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  1. So you agree with some of the tops comments, there they suggest advanced playmaker on attack ? I was thinking about roaming playmaker in midfield, where i could use even more of his 16+ attributes. But still, i so wanted him to be threat from the left wing
  2. Interesting, I saw many posts about people saying they abandoned the IF in fm 2020 where is not working as it should and most of them moved to IW, which gives them a much better results, resulting in more goals and more assists.
  3. I know right ?! Thats why i'm even more angry/sad/need_help why i cant get the most out of him, hes less then mediocre for me, so i know there is a way or tactic how to play him right. You asked how i play, screenshoted it for you, so anyone can help me. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Will try something like this then. I really wanted him to be the danger from the left side, maybe even my primary striker as IF or IW. (EDIT: he already has trait runs with ball often :))
  5. I really dont know how to play this game. I retrained him on left AM because he has strong right leg and that way for inverted winger, but he doesnt deliver at all. I really dont know what else to do.
  6. The mistake I made was at the start. I thought only matches between me and Valencia would count, as we were 2nd and 3rd. But I didnt include Dortmund, cauze i thought they were 4th so theirs matches would not matter. But because we were all on the same point all matches between us mattered. And Valencia had better results again them as I did, so they were basically the front runner. All understood now.
  7. Hmmm, interesting point of view. So you are saying that when you play with short passing and slow tempo - you are basically by system trying to work ball into the box ? So basically you can play with more direct faster passing and still use the option to work ball into the box, it would only change there will be less crosses from the wide positions and there will be more playing around the box and waiting for a right opporunity to play the ball in the box right ?
  8. So it actually decides matches between valencia and dortmund ??? Damn is this stupid.
  9. How am I not second, both matches between valencia and me ended 1-1, but I have better GD. The rules clearly says first are results against the chosen teams and the second one is goal difference. And mine is better for 2 goals actually than theirs. So how are they 2nd and i 3rd ?!?!?!
  10. Hey guys ! Tell me something, work ball in the box as instruction, works only for short passing and slow tempo ? As it says wait patiently for the right chance or smth like that. I mean, if u play direct and faster tempo is it useless to tick that option ? Cant get my head around it.
  11. What did you mean changing him? To Complete forward or something like that? And you said i should order one of mcs to make forward runs? Where can i do that exactly?
  12. Interesting about zone 14 :o Uhm, what is AC, not very familiary with those names, not my native language I was thinking about double playmakers, will probably stay with only one.
  13. I tried to imagine how each of the players would react when we are going on attack and where would anyone stay when we loose the ball. Moriba is midfield orchestra (media description) so i rly want him to be the force which my team play around, tonali is my long standing captain, he feels so good in midfield, kana i choose as def play because i played him whole season last year as central defender, silva as i see it is my main goal scoring threat so i want him to move into channels as AF do, lopez is very young but superb attacking stats so i want him to attack the space towards midfield too and be a scoring/passing threat, gravenberch isnt so good at attack from wing but is very tall and has good passing so i want him to play some dangerous passes behind def line of the opponents, wingbacks i just combined with attacking midfielders.
  14. Ok, so I listened to your comments and I read HNIC's guide he posted up earlier. This will be my first match after everything I learned so far. But before I go into matchday I would like to ask you guys, if this tactic is more logical and possible to play. Just to add, to Moriba and Lopez I gave "shoot more often" actions, cauze they have fairly good finishing and 17+ shoot from distance. Tactic regarding i left everything custom except overlap from the right and play out of defence (where i hope badashiele will ply it out to kana and kana then forward to free player). Here is the screenshot.
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