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  1. probably worth it if you can affort his wages. he is the best player in the game. But wages is very important to control.
  2. i used to play with 2 boxtobox and the middle is center midfield with defend. DLP does not work as good for me
  3. i looks very similar in stats to last year, where he was not quite good enough for the top teams. Maybe he has improved, or that his stats will improve a bit?
  4. the problem with this is that they often get unhappy. This is not very realistic in terms of real life, because usually it's the other way around, where the club wants the player to sign a new contract.
  5. Now that the beta is out, what are the best buys you've come across so far? I'm playing as Arsenal, but I have not been able to find that many bargains really. I bought Rugani for 15m punds. That looks to be a really good deal. But that was my entire transfer budget. Bruno Fernandes looks like a beast. Ødegaard has gotten a deserved bump. Erling Haaland looks great too but is not interested. Are players harder to get now? It seems unrealistic to me that the 16 year old starlet of Rennes is not interested in a move to a club like Arsenal for example.
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