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  1. okay by adding a column under staff with the attribute "sports science" i found a way of quickly going through each league to see sports science attributes. i found 3 so far with 20 sports science. Anke Steffen Scott Guyett Gianluca Angelicchio
  2. does anyone know which staff have the highest sports science attributes in the game or if there is any lists/threads dedicated to it? it seems very hard to find them without searching through each team manually. the highest i've seen so far is only 17.
  3. lol i thought he'd be a bit better, scored 9 in 9 so far for u18 team but hes u17. now to send it his dad
  4. can anyone with the beta let me know if huddersfield town have a youth player called kian harratt?
  5. also running on grass with boots on is much harder than running on a hard surface like a running track etc. theres a video of ronaldo vs a european sprinter as well, he beat the sprinter at acceleration and he beat him at an agility course, lost in a sprint though. i'd suspect bolt will have 20 pace though. probably average agility, good jumping, good strength, low stamina
  6. ah right, thanks. yeah that's weird that i played in it, must be a bug. just checked and the team i beat in the final (fc utrecht) played knock out fixture, so they seem to have got the place instead of me.
  7. So i started an eredivisie save with fc twente, finished 6th in the first season and got into some kind of 4 team euro playoff for my league, i won both rounds but now in the second season i am not in the euro cup? never even got into a qualifier before the groups were drawn or anything. any explanation of what it was or why i'm not in it? the only thing i can think is that my league lost out to a higher ranked league and they got the place instead?
  8. yeah but if the shorter one is reaching the same place he would require better attributes wouldn't he? the short keeper is travelling a further distance in the same amount of time, so he is producing more force, therefore he must have better physical and technical attributes. in fact on that subject shouldn't reflexes be a physical attribute?
  9. This is what im getting at, in the match engine you can see the difference in size of a 6ft player and a 6ft6 player. For them to both save a shot in the same place, the 6 ft player would require better attributes wouldnt he? YET you could have a 6ft GK and 6ft6 GK with similar stats, would that mean the taller one can reach further and save harder shots?
  10. The red dot is the starting spot, blue is how far he can jump sidewards, yellow is how far he can reach when he dives. in a vertical leap, the game interprets that two players with an equal jumping reach will reach the same height regardless of their height. Fair enough. What i want to know is what stat determines how a GK gets from the Red dot to the Yellow line. If two keepers can get from red dot to the blue lines distance in the same time they would have similar attributes BUT the taller keeper would reach further across. In the same way that two people with a 2ft vertical leap, the one who could reach higher with his hands would have a better "aerial ability" stat.
  11. Thanks for your response, this is what my thought is. I always wondered if Aerial reach covered horizontal dives but i'm pretty sure it means how high they can get their hands to pluck the ball out of the air. First we need to know which stats would determine a GK's ability to stop a shot that was going in the bottom corner(i'd assume positioning, reflexes and agility with possibly other mental attributes such as anticipation, composure, concentration, decisions) then we would need to know if the height of the GK would make them better at diving considering all else is equal. I think maybe they should take this into consideration for future versions. Maybe a "range of motion" stat or a "diving reach" stat. I know it could be hard to implement because they would need to know the keepers arm length/reach etc which is probably very hard to come by. Another example is both are stood still and a shot is blasted within arms length of the taller GK but just out of reach for the shorter GK, they could both have the same reflexes but the taller one could reach further in the same amount of time... they react at the same speed but one can reach further.
  12. Imagine GK A can dive a maximum of 2 feet to the side in 0.5 of a second Imagine GK B can dive a maximum of 2 feet to the side in 0.5 of a second GK A is 6ft 6 and gk B is 6ft GK A would be closer to the goal post than GK B. For them both to dive to the side the same distance in the same time they would have the same attributes but the taller keeper would cover a bigger area? Which would in turn mean it's easier for him to save shots that are closer to the goal posts. If they both could reach the exact same place in the same time, the shorter GK would need to be able to dive further in the same time, which would require him to have better attributes than the taller one.
  13. I'm talking under the assumption that both players get from A to B in the same amount of time. So both players have exactly the same attributes. They can both get to the bottom corner from the centre of the goal in the same amount of time but the 6ft 6 GK would be able to cover a bigger area of the net in the same amount of time. It's like in boxing, two boxers can be the same speed but the one with a longer reach can punch from further away, even though they are the same speed. Im just curious if anyone knows if it's implemented in the game. Imagine a shot to the top corner, two similar goal keepers try to save it but one is much taller and covers more area of the goal, wouldnt they be the better shot stopper being that all other attributes are the same.
  14. I'd like to know a bit about whether or not height reflects a goal keeper on the game in certain situations. If you have a 6 ft GK and a 6ft6 GK with exactly the same stats, won't the 6ft6 be a better shot stopper? The taller the keeper the bigger the reach and range of motion right? If they dive at a similar speed the 6ft6 GK would cover more area. Does the game take this into account?
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