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  1. Hello guys ! I was just wondering before the match, when you have to give team talk, there are two different media talks: I want you to ignore the recent praise in the media and just play your natural game AND The media have given you a lot of credit lately, so go out there and put on a worthy display. Is there like a certain moment in game when to give one or another (if u decide to give one of two) or is just completely by going with a feeling and preference of the manager ?
  2. Hello guys ! I am starting new save soon and I am trying with Pregame Editor to make some future loan transfers for players like Gollini, Locatelli, Kean and some others. But the problem is that they start their loan in season 2020/2021, instead of 2021/2022 as in real life. I did set the correct dates for future loan but the game doesnt read it correct. Anyone knows what could be wrong? Future transfers for season 2021/2022 works perfectly, only future loan transfer are giving me the headache Any help would be greately appreciated ! Cheers !
  3. Hello guys ! There are some really great people out there, that are working daily on summer transfers update. Firstly I would like to thank them all for their effort. But here comes the catch for me. All those crazy summer transfers (messi, ronaldo etc.) are being implemented with the start of the new save. That means that all this year summer transfers are starting actually with the LAST season, 2020/2021, even tho those transfers were made this year in the summer, so this means season 2021/2022. I tried to search the net but all those updates are starting with the last season as mentioned. So I am looking for an update, that has those transfers arranged as future transfers, as it was in real life. I know I am asking a lot, but if anyone knows of such an update or something similar, I would really appreciate it _O_ _O_ _O_ I also hope my explanation is understandable enough. Cheers everyone !
  4. Basically the title. Given the summer transfer window is closing tommorow does sigames update the game after tommorow with summer transfers of players or they done everything what was in the plan for fm 2021 ? If they dont update it after tommorow, what is the best page or what database should I download to ? I am thinking of starting my last club challenge for this year (yeah, i'm playing only 2 to 3 clubs for several years) and want to have messi at psg, ronaldo at united and so on. PS: I know they cant update it first thing on wednesday. I have in mind next few weeks. But as mentioned, if sigames doesnt plan to do it, I want to dl it from some page
  5. This issue has not been worked on since latest big patch (march or when was it, dont remember) and it wont be worked on anymore, at least in fm21. They are already working on fm22 so there will be no improvements on that front for fm21.
  6. If they won they scored more goals than the opponent, if they lost they scored fewer goals than the opponent.
  7. Ahhh I see it yeah. Anyone has experience if I set all on high detail, how much slower the game would run ? Because I have all leagues loaded and I prefer to play game real slow, I try to be invested as much as the time allowes me
  8. Where is the option to decide if the game is full detail or not ?? I hope its not like full version or touch version and I'm making fool of myself ?
  9. I have the same direct question/problem. I have this world class all around player (natural in cm, am, aml etc.). I tend to play him as IF(A/S) but if he doesnt score he doesnt do much and have very low rating. @Freakiie's idea is the one i will def. try. I will try to play him IW(A) and will hope for still to score as IF was, but also to help to build up a attack, notch a assists here and there and will see how it goes. Its also true I dont play a F9, I play AF (i have pacey striker) and if it is as you say (that IF(A) works basically as AF) they probably bother each other. Hoping for the best, will give the update after few matches.
  10. Yeah, I am trying now new positioning from attacking corners. Having my best jumping header always at the place where my set piecer will be aiming for, hoping for the best. Because i quite often do around 10 corners a game, goal here of there could really make loss a draw or draw a win, which would be great for my Nottingham side.
  11. I see, its really strange, as my 2cds and 1am all have 15+ in jumping, heading and bravery, but there is freakin no goals from corners. I even do training sessions for set piece delivery, attacking corners but nothing. I cant find another solution than bug haha
  12. Is there something wrong with attacking corners ?? In 3 seasons I am in my save, I only scored 3 from attacking corners. All three happened in first season and a half. Which means I didnt score from a corner in 1,5 years. Anyone else experiencing something similar? I really dont know what could be going wrong.
  13. Me. a manager: Send in low crosses. My players. donkeys: Send in 20 float crosses.
  14. Hello ! I dont usually ask for help because I like to solve it myself, but after few seasons I just cant get it solved on my own. The problem is that my wingbacks doesnt do anything. Okay, they do defend and quite good i would say, but the problem is higher up the pitch. When in attacking third they either kick it in defending player, or they loose the ball for free, there is nothing I do to make them better in that regard. I added pics of my tactic I am usually playing, the screenshots of player attributes and theirs history. You can see there are barely any assists, that I dont even mentiong goals. I train overlaps, I train both players in their roles. But somehow they dont do anything worth mentioning . What else can I do to make most of them, as said, especially in the attacking third. In the tactic I even added them single instructions, to cross less often (cauze they suck) and to cross from deep (cauze again they suck doing that). Please, any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  15. I am really going to throw something off my window. Every ****in time when I get a good result against a better AI the extra time just randomly gets +1min at least of that that referee showed. Let it be first half or the second half. got forbid I ever get any (extra) extra time. And this is not random occurence, every god damn time this happens. Among all the other bugs people mentioned this one is the one that frustrates me most. I mean, I get it. There is too much bugs to fix them all, but such things just make it totally unrewarding and throwing a bad light at the development team who are resposinble for that kind of things......
  16. What happened to goal line replay, its not even showed above the goal, so you can correctly see where the ball was. Its shown from absurd view where u cant see **** ?!
  17. This game could be so much better if they add the goals from corner, successful crosses, remove waiting for opponent to block crosses, that xG would matter, removing goalkeepers to see the future where the ball will go etc.
  18. I have the same problem and the system behind its just laughable, AI player, I would say in even more than 90% of time gets the ball and runs with it off. I think set pieces need a huge overhaul, they are basically the same as long as I can remember. You are also very limited to premade options the game is offering you.
  19. Jup, I mentioned the same thing few pages ago. It happens always exactly as you said it. And for the love of god, I was following this thing for 10+ matches and it was exactly as I thought it will be. Pace + acceleration is so ****in over powered its just insane. Just buy someone with 16+ on pace and acceleration and enjoy winning. The other attributes doesnt even matter in those cases. I am playing in PL and as soon AI gets wingers and attacker on 16+ its game over for you. Literally **** stats on other attributes (like around 10 and less!!!!) like passing, crossing, concentration, technique, first touch etc. and you are a goner. At least sigames make it fair and stop ****** over powering on such stupid things. I get it, happens in real life here and there, but in fm its just a ********.
  20. Exactly this, goalkeepers are so f***** over buffed after the patch its unreal. And all the time they get almost +7,5 rating because they literally save every shot i made at goal. Foot, head, over head, bike kick, everything.
  21. Was there any job put on goalkeepers in the last update (just that they are smarter and better with passes) ? Because ever since the update goalkeepers seems really good. You have to work real hard to beat them and I dont know if i'm just in that cycle, but every goalkeeper has highly over 7,5 rating.
  22. This is the name of a document: 2042832317_playerpositionsindicatorsmallhorizontal.xml . Do i need to remove the numbers in front and make spaces between words ? So it will look the same as my other files in player map ?
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