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  1. Oh god, I feel ashamed now. I was google it and i only found best youth academies, date of youth intakes, but wasnt concentrated on the exact paragraph. Thank you very much SBK
  2. Hello ! So I have been wondering if there is possible to find a list of all the youth intakes that clubs from certain leagues have taken in ? (example: french first league has youth intakes on march 3, 2019, and so i am wondering if there is a list (as mentioned above) of all the youth players that clubs in first league have taken in ?) Thanks in advance SBK
  3. Hey ! Thank you very much was looking forward to this, gonna try it out immediately SBK
  4. Hey @m@rk ! Anything new about skin ? SBK
  5. Man that sounds awesome, but I'm willing to wait as long as it takes.
  6. The thing is I find your aurum skin so easy on the eyes, everything is very simple and yet so perfect. Without all the useless stuff I see in some other skins. Some skins are like if i was in the rainbow, all the colors scream in my eyes, million useless stuff added on one page, just terible. And as said, aurum is so easy and simple to look at, I dont think I will ever use another skin, apart from fm primary screen (black and white).
  7. Heya ! What I mean with the title is the following: Is there an option to see which players in the club are for loan (get a list of them, not going from player to player) ? I scouted some english clubs more times than one and still what I get in return is their tactics and cons and pros. In previous versions when u scouted some club, you got the same thing as mentioned ( in this fm ) + you also get a list of players who were on loan list. Thanks in advance SBK
  8. Heya ! So I really have problems with this years tactics screen. Read carefully, not with tactics for players, but a tactics screen. So now when you are doing tactics you have all the options on the far right side, you have formation there, famili., mentality, team shape, etc. In fm 2017 you had those options on the top left, on top of position/player duty screen. So is there a way to make it look like that again ? It would help me very much if any of you have an idea how to do that. Thanks in advance SBK
  9. Oh thanks for fast reply and your help Have a great weekend, cheers ! SBK
  10. Hey ! I am downloading this logo pack, but I need help with what to do with it when the dl is complete? In what map do i have to put it and how to make it work? Thanks in advance SBK
  11. Hey @m@rk ! I change it to 85% and it works now. Its a little small but I will have to get used to it. I'm glad we all sort it out. So whats stays is my big thanks to you, for all the help and making aurum possible in fm 2017. If u ever need anything, just let me know and I will try to help you. Cheers mate o/
  12. @m@rk reporting back, even if i go full screen its still the same, polygon covers all the stats. I dont know what could it be, is it possible its got to do with preferences ?
  13. Gonna check it out. Gonna report how it goes.
  14. Hey @m@rk ! I have 3 options there to drop (pictures included) and when I choose attributes analysis my whole stats turn into polygon (again pics included). Where could be the problem ?
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