Southern Div 3 down automatically at the end of the "regional season" from each league Central Champ Northern Champ Southern Champ 3 up automatically at the end of the regional league No relegation pool after the split teams will have to wait for the next season This might cause financial issues so im not sure It would be nice to be easily expandable at regional level so i cna get as many NZ teams in as poss
  7. 3 leagues maybe like top 4 from each? 12?
  8. Another guy in another thread had a theory it reads the graphics files top down in the graphcis folder. I can KIND of confirm this
  9. So where and how does FM actually append Unique IDs for custom files that add a league or a club to the database? I i think it is top down in the initial DB setup screen and uses the file name you save it as in the editor and not the filename in the explorer. It would be good to know for graphics purposes.
  10. 99% yes they dont use the same rules or nation rules should be fine but anything can happen
  11. What do you think is the best way i could do the following 3 regional leagues at the same level with relegation to 2nd Division league with same region as parent Top 3 -4 teams from each of the 3 top level leagues move into a end of season league which would count as final standings for things like continental placing and history?
  12. Ok so i tested it with all my custom files removed and it simmed past the date and i tested again and added all my custom FMFs and it crashed again so it isnt playing nice with one of my files, i will keep isolating because i really want this to work haha EDIT: Tested with both of Dave's megapacks loaded only and it crashed. EDIT: Tested with African Extended and it did not crash, im going to test with Daves South America file turned off maybe its opening and closing stages causing it in a custom league? EDIT: Ran it with a German pyramid from steam the Nordic Royal league and lionel
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