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  1. Move it to where ? There's no "determination" sub-forum.
  2. This is just plain silly. Folk can do whetever they want after downloading FM, from then onwards it's their game do do with as they wish. There's no such thing as cheating.
  3. Asking on the forum / website you downloaded it from might be a first step.
  4. Do they still have the ban on players and supporters swearing ? If so: definitely middle class!
  5. You can do what you want, it's your game. Nothing in the legal language says you can't do it, just that Sega won't be responsible if you do.
  6. You can add national managers, but you can't add any other national team staff.
  7. Yup, worked for a bit and it's now gone wonky again. Bit of a shame.
  8. Only two or three at a time is to ensure general training can still be carried out with limited impact. Not all players will benefit from it. Those I've sent have generally improved a fair bit, one is now my vice captain.
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