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  1. Probably a little stupid question but nontheless, why are my players mostly on my side of the playground ? (picture). Even when I watch the match, the midfield trio doesnt go up as high, to help wide players and attacker. What am I doing wrong, or what is the main reason they are averaging so deep ? (i also added my tactic in sc). Any advice, help would be greately appreciated o/
  2. Nice game, ONLY 98 corners in 4 matches, 90 came from idiot wide players who didnt cross when they were alone, better wait for opponent players coming to block.
  3. Anyone notice no key tackles reported???? After full season in championship.
  4. After a full season in sky bet championship there are no key tackles reported, like if they never happened, which is even a huger problem. SC down.
  5. Seeing this, sometimes I think i have different ME than you and some other guys I see, when they added some terrific moves xDD
  6. Haha, I asked the same question few days ago Just press the backspace and it will return you to team speech page.
  7. Hey guys ! Where is the option to appeal when work permit was rejected ?
  8. Hey guys ! So I got some players coming in in january transfer window in first season. Some got work permit rejected, but there is no option in bottom right (as it always was), to hand in appeal to reconsider the players work permit. This was always possible in previous versions. Is it a bug or maybe the day after you can put it in?? PLease help.
  9. Can u tell me how do you see this ? Or can you write it in steps so I can see for myself? Pretty please
  10. That makes a big sense, very nice explanation. I totally get it now. Thank you very much for that ! Cheers !
  11. Hello ! So I played my first match in sky bet championship and on that match i could make 5 substitutions. I am playing now my 2nd match and here I can only make 3 substitutions, because the game says I cant make more. What is the problem ? I dont know if I could ask it here, or if it is a bug or some rules or something third. Please help !
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