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  1. I was trying to find one with future transfers but I dont know, I couldnt find it, but I remember in past all new transfers were always made as future transfers, so you could start seasons normal, not already with direct transfers which are unfair. Do u maybe recall any of transfer updates made as future transfers? I dont have in game editor otherwise
  2. Yes, I know about those, but all those files have direct transfers, which means when u start new game all those transfers that happened after the season (hazard, jovic to real) are already done in 2018 season, so i need files with future transfers made, so hazard and jovic would only join real in 2019 after the season is over
  3. I dont know, i tried youtube and other pages but somehow i cant load up the fm2019 to even get to players and teams to make future transfers :((
  4. i checked the guide how to work with pre editor yeah Now i just gotta find the biggest transfers already made and change them manually to future transfers and i'm ready !!!! (after quite some time xD )
  5. hmm, i opened that editor and there is no informations on anything, the database has all that agreements, awards, people etc. options, but how do i find the players now and make them future transfers arranged ?
  6. no problem mate, thanks for help anyway. i just downloaded the fm pre editor and will do the biggest transfers manually, i hope i know how to do this :S
  7. I get what you mean yeah, was hoping there is maybe any creator that does files as future transfers. I really cant get used to starting with new team and seeing hazard and jovic already at madrid, i feel like the magic is lost when he doesnt play that last season at his previous club ;/
  8. Hello ! So I have been googling for 2 hours nonstop to find the latest transfers file that wouldnt be direct, but would count as future transfers. What I mean by this: Hazard and Jovic went to Real Madrid this season 2019/2020, but all the transfers updates files put them to Real Madrid with the start of last year season 2018/2019. All the files I looked are direct transfers (all transfers that are happening now counts for last season), but I prefer that those would be future transfers. I want Hazard still be at Chelsea for last season but would have future transfer made to Real Madrid for season 2019/2020. So does anyone have a latest transfers update file that would put those transfers as future transfer and not direct transfer? Please all help greatly appriciated _o_
  9. Oh god, I feel ashamed now. I was google it and i only found best youth academies, date of youth intakes, but wasnt concentrated on the exact paragraph. Thank you very much SBK
  10. Hello ! So I have been wondering if there is possible to find a list of all the youth intakes that clubs from certain leagues have taken in ? (example: french first league has youth intakes on march 3, 2019, and so i am wondering if there is a list (as mentioned above) of all the youth players that clubs in first league have taken in ?) Thanks in advance SBK
  11. Hey ! Thank you very much was looking forward to this, gonna try it out immediately SBK
  12. Hey @m@rk ! Anything new about skin ? SBK
  13. Man that sounds awesome, but I'm willing to wait as long as it takes.
  14. The thing is I find your aurum skin so easy on the eyes, everything is very simple and yet so perfect. Without all the useless stuff I see in some other skins. Some skins are like if i was in the rainbow, all the colors scream in my eyes, million useless stuff added on one page, just terible. And as said, aurum is so easy and simple to look at, I dont think I will ever use another skin, apart from fm primary screen (black and white).
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