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  1. Roles look okay to me, apart from I'd probably change the MEZ in to a DLPs or CMs for the Matic role. Also IIRC both wingbacks would've been attacking while Luiz in the middle of the back 3 was the ball playing defender. Azpilacueta at RCB also moved forward quite a lot but that would be hard to replicate so it's not so important. I think you've got Costa's role right, but I'm not sure if Ings has the physicality to play that role. Same with your Treq, Hazard was a world class player and which was partly why he was so effective with the freedom he was given. Maybe your Treq is good, I jus
  2. I haven't watched too much of Atalanta, but I imagine to play that style you would have to have at least decent composure, first touch, passing as well to play the short passing and playing out of the back style
  3. I have a few questions How many players do you typically aim for in your U23s and U18s? And if you have too many, how do you decide which players to release / promote etc? (seeing as I haven't yet found a squad depth chart for the U23s) At what ages / abilities do you think about loaning a player out?
  4. I always set up each of the three slots. Normally I have a high pressure tactic, a mid block and then a low block, and switch between them depending on the game situation / ability between myself and the opponent. For example, the high pressure tactic could be a 4231, the midblock a 4411 and the low block a 4231DM. This way I can transition pretty easily without having to make any substitutions. I also keep my number of in possession TI's to a minimum as well, so that if I do find that I need to change what we are doing, the familiarity won't take too much of a hit, because I'd only be ad
  5. being compact makes you harder to play through due to the reduced space. But that also means that there's going to be more space behind and / or infront of your players for a through ball or a long ball over the top for a 1v1.
  6. I always find these types of saves more fun and interesting than when playing with a club with lots of money and playing nice football. Did you experiment with a lower defensive line or less urgent pressing at any point? And how come you decided to leave the pressing and defensive line on standard?
  7. Wanted to experiment in my next game by parking the bus for the full 90 and playing for a 0-0 away at Chelsea. We lost 2-0, but considering they scored there first goal in stoppage time, and didn't create a CCC, I reckon we did about as well as we could have using the system. I don't really think it's every a good idea to park the bus for the full 90 unless you're in some sort of cup game as a complete underdog.
  8. This is my go-to tactic for when I want to stay a bit more cautious and play on the counter: I'm no expert, and I'm not getting amazing results, but my board's goal was to avoid relegation and I've got some decent results at home to Man United and away at Leicester: The main things I focused on for the tactic was compactness (two banks of four + lower LOE) and leaving one player up to start counters (Watkins). Then, when I'm happy with the current score at around 70 minutes, I switch to this: Here we stay even more compact, and also force every player to drop back
  9. IMO the counter presets are broken. The reasons why I think this are both to do with the team instructions, and the formations + roles. For example, if you look at the direct counter 433 preset: Firstly, using a higher tempo and quick GK distribution doesn't make a counter attack any more likely. What it does do is ask your players to move the ball quickly throughout the game. your probably playing on the counter because your team isn't great, or you're holding on to a lead. This means that teams are probably going to be pressing you high, the last thing you want in this situation is
  10. I wouldn't focus too much on that unless you notice that no one is comming short for the ball, or that you're getting caught too much on the counter. Besides, you have 3CB anyway so the DM staying back isn't as crucial as it would be in most 433's when the wingbacks are getting forward
  11. You are doing better than I would be able to do so I'm not going to comment on the tactic I believe that the difference between wing backs and complete wingbacks isn't necessarily that they are more offensive. I think it just means that they'd be willing to show up in the box sometimes to score goals (attack) or assist the midfielders in buildup (support). Obviously they'd need good decisions to know when a good time to roam would be, but they'd also probably want to have decent all round attributes like passing and composure so that they'd actually be useful in areas away from the wing.
  12. Not really sure tbh, I suggested those roles pretty much based on how I see Southampton play IRL, Bertrand is a lot more conservative and doesn't stand out too much (not in a bad way) while KWP is always getting forward, so I assumed it would match their attributes. You could use full backs as well if you wanted I guess, I'm still not entirely sure of the differences between all of the fullback roles (WBd vs FBa for example), so I normally adjust them slightly until I'm happy with how defensive / attacking the player is in game.
  13. First thing to consider is whether you have the right players for the formation and the style of play. Southampton play a 442 irl so you might be lacking midfielders and while also having a surplus of strikers. Southampton also press intensely, so without looking attributes I'm pretty sure you should have sufficient work rate. Playing out the back also shouldn't be an issue as Romeu and Ward Prowse and Vestegaard are pretty good on the ball iirc. I'm not convinced you have enough creativity though to break down tough defences, so it may be worth bringing in an advanced playmaker. If not, I thi
  14. Honestly mate it doesn't seem too bad to me. I don't think there's any reason why you shouldn't be able to at least finish in your predicted position. There are a couple of small things I'm noticing though Distribute to your playmaker (like the previous post mentioned). The go to for possession sides is to distribute to CB's This centre backs and a midfielder on defend duty could be a bit overly defensive against smaller sides and during home games You're giving your wingbacks all this freedom to attack only to ask them to pass the ball around the box when they could be in a
  15. Thanks, yeah I think the DL pushes high up regardless of your setting when your in possession of the ball. I wonder if it is the rough position when the line of engagement is crossed? I'd have to look out for it next time I play.
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