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  1. I never said theres anything wrong with the ME, im asking if anyone has experienced the same as me... this forum has always been like this, you can't discuss anything that *could* be negative about the game or update etc. or alternatively any kind of questioning is responded by some tactical mastermind who is apparently going to tweak my formation to perfection. i started working on alternative formations as soon as i noticed the results werent as consistent, including a 3-3-1-2-1 which seems to dominate games, but generally on this game ive noticed 2 striker formations are the biggest e
  2. From my experience at least since the updates my 4-1-2-2-1, thats 2 CM 2 wingers/inside forwards is doing badly... like you know when you feel confident about your formation, the match stats you are getting, your defensive solidity? I dont feel confident at all now and find myself generally not dominating games anymore.. So yeah just a curious thread really... whats everyones thoughts and also ill add a Poll
  3. Ah i see, yes my post is mainly about the coaches work load. I would assume it will get better results if each coach has their workload on low. To achieve this you need to have either a small squad and a decent amount of coaches, or a big squad and lots of coaches. Im also curious if anyone has every done any kind of testing to see if the difference is big.
  4. i thought if the workload is on Light it just means the coaches/player ratio is lower? which in turn will improve training performance. i thought when players complain about light training, that just means they want more sessions or higher intensity?
  5. Does having the workload of training categories on light, average or heavy effect the effectiveness of your training? So ideally you want all on "light"? Would this get better results?
  6. Does this effect your play in a bad way? Whats everyones experiences with this? I ask because i currently have 1 central midfielder with the trait but i can buy fran beltran for like 15 million to pair in midfield with him, but as i said im a bit cautious about playing 2 cms with this trait together.
  7. It's a 41221 with wingers/inside forwards on the flanks as i said in the OP, i just wanted some basic set up to work off but its fine now i used a preset for counter attack combined with my away formation...
  8. Can someone point me towards a good counter attacking tactic to use against the better teams away etc Prefer a 41221 formation with wingers or inside forwards etc to fit in the players i have
  9. Ok firstly i understand after the brexit rules, the work permits became stricter on the game. The issue im having now is that i'm scouting players who have like 20-30 caps etc and the report says nothing about "wont be able to get a work permit", then i offer for them. usually if they cant get a work permit a red description with an info icon pops at the bottom saying they wont get a work permit, but this is not happening, then i negotiate all the contract, agree the deal but end up not getting a work permit.
  10. It now seems that the issue is not there any more, now i've played 6 months in the championship, they all seem willing to join. the problem happened when i first got promoted. i think maybe theres an issue that between the period after you achieve promotion and actually going into the new league table and described as being in it, the players still regard you as a team in their division?
  11. File name is "FC Halifax" I've played about half a season since then. Maybe its because i got promoted 2 years in a row and my teams reputation didnt go up that much. But still for someone who is ambitious to turn down a club in a higher league seems like a paradox to me.
  12. Is this a bug or just a ridiculous feature? When you get promoted and think - now you are in a league above all of the players in your previous division, you can raid them for relatively cheap, then you offer for them and they say your club doesnt match their ambitions, even though you are a league above their current team? Even some of them who almost got relegated? This needs to change surely, it's hard enough to sign good players as it is. I even at one point tried signing Krystian Pearce who was in the vanarama premier and i was in league one and he said i dont match his a
  13. Cheers ill have a look, also half solved the issue by clicking on the goal replay in the notable events screen, pausing it then clicking the replay icon in the top right corner and rewinding it... turned out it was a cleared ball from my attacking free kick that led to a counter attack - then goal
  14. In older FM's there used to be a timeline bar at the top during games displaying all the goals events etc, so you could click on it and rewind to the moments before, which i found useful because i could always track back a few moments before goals conceded and see if it was a mistake in my tactics eg. if they scored a counter attack from my own corner and my defenders were out numbered etc. Is there anyway to get this back on in fm21? and if not... disappointed.
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