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  1. How much does mentality affect the instruction sliders? For example, if you wanted to play a possession game, would a positive mentality + shorter passing play similar to a cautious mentality + high dline/loe + more urgent pressing? And how would these differ to playing balanced with both sets of instructions (shorter passing + higher dline/loe +more pressing)?
  2. 4231 Looks decent but I notice two clear problems. Firstly, there isn't much of a link from your midfield to attack. Your CAM is going to be attacking the box while your CMs are conservative and your striker isn't dropping deep so much. My first suggestion would be to change one of your striker/CAM to a support duty in order to provide that link Secondly, a 4231 is one of the most aggressive formations you can get and isn't actually very defensively solid due to the gaps between the wide forwards and fullbacks. I think you should either commit to being attacking, by adding c
  3. If it works for you than keep it. If you really couldn't have more than one playmaker in your team, the game wouldn't let you do it. The thing is with playmakers is that they're both drawn to the ball, and players will pass them the ball more often to 'make plays'. Think of Barcelona players always passing to Messi rather than trying to make something happen themselves. This is why they are ball magnets. What you might see in your tactic is Camavinga dropping very deep to assist with buildup play for example. You have to ask yourself if you really want this though, because you might end u
  4. Yes that's what I thought thanks. So you don't have to worry about POD as it won't slow down transitions when a counter is on @Vizzini
  5. I'm confused about how much of an effect the 'in possession' instructions have on your ability to counter. Can you play good counter attacking football despite instructions such as 'low tempo' and 'play out of defence' as long as the counter instruction is ticked? Or would increasing the tempo and adding instructions like 'pass into space' increase the quality and frequency of counters?
  6. Hello mate, nice thread. I haven't watched much of Villa this season unfortunatley, but you said that Villa defend in a sort of mid block 442 now. Have you thought about moving your wingers down a notch into a 4411? Not only would this be able to reproduce a 442 in defence more accurately, but I've never managed to find any sort of long term consistency using a top heavy formation combined with a mid block, and it could be partly due to that collapse you had in mid season. Then you could also keep the 4231 but change the pressing instructions to make a high block for when you are cha
  7. thanks. Perhaps that wasn’t the best example, as I’m pretty sure that Burnley got pumped that game, so it may have just been a poor strategy In general and in FM. I also think that the line in the picture is too high for my liking. But my point was more to demonstrate that it’s really not so common at all to use a Dline just outside your box across a whole match, let alone a season. Defensive teams are more likely to have a very low loe while keeping a standard line. And I wanted to find a Burnley game as they seem to be assumed to use low blocks a lot.
  8. I think the reason why you might consider the lower defensive line a "lose now button" is because, a lot of the time in real life, it is. In fact, it is rarely used ever, and if someone from these forums claims that they finished top half in their league using a lower defensive line on a balanced to low mentality all game every game, they would have my respect, because i wouldn't even know where to start. Let's take the game's definition of the defensive line for now and let's see what a lower defensive line in a standard, balanced 442 looks like. So, this is as
  9. I like the idea of the presets but I think they are limited in some ways. Firstly, the majority are all very extreme with lots of instructions and plenty of "much / extreme" instructions, which should really only be used in situational match circumstances, or for unbalanced (not necessarily bad) teams. For example, I only think that much shorter passing would be the best option for a team stacked with playmakers, where everyone is decent on the ball under pressure as well as having multiple players capable of picking a key pass (good flair+vision+passing). and not many teams, off the top
  10. What about the more direct passing part? Your squad to me doesn't seem suited at all to passing football, especially as a Europa League team that will be facing its fair share of cautious teams. A defence that will struggle to get the ball to your midfield under pressure, and a midfield that won't be able to create anything with poor vision and flair? It makes a lot more sense to hit more direct passes that your target man can bring down, to avoid relying on your defence's poor composure and midfield's poor creativity to both work the ball up to attack with short passes, then crea
  11. If i had to guess from experience, the problems in your 4123 and 4231 were both due to your out of possession instructions. Compared to real life games that I watch where teams are trying to press in midfield like you are in a midblock, they are much more compact than the standard settings in the out of possession instructions are. (They look like they use higher line +/ lower LOE). It also doesn't help the compactness when your formation naturally has huge gaps on the wings. When I use formations with 3 or more players in the attacking half, I almost always try to press more aggressively due
  12. Mixed Passing So what do you choose when your team have a mix of everything? Well you can just let them decide what they want to do. With mixed passing, you'd see a bit of everything. From long balls from your defence straight to your forwards, to tiki-taka sequences. Not only can this be effective in its own right, a team that is balanced enough to play a mixed passing style would be more adaptable, allowing you to switch from shorter to more direct to exploit an opposition weakness, or to cope with losing some of your more technical players to injury. This may be chosen either due to a
  13. ========================================== Direct Passing In an ideal world, you would use direct passes, as it is the most efficient and quickest method to goal. But this isn't an ideal world, and an accurate direct pass is risky and difficult to pull off and recieve. But direct passes don't always have to be perfect. If you don't have world class passing and first touches in your team, you can expect the passes to be a little innacurate and instead focus on other aspects. Long passing will naturally result in more air time of the ball, as well as poor clearances and first touches,
  14. Motivation Choosing your passing style is a very important aspect of FM, and I feel like lots of people don't fully understand it, or get it wrong. Every time I open the SI forums, there is a post from somebody asking for support with their tactic and normally, there is somebody there to help. This is obviously great, and some obvious flaws with the role choices normally get fixed, but one thing that is impossible to get exactly right is the player suitability to both the roles and the instructions. I reguarly watch full games, and even I only really have a good idea of player's attribute
  15. I wouldn't worry about it mate. This kind of thing happens all the time where your team just don't turn up, especially during friendlies when fitness is low. I've been caught in the trap of replaying a game many times to see what went wrong in games where I get battered by smaller teams, but it always ends up being a waste of time. If I were you I'd just rip into your players for being trash and carry on with the same tactic that you think would work best for your team. Chances are that Brentford were just up for the game on the day when your players weren't, and if you keep reloading the
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