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  1. my post is more a theory based on what other have written and my own understanding of the game engine (i am in fact a professional developer in C#, C++ like the game is written in). I could have stated it differently. I know attributes go from 1.0 o 20. But in terms of actual appliance, there's hardly any difference from an a player with dribbling 13 or 14. But there is proportionally more between 14 and 15 (the cutoff can be different than this). Something like that, more or less, but i'm pretty sur there's a range. Furthermore there's alot of strance choices, like an ability cap, so that means low rated teams can't have any players that are as good as the top players in a higher rated club (but they can have high potential players). So the game operates with alot of set caps, which is unfortunate if you want to have a truly dynamic game.
  2. the trouble with the first one, who is the best overall, is he has only 15 in reflexes, the most important stats for GK. However he has 18 in one on ones, the second most important stat
  3. he can be used in many roles. no such thing as best role. For me I used him as a CM with defend duty together with a DLP support in a possession system to great effect
  4. i don´t think spending that kind of money on one player is wise when you are a relative small club. Felixs wages are also not worth it. Many players improve after 22, but it depends how much the´ve been developed/played and if the have a professional personality (positive). Players who lack professionalism don´t develop well
  5. No one really knows how attributes work. But I know a secret alot of people do not know about (i´m pretty sure an official person said this); the stats are basically 1-10. So it´s something like 19-20 = 10, 17-18 = 9, etc. So the difference between 16 and 17 is bigger than 15 and 16.
  6. Hi, I have alot of strikers I need to make use of and I want to create a 4-3-3 tactic that has alot of movement, but not necessarily alot of possession. It should not be an all out counter attack, but that should be one of the main goal threats. I'm struggling to really get it right and perform. I would think a high tempo and pass into space would be the correct settings. But what about mentality? I'm thinking the two midfielders on either sides of the CMD should be runners, like a box to box and a mezzala, or two box to box. This principle should then also apply in the three forwards, where I have a Deep lying forward support and then two AF on the sides who runs and chaces the ball (as far as i know, these roles are the only forwards who does that). At last I have wing backs, but i'm not certain if they should be attacking because sometimes I get exposed on the counter. Any ideas on how to improve this?
  7. Man Utd are comfortably the second best team in PL in a very difficult season, requiring different and adaptable leadership than ever before. I hope to see this reflected next season in game. Liverpool have at times been awful. They were top until january, then collapsed. Alisson and co should have seriously lowered mental stats.
  8. Almost the entire Liverpool team is overrated. I've been saying this for years. The reason they were so good was the ability and culture created by Klopp. Trent Arnold is by far the best right back in game, so is Robertson as a left back. Henderson is crazy (really 16 first touch? crazy natural fitness). Allison was never that good. Talents like Curtis Jones has never shown such potential.
  9. i'm going instead mentioned some of my favourite players managins so far in fm21: PLaying Borussia Muchen Gladbach: Jonas Hoffman: terribly injury prone, but he gets me lots of assists from the right wing. Morten Thorsby: a failry cheap hard working midfielder Kristoffer Ajer: he is worth it as he is a great captain and those are hard to find. Darwin Nunez: haven't tried him, but he looks great and he's my favourite player that i haven't bought yet Dominik Szoboszlai : probably one of the best buys in fm21
  10. i'm pretty sure they've gone back to fm20 difficulty, as i've experienced this too now.
  11. Liverpool is extremely good if you play them yourself or any human player. They don't have any faults and even mediocre players are world class for some reason. Van Dijk isn't even injured at the start. Man Utd are also good, but they have alot of dead weight, with completely useless players on ridiculous wages you can't get rid off.
  12. you would think managing takes some skill too, you know, this being football manager not robot manager. Klopp is the main reason Liverpool do well. Henderson, Robertson, Milner, Gomez etc are not world class in my hubmle opinion.
  13. every time i try to play games, including fm, on my mbp 2019 i just hate it. it get so hot it's ridiculous. can't imagine it will be any different on the new line.
  14. from the squad menu you can right-click on a player and set their expected playing time to surplus to requirements. i use this before offering them out so they will more easily accept offers now that their status is so low
  15. Brexit will certainly have restrictions on people coming to England to work. That was probably the one thing that caused it to be voted for. why would the premier league have it's own rules for foreign workers to that degree? it wouldn't be fair, would it? it almost like brexit was a bad idea.
  16. what i find strange is that even on a very offensive tactic, I hardly let in goals. playing a high line and a positive mentality should be fairly easy to exploit for many teams. i've been watching the streamer workthespace, and he has even let in fewer goals. he plays with a high line and even a mezzala with a dlp on center midfield.
  17. it could be certain tactics or mechanics need to be adjusted, so that people who play it "as it's supposed to" won't get too affected.
  18. remove "Work ball into box" and you should be good to go. Other improvements in my opinion: Set GK to sweeper keeper (support or attack) du to the high line, use wingbacks instead of FB (except where you have a winger on the right). In transition, use "pass to playmaker" (or centerbacks) so he gives the ball to your DLP. remove "shorter passing" and "be more expressive". set AMC to support since one of your wingers have attack duty. Set "much higher line of engagement". One of your CMs should be set to defend, like the DLP. This tactic should win you alot of games due to the current overpowered through balls. However, If you want to play a controlling game, you need to change the tactic alot. this would be things like; lower tempo, shorter passing, less dribbling, maybe lower mentality, use half bak as DM
  19. It has also alot to do with the new match engine. Players who are fast, good off the ball and finishing are all immense goalscorers with that tactic.
  20. These are my thoughts after playing Man Utd in the beta for over 1 season: Pogba is a bit too good. His technicals and physicals are good, but his mentals should be lowered a bit. In real life and in FM he is a bit like Ødegaard; they are no doubt good players but in real life there is something lacking in their game; bravery is certainly one of them (and is reflected in game), but there is something else that is hindering their potential to have a real impact in their game. It could be determination that should be lowered a good amount? I don't really think it has to do with consistency. Telles is extremely good in game. I know his stats are probably not set by the man utd researcher, but he is having a huge impact on the man utd save games to the point that having him as a complete wing back makes him extremely dominant, even getting lots of penalties due to his forward runs. Bissaka's positioning is too high. This has been mentioned, but otherwise he is correct. Lingard is spot on (and actually usable for the right tactics). McTominay has too good tackling. I rarely see him tackle cleanly to merit that kind of stat. His composure could even be reduced a little too. Those are the two main things he needs to work on in real life, preventing him being a fantastic player (although useful). Fred is established as an aggressive ball winner and team player and this should be reflected more in game. He has gotten a renewed career under Ole due to this role. Team work should be much higher at least. Daniel James has been very injury prone on my save. In real life he gets tackled and roughed up alot, but he has an amazing fitness.
  21. First season finished second behind Liverpool, and one point above City. But I won the champions league! I kid you not, not cheating (like playing games over again etc). What i've discovered is sort of a bug where through passes are overpowered. So Utd have alot of fast forwards, and combining this with some very creative players like Bruno and Pogba, I have set the line of engagement to much higher. I then play a high defensive line. aside from this, the high pressing, counter-press, counter..etc -tactic of FM20 still work a bit too good. Buys first window: Wilfred Ndidi - 58m, Andrea Papetti 2.1m, Matias Palacios 3.5m January: Romagnoli 19m (he was unhappy) Summer 21: Maddison 53M, Sancho 79M, Donnarumma free, Szoboszlai 16.25M First window i sold (I probably could have gotten more): Mata 1M, Romero 3.8M, Grant, Rojo 7.5M, I tried to get rid of alot of dead weight. But no one wants DeGea, Jones or James. Looks like i'm stuck with them. The rest I luckily got rid of after the season(and paid part of wages for): Lindeløf, Matic, Fred, Pogba, Chong, Pereira, Ndidi has been an incredible player for me as CM with defend and hard tackling. Telles as a complete wingback too. Seems the injuries have been lowered this beta, as i have been fairly lucky in this regard (although i rotate alot).
  22. i'm pretty sure i couldn't cancel the loan for Ighalo? I bought Ndidi only so far. Diallo on the right wing coming janary looks really good. But how good is he? I also kind of want to sell DeGea, he doesn't seem to justify his wages and Henderson is promising. But my standard FM GK Livakovic doesn't look quite as good as a replacement.
  23. no, i'm saying that I have never seen a player with a current abilty over 165 outside a top club. and i think that is unrealistic (although I understand it would "break" the game).
  24. That's just speculation, interest is not the same as action (I completely disagree that Wijnaldum would be good. He was nothing special before joining Liverpool). I doubt Ndidi would have 19 in tackling if he was playing for Leeds, without affecting the rest of his stats. That is why Grealish is not rated as good. It would be a problem for the balance, even though we know he is realisticly a top player. We hardly ever see a world class player playing outside a top club, even though realistically they all came from somewhere (and where they were just as good). Average players moving to top clubs becomes better than good players playing outside top clubs in game (i just think it's a bit odd, but i understand the game engine could be broken if I had my way).
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