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  1. I think the reason why is that it is best for purely defensive systems. Which aren't the same as counter attacking systems and I've seen people here get them mixed up. If you're wanting to play on the counter, it makes sense to leave forward a few players, for example, in a 442, and have your quick players starting for the fast transitions. The problem with less urgent pressing and dropping deep in this situation is that you're going to put so much strain on your defenders, who are basically going to be defending with 9 men (and some of these 9 men would likely be poor defensive players t
  2. Out of interest, would you normally do when you face a defensive team? When I'm trying to assemble my own parked bus, I give the opposition nothing. I normally play with a back 5 with 10/11 men behind the ball, waste time, hold shape, regroup and lower the tempo. So for the teams that genuinely want to take a 0-0, I don't think sitting deep is a good idea as you're just going to give their defence a breather and allow them to waste time. From my own experience, and watching real life football. These are the things that I would have in mind when I come up against a team that's not eve
  3. I haven't played FM21 and its been a while since I've played FM at all so I'm not sure how the engine is working this year nor am I 100% with player attrbutes, but I've watched Kane and Son in the PL abuse Southampton this season and I've noticed a couple things that I would change about your tactic. Firstly: Kane is definately more of the creator in the partnership as he has mad passing, where as Son is the one making runs from wide and getting in behind the defence They moved the ball quickly, so that Southampton's defensive line couldn't get into a solid shape in time. IMO K
  4. To be honest mate, your tactic looks alright. One thing I never like though is two inside forwards on attack duty, especially on positive, as your wide midfielders will need to do an awful lot of work considering they won't track back so much. You're also extremely cautious on the ball. I would definately up the tempo and increase the passing directness at least a little. Camavinga is very capable of pinging long passes - which can create a chance out of nothing - but you're asking him to play really simple and basic passes with his duty and your tempo / passing settings. You also have Be
  5. You have Ronaldo leading your press.. who’s (35?) years old and IIRC has really poor workrate. There’s going to be loads of gaps in the pressure, allowing the other team time to hit balls over the top. it also hurts me to see Ronaldo as a trequartista. Are you sure you know what this role is about? He’s going to roam about and move away from the goal - where he is most effective. I’d personally use Ronaldo as a poacher, to make sure he’s always in the box for headers and shots. But seeing as you have Salah as well, maybe you could do with a little bit of roaming and use Ronaldo as a CFa.
  6. I started a Chelsea save recently, with one of the purposes being to try to use opposition reports to outplay the top teams. I feel like Chelsea have a really tactically flexible squad, and although they are a really good team, they are outside the real 'top' tier teams such as Barca, Real, Manchester City and Liverpool. So there's plenty of teams that could easily dominate us if we get our tactics wrong, or try a 'one size fits all' approach. Anyway, I just remembered this great thread, and have played all the rest of the big six with a very good record of 3 wins and 2 draws.
  7. I don’t really look at the recommendations, although I think it’s probably to do with both being attack duties, which tend not to work so well together. But I think that the DLFa, like the trequartista, are actually more like supporting roles and are far different to AFa and the poacher. Although someone may correct me who knows more about it. But I reckon it’s nothing to worry about
  8. Firstly, if you watch some of your games, you’d probably notice that a supporting advanced playmaker in the no.10 actually drops really deep. So these players may tend to be playing the pass before the assist and therefore get quite poor goals/assists. Combine this with the fact that you’re forth and I don’t think there is much to worry about and it my be best just to leave it. Although, there are a few things with your tactic that I don’t think is optimal to do with Alli. Even though his preferred position is an advanced playmaker, I personally don’t think that that’s the best for h
  9. Yeah, reminds me of Real Madrid for most of this century. They had Ronaldo as the left forward, who was basically the main striker, and Marcelo behind, who was basically a winger. if that tactic got posted to these forums in a help thread, that left side would, rightfully so, get torn apart by others. But because you had Ramos as the left centre back, and Casemiro in defensive midfield both covering, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.
  10. Normally if I have a good penalty box striker (most likely a poacher) then I’ll try and use wingers, or at least one winger if I can’t find players that fit the role. I feel like I sometimes overlook wingers a bit too much due to the popularity of inside forwards. Wingers are the only role that tries to move away from the centre rather than towards it. This stretches the opponents back line and creates more space for the striker. Wingers that cut in can just overcrowd the centre and / or the box. Crosses from wingers can also be much more affective than a cross from a full back as well. A
  11. I rarely go into much depth in set pieces, so I wouldn’t be confident making suggestions there. Although, what is the general height of your team? Sometimes it’s just a case of making your squad more dominant in the air rather than tweaking set piece instructions. But I do have some suggestions for both of your tactics, whether you use them or not, that’s up to you. Seeing as you’re not playing too badly, and your set pieces could be the biggest problem. I’m very against playing positively in attack whilst being passive in defence. If I try this (especially against a big team) I fin
  12. What kind of results are you getting mate? the 4231 actually looks pretty decent, and I’m especially interested in how that gets along before offering any suggestions for that particular tactic. the first one though is pretty floored imo. Even ignoring the roles (which aren’t great) you’ve fallen into the trap of playing very risky in possession, while playing very passive in defence. You’re basically giving the ball away to the other team and letting them have it for too long. You’re probably getting like 30% or so possession, which will eventually lead to your defence cracking unde
  13. I wouldn’t play with a lower dline on balanced.. I have nothing against it in theory, but when I’ve used it in the past, I get terrible results and get done by long shots. I’d change your defence to lower loe + standard dline. If your squad is above average In aggression / strength, I’d get stuck in. If they’re above average in workrate and teamwork, I’d press more urgently. Did you look at how your playmaker was receiving the goal kicks? id also have a tactic to use at home against other relegation candidates as was earlier said. All you’d need to do is maybe add pass into space, pr
  14. I never said you’re wrong, and I’m no expert. With regards to the GK distribution, it could be that your DLP is playing like Pirlo and bossing it, but idk that. Maybe you should have a look at some recent games, and check some of your goal kicks, then see how your DLP does. I absolutely see where you’re coming from with pass into space. I’ll just show you what may happen more than you think with a weak team that defends deep, but bare in mind that it’s probably worth checking how you’re losing the ball before making changes: imsgine you’ve just been under intense pressure for 10 minu
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