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  1. do u have a screen shot of your current squad with stats, such as pass percentage, headers percentage, tackles percentage, interceptions per 90, goals and assissts. if u can post a screen shot in here of those stats i may be able to tweak your formation a bit to get those extra few points. looking at your squad you seem to have the players to win a title but its probably your formation that needs tweaking a little.
  2. thought this might get said, i've won PL with loads of teams, including leeds after their third season after promotion. All you have to do is be one of the best PL teams, (i was Man City first) create a good formation, then when u win the league easily every season, save your formation. Now all you need is the players. i spent about 200 million in 3 transfer windows and used 5 players from the original squad in my title winning team. Think what i'll do for next season is post a screen shot of how many times i've saved it, then enable auto save and ill screen shot the saves every time i post an update, then u know im not reloading. its all my formation really, i play high pressing with a sweeper keeper and offside trap, with quick full backs and a quick centre back.i only get an average of 51 percent possession but we create loads of chances and we've completed 40 more crosses than then next team in the cross table.
  3. Emphatic victory to seal the title with two games left. I'll do a more in depth review of the season on the weekend.
  4. MagicHat

    [FM18] Not Another Journeyman Story

    Cornick becomes quite good, i had him on a LLM game before, think i was bradford PA. Nice little squad you've got, whats your plans for the season? Consolidate, aim for playoffs and automatic promotion will be a bonus?
  5. Really been busy, with the world cup on as well so keeping the updates short and sweet. Bought Welbeck in January for 6m as contract was expiring. Managed to keep all my players by making promises, only Seri is unhappy at the moment because he wants to move to a bigger club. Currently 1st, 5 points clear and a game in hand... should win it to be honest although i have liverpool and chelsea to play in the remaining 6 games. My strikers have been poor as well, Solanke scoring 1 goal every 6.5 shots and Ben Yadder a terrible 15 out of 152 ( 1 in 10 shots) missing TWO penalties in the league. Usually my striker scores 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 shots. If i win the league this season i'm going to keep playing, as it's probably one of my best teams signing Rulli, Zivkovic and Milinkovic-Savic which i've never managed to do before. Next challenge will be to win the league again and get to the CL final.
  6. Got off to a bad start as usual, with players needing to settle i only got 1 point out of the first 9 Just a quick update as i've been busy. Playing really well now, i struggle at times against teams who park the bus and we drew 3-3 after being 3-0 up against Man U which i was livid lol... a few injuries as usual, currently only Romeu and Boufal injured though. A few of my players are wanted, Hoedt, Ben Yadder, Zivkovic. May have to sell but i'll try my best to keep them, although i may sell ben yadder because we seem to put lots of balls in the air and he doesn't win many. I played Solanke in the Uefa cup and he scored about 11 goals in 6 games so someone who is all round and good in the air might be a better striker than ben yadder.
  7. a couple of things that might be worth trying. only use one playmaker role, for instance use micelli as dlp and fekir as an attacking midfielder. or fekir as ap and micelli as a box to box or cm s/a. and i believe using a complete forward role for lukaku might be better than a target man, i always use complete forward if the striker is all round good. they seem to spearhead the attacks, hold the ball up etc contribute a lot of goals and assists, where as target man may encourage a lot of long balls and it may be limiting lukaku a bit. of course its all down to what works for you and the players you have. but i would say if you're using the same tactic year after year and finishing the same positions, it might be worth trying something different. i've been busy over the last week or so, will be updating this career by the weekend.
  8. Your squad looks pretty good to be honest, what tactics are you using? whats your plan of attack? i think with having lukaku using wingers and exploit wings will be efficient.. use lukaku as complete forward and set wingers to cross to centre
  9. Pre-Season and Fixtures
  10. Looking forward to this season now, i'm hoping the top 6 is competitive to give me a better chance of winning the league, hope theres not just 1 team who beats everyone and runs away with it. Just starting the season now.
  11. 36 million up front and 35 percent of next transfer fee will go to Lazio. I'm not sure to be honest, he was unhappy and wanted to move to a bigger club, Lazio finished 6th and only got euro cup qualification, i finished 5th and got euro cup, so it's a bit strange really. As you can see Inzaghi is their manager now and sold him to me. no added manager or anything like that to get him easy
  12. Transfer Window: Closed! The transfer window is now officially closed! With the already signed 4 some of Jean Michael Seri, Ricardo Pereira, Niklas Stark and Dominic Solanke (loan) i still had a hefty transfer budget of around 70 million and 400,000 pw wage budget. With the intention of getting a quality English player to help with the squad limits, i signed Michael Keane for 19.5 million. After looking through my scout reports for possible replacements for a player who was unhappy i stumbled upon Tanguy Ndombele who looked a steal for 11.75 million. Mario Lemina - who was the one unhappy and wanted by the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Dortmund wanted to move to a bigger club so i accepted bids of 24 million up front and he chose Dortmund. Time was running out... i tried to sign the best players with no reward for my effort as they all declined contracts after having bids accepted mostly due to not being in the champions league. There was about 8 days left before deadline day and i had a 36 million with clauses bid accepted for a very good player who turns into one of the best players on the game i believe... introducing... Sergej Milinkovic-Savic! In my opinion one of the best midfielders on the game. I may train his striker position too as he would be a good target man and offer another dimension up front. The big Serbian signed on a 125k p/w deal and im hoping will be a big player over the next 3 years. Current Squad Transfers Summary First 11
  13. Yeah, i've just got Michael Keane and Krovinovic on loan as back up for Seri but i still have 52 million left, i want to spend it on 1 player but all the best players won't come to me cause i'm only in the europa league lol... and buying high potential players seems a bit pointless because i've only 3 years left to win the league for the challenge so i need the players to be quality already. Just searching for a player now, i may end up just leaving it, playing this squad til january and see whos available. I will update later on before i go to bed.
  14. all of them now... at the end of last season i put them all in the reserves and transfer listed. if i cant get bids ill just put them to zero and offer them out for nothing every week or so. some of them im contributing wages to end of contract, like gabbiadini i think im paying 10k pw to his wage but atleast ive got rid of 70k off by bill.