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  1. I think goalscoring forward roles (poacher / AF / TMa) are criminally underused by people posting in these forums. What are Calvert Lewin's attributes? Surely you want him in the box as much as possible winning headers? Instead of linking up play and then only arriving late. And then you'd want more attacking wingbacks providing crosses for him. Also a 4123 is a really attacking formation so it makes sense to both push higher up and press more intensely, partly because you have three forwards that can press the backline, and partly because otherwise you have the option of opening up 2v1s
  2. I'd be interested to see how you get on. I've tried something like this before (inspired by Italy at the Euros) and wasn't very happy with my results. I felt that the back three was too lopsided with a FBd, and the right winger in the AMR position doesn't actually hug the touchline all the way into the attacking phase. They look to support the striker more by tucking in narrow. Wingers in a 4141 or 442 stay wider in the attack, but then this affects the pressing shape.
  3. yes that's correct. Wingers playing in the midfield strata will be more like traditional 442 wingers. The only issue that you have to think about is pressing. I tried this in a 451 in a high press, and it was difficult to pressure the opponent with only one forward.
  4. I agree with eveything you said about Spain irl. But to do with the part about the wingers. I think in FM terms it has to be a 4141. Basically in the engine, anyone placed as a wide forward (such as 433) comes narrow in the final third, whereas in a 4141, the wingers play more like traditional 442 wingers who hug the touchline better. So playing a 433 in FM naturally forces the wingbacks to push up, and then reduces the freedom of the CM's, since they both have to cover for more attacking wingbacks, and the narrow forwards take up positions in the half space anyway, which is where the CM'
  5. One of the main reasons I wanted to get a 4141 working was that it should theoretically be the best formation to use 'free 8's', since that this formation uses wingers and therefore the fullbacks can stay back more and not need cover from the midfield. So basically a DM, and two more attacking roles in CM. (MEZ, AP etc..). What's interesting is that the link I shared only had one CM attacking, and the other was a bit more conservative, which is something I'll try next.
  6. Thanks lads for some of the suggestions. Sadly have still be unable to so far. However I found this really good post when searching about 4141, if you're interested.
  7. yep looks like a good set up to me, and seems like you are having mostly good results so well done But a 433 is actually a very attacking formation. your wingbacks have to go up to provide width which normally leaves you light at the back, and you're normally forced to play a high block to prevent the spaces behind the wide forwards being exploited. Although, a 433 is pretty easy to change into a 4141 (moving the wingers back) or a 442 (change one winger to an F9, move the other back into MR/L and then shift the other midfielders across). Which are both formations that are naturally
  8. good question. Not much reason really. What's most important to me is being able to create a reliable 4141/451 similar to how Spain set up (wingers hugging the touchline, free 8's moving forward). So I'm not too bothered about 100% replicating everything Spain did. However, they're really not that complicated, all it is really is a standard high press + keeping the ball on the ground and playing through the lines.. All things that I felt Spain were doing, as well as things that Man City players should be good at.
  9. Hi everyone, During the Euros, I saw a few Spain games, and the way they played caught my eye. I thought I knew exactly what they were doing, and started up a quick FM touch save to try and replicate the tactic, but I've had some pretty shocking and inconsistent results. Sadly I'm far too stubborn to just let it go so easily, and I've spent more time than I'm willing to admit simming through seasons and watching games to try and get it right. hopefully some of you can help me do this correctly so that I can finally move on . I'll put some images below to show you what I'm trying to a
  10. no. not gonna lie to you though, we're currently 4th or something similar half way through the season, so it's not a world beating tactic. Although a lot of that was experimenting, and we're currently on a decent winning streak after settling on the tactic I posted. So if you use it for an extended period, let me know how it goes, I'd be interested.
  11. I always enjoy threads like these so thanks You've gone into lots of depth, which I think is great, but I've only really had time to skim through due to time and patience, so I apologize if I'm duplicating anything. I'm just going to post my interpretation of Pep's 18/19 (I think?) system, when they had a front three of Sane, Sterling and Aguero and hopefully spark some more discussion around some key areas. Firstly, I'm focusing more on the attacking structure, perhaps at the expense of replicating exactly how they pressed Secondly, I try to make my tactics as simple as
  12. mate why did you change? You were 3rd before with the 4411 and that was a great achievement. The 4231 is very different to the 4411 despite a lot of the roles being available on both. It looks like you were trying to fix something that wasn't every broken. I'm fairly confident in my understanding of the ME and I would've been very happy sitting at the 3rd. The next step would've been to use the CL money to buy better players before you can challenge for the top.
  13. To be honest, I haven't watched much of City this season. But in FM terms, I don't think this is a very good tactic. No matter of the roles you use, every 433 will see the front 3 pinch in narrowly in the final third, as they're all forwards who want to score (even wingers). Because of that, this tactic basically has 0 width, with an inverted fullback and a supporting fullback. So i can imagine your draws against the smaller teams come from you struggling to break them down. The easiest way to get a balanced 433 working in FM is to use attacking wingbacks to provide width, then have a holdi
  14. That makes sense thanks, also fits in with what I guess the assistant manager says before games. So what I’m thinking right now, is that, starting from the basic formation I posted previously, It would make sense to: if I want to switch to attacking : - change the DM to a support duty - change one of the supporting midfielders to an attack duty - (maybe if needed) also change the supporting fullback to an attacking fullback While if I need a last minute goal and switch to very attacking, it would be best to change to an unconventional top heavy formation with lots
  15. Thanks for the response lads, I suppose it makes sense that the different duties can change decision making regardless of indiviudal mentality, especially given how SI give descriptions to each role. The reason I ask is due to switching from balanced / attacking / defensive in game based on the situation. For example, if my duties are as below on a balanced mentality: A
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