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  1. I think he means, lets say he has 3 routines of set pieces, and he starts with routine number 1 and then in the match he switches tactics and he wants to use routine number 2, as far as i can understand. I havent played yet so I cant help him, but I think thats what he means
  2. Uploaded my save: name "Watford legacy". No custom database, just skin, and picture files used.
  3. Hello ! I was recommended to post here my issue. So I am in midseason in my Watford save. But somehow some of my best players went on international duty (its not international brake) so I had to play with my second team (most of them). I also added the sc of this problem. Is this a bug or just weird rule that they had to go and were unable for me ? Seems really strange.
  4. But its in middle of my season, where there is no international break, I just played a league match with my 2nd tier players (playing in premier league btw).
  5. Can somebody explain why my most important players are playing god damn international matches ?????
  6. So hello ! I am playing first season with Watford and we are mid december, sitting in 3rd place, 6 points behind M'boro. We are good I would say, but I think its more down to my players being better than the opponents, than my tactics. So I SC my primary tactic because I am interested if any tactic magician could look at it and he sees any weaknesses or where I could improve on the tactic. Is there is such a thing ? Also, I dont feel I get max out of Joao Pedro, he is not bad but i feel he could be so much better, I tried as IF(left) and CF, even IF/IW(right) but I feel he could so much more. But yeah, the main priority stays my tactic, where could I improve it, are my roles going together with my playing style ? Any reccoms. and opinions appreciated.
  7. I actually think he is doing you a favour. Close to him are Petrila and Besirovic. if your DLP goes for a long pass to him and lets say the pass doesnt go as planned, then your right side is totally opened for AI counter attack.
  8. "but FM24 really needs to step up and drive forward, the community has provided so much in regards to feedback, bugs, issues etc that they need to be addressed as much as closely as possible to tighten the game experience up under the hood." Every year there is a comment like this, looking to the bright side, especially that first part (fm24 really needs to step up) is so i feel like off, I dont want to take anything away from your comment because i agree with all of it but that part just never happens, for the last few years at least. The game is not stepping up, useless "new" things, while the bugs from past years keep getting on and on with even deeper holes that at the start when they first appeared. Just looking at the last years, fm24 probably wont really step up and similar comment to yours will again happen after the winter patch next year, only the numbers would be different (fm25 really needs to step up...etc.). Thats my take on it.
  9. Oh wow man, that was a great reading and why he went a little down in terms of ca/pa. I bought him 3 seasons in before winter patch and he was a great addition, even put out Endrick from my first 11. I am hoping he develops really good, so maybe in fm 2024 he will be my first signing in Cheers mate !
  10. Firstly i'm sorry if this is not the correct forum to be asking this _o_ I am wondering about Emre Tezgel, he was very good before winter patch, has anyone any information how good he gets after winter update ? Did they nerf him or something else? Any info would be greately appriciated . Thanks in advance
  11. What is his database most known "fix", I mean why should I use his database. Does it fix the development of younger players, to be picked more and to actually AI teams choose the high PA players in their match squads ?
  12. Guys thanks for funny thread, I loved to read it all, much luck and love to everyone here <3
  13. Maybe they are working on new set pieces in the background, or something else, something more complex things. We dont know how the procceses are at sigames, i am sure they are not working only one next version every year, i bet there are so much more things happening in the background.
  14. I think expecting big things is the right thing to do right now. Previous years first big patch was coming 1,2 days before Christmas. This year (fm 2023), the big patch came in early december, which means, they got almost a whole month more time for this patch than the previous years.
  15. NAME DESCRIPTION BUILD ID TIME UPDATED release-test 10651821 7 hours ago lqa-test 10651673 27 minutes ago nightly 10651673 8 hours ago sega-test 10651673 28 minutes ago Lot of tests going on today.
  16. A lot of people mentioned they have a tendency to release updates on thursdays, maybe just a coincidence or maybe something more
  17. It is possible, but highly unlikely, there was only one update 13 hours ago, nothing since then.
  18. There were actually some tests today at night. Possible release this week. NAME DESCRIPTION BUILD ID TIME UPDATED release-test 10638987 12 hours ago nightly 10638921 13 hours ago
  19. They did some tests few hours ago. Top one "release test" was yesterday happening too, but probably went something wrong because they delete it and they make new test as seen today. Even tho today is unlikely for patch to come, there is some hope still. Just my prediction release-test 10626225 4 hours ago nightly 10626000 5 hours ago
  20. Twitter is silenced too, no people from sigames to be seen, is this just the calm before the storm ?!
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