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  1. Sissoko looks pretty good. I found a monster at København, Zeca. He has incredible stats. only problem is that he is past 30.
  2. i just finished my second seeason and i really need to get a good player to play Half Back or DM. I can probably raise up to 50m punds if needed. But I don't really want a player that will cost too much in wages. I just missed Tousart, which seems to have fit nicely. I'm thinking about Kohr, but he is lacking technicals to my taste, he is just about not good enough. Fernando luis is gone, and Ndidi is too expensive maybe? Do you have any tips? What is your favourite player in this position, regardless of club and transfer fee?
  3. my biggest annoyances are: players wanting new contracts (and get unhappy if they dont' get it). in reality it's the clubs that need to cater to the best players. long term injuries reducing players attributes constantly pressing "continue"/space bar. waiting times between (this should seriously be improved) getting into the tactic flatline where nothing happens (no goals of chances to any team) no matter how you adjust answering the "wrong" option in a conversation and the player throws a tantrum.
  4. Is it all about opinion or is it not? I still say that Son is extremely underrated in game, and that is a fact given his status and stats in real life. I also think players like Liverpool's Henderson and Robertson are too good. It's an opinion of the researcher that Henderson has a silky touch, but I don't know anyone who believes that to be true.
  5. what does mentality actually do? it seems counter-intuitive to me that you can play "cautious" and yet dominate possession as long as you press and play with a high line. if you are "cautious" or "defensive" then playing like that makes no sense intuitively. So that means playing "attacking" mentality should be done with a low line and little pressing? it's crazy design. Just remove the mentality option to mean "risk", if that would be more correct?.
  6. I agree that Son is terribly underrated in FM. Harry Kane is ridiculously good compared to real life. The argument for making him that good is "because he has scored goals consistantly over the years". But many players score alot of goals that aren't world class. Harry Kane is good, but he is slow and cumbersome. He should rather be in a class with such strikers as jermain defoe and kevin phillips. Aubameyang performs better in real life, yet not as good as Kane in game. Liverpool are too good in game. In real life they are good, but it's probably more to do with Klopp than having world class players in every position. I mean, Robertson and Arnold are good, but it is because they have very good offensive qualities like crossing/free kicks. How about make them good at what they do but not also good at everything else? the game would be more fun and realistic if players have less evenly distributed stats, and more extreme in specific ways of play. Nelson Semedo. For some reason he is one of the best right backs in game, yet in real life he has never been near that level. This is also true of Barcas other youngsters that are potentially world class, yet have hardly played in la liga. Ødegaard has shown much more promise, but is rated half as good as Pedri, Fati etc. It's the Bojan effect. English players in general have too good technique and first touch. If I would have two wishes it would be to 1) make players more unique, and 2) don't operate with set potentials (-9 is also a set potential ability). the potential of young players should be fluid and the result of how you handle his development.
  7. probably worth it if you can affort his wages. he is the best player in the game. But wages is very important to control.
  8. i used to play with 2 boxtobox and the middle is center midfield with defend. DLP does not work as good for me
  9. i looks very similar in stats to last year, where he was not quite good enough for the top teams. Maybe he has improved, or that his stats will improve a bit?
  10. the problem with this is that they often get unhappy. This is not very realistic in terms of real life, because usually it's the other way around, where the club wants the player to sign a new contract.
  11. Now that the beta is out, what are the best buys you've come across so far? I'm playing as Arsenal, but I have not been able to find that many bargains really. I bought Rugani for 15m punds. That looks to be a really good deal. But that was my entire transfer budget. Bruno Fernandes looks like a beast. Ødegaard has gotten a deserved bump. Erling Haaland looks great too but is not interested. Are players harder to get now? It seems unrealistic to me that the 16 year old starlet of Rennes is not interested in a move to a club like Arsenal for example.
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