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  1. It's a facepack, not a data update, tiger.
  2. It's not. I misread the question. Sorry for letting you down and causing you such disappointment. I only hope that at some point, obviously not today as feelings are still raw, you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
  3. I downloaded a list of the intake days for 2019-2030, for 171 countries from somewhere or another, can't remember where from though. It's 99% accurate. Try a google search.
  4. It's there: International grouping, then International Caps and International Goals.
  5. Ask on the correct website forum (sortitoutsi) and you might get an answer. Lionel Messi's face is still in my game.
  6. Move it to where ? There's no "determination" sub-forum.
  7. This is just plain silly. Folk can do whetever they want after downloading FM, from then onwards it's their game do do with as they wish. There's no such thing as cheating.
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