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  1. Basically i just got the pre season welcome message only a week after the season ended. I thought maybe its just a glitch, but then i looked at my squad and they arent on holiday and all my training is booked in for the next 4 weeks as though were still training? now i fear theyre never going to go on holiday for the end of season. if this seems to be the case i suppose ill just put a few rest weeks in, has this happened to anyone or can anyone shed light on what the fs going on?
  2. i'm sure one of the most important things is their reputation and how good they were as a player? so for instance if you had john terry as head of youth he'd bring in a lot of good centre halfs? can anyone back this up?
  3. another thing worth mentioning, does anyone give their forwards high goal bonuses? for instance if my strikers on 20k a week ill give him a 5k goal bonus which is quite a lot compared to his wage, do goal bonus actually get you more goals?
  4. it was 2-1. i lost the previous 2 games aswell without scoring a goal. one thing i did notice is that bournemouths manager said that we were't good enough to stay up, i wonder if it spurred my players on who have pretty high determination?
  5. This is the first time i've ever scored 10 goals in a premier league match. it's my first season in the PL with Lincoln and i just got pumped 6-0 a couple of games ago. by man united. whats the most goals youve scored in a league game on FM?
  6. it's risk and reward though. the reason you might struggle to score so much is because you have so many players on support duties. i usally find with that formation that the DM helps a lot when the full backs go forward, also the cm's should still track back when you lose possession. do you use regroup or counter press?
  7. I'd set the IF/L to attack and the WB/L to attack, change the PF to an Advanced Forward, put both your Central Midfielders to Get Further Forward on their player instructions. doing these small changes will mean your have more players in and around the box during attacking phases and should get more goals. Also in formations with Inside forward, it's important that they have good stats in finsiing, long shots, technique, composure etc... this will mean you get more goals from him when he cuts inside and shoots.
  8. the only times i have a slump at the start is because either i brought too many new players in or my team hadn't learned the tactics fully yet. for instance in this save how many of your first 11 have only just been signed and how full are your tactic familiarity bars?
  9. On my lincoln save i have no reserve team and i'm up to the championship now. it's really frustrating trying to keep my second string match fit... i like to keep a squad of 21-22 players and rotate them in the weeks where we play 2 games or cup games etc but i'm getting to times where i need them to play and their match sharpness is really low which results in poor performance or injuries. Is there anyway to get a reserve team made via the board etc?
  10. nice one mate! just looked at him and he's still on my shortlist yet he doesn't come up when i search my short list or in the search bar, can't get my head around it lol
  11. Looking for a right back called Mike on fm19, seems that hes gone off my shortlist, i cant remember who he played for, cant find him in the search bar because his name is well... just "mike", looked through transfer history of all portuguese first and second division, cannot find him. He was just expired and i think he was 29 so surely he hasnt retired after being without contract for 1 month? if anyone could tell me who he played for so i could look at their transfer history and track him down that would be great.
  12. i thought there was a separate thread where people downloaded a test file and then submitted the results of their pc?
  13. can someone direct me to the thread that has a database of all the processing times of each cpu etc?
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