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  1. Thats a bargain! i got him for 9 million. I'll try that then for the right side set up... im thinking about trying yourse for the right side then try a new one ill make up on the left side, then ill try and record each corner goal i score up to january and see if theyre working for me. Are you playing 5-3-2 with wing backs too?
  2. Ok so i just finished my season in the premier league and at the end of the season i always analyse my players stats to see what i could improve on or alter slightly. I have noticed that my Centre Backs have a combined total shots of just over 250 shots and only 4 goals between them, this is an absolutely terrible return and to make the matters even worse this season i bought Robert Skov (Corners 16 Free Kicks 17) and to add him to my previous set piece taker Carles Alena (Corners 15 Free kicks 15). It would seem that last year i scored more with one centre back Mouctar Diakhaby scored 6 goals by himself combined to this years 4 out of 250 shots from Centre Backs. My only theory is that the AI sussed out my corner tactic which is aim for the far post, best aerial player on attack far post, second best attack from deep, third best lurk far post, fourth best attack near post(mostly to just drag an opponent out of the target area) So having said that, whats your best corner tactics please? Save game version is 19.3.6
  3. What i find odd is that pretty much all the top managers have been sacked within 4 seasons and are all managing rival clubs lol.
  4. Does anyone else not use this? I find using team bonding is much better to use before matches after your pre-season/ beginning of season, i think for the first few weeks you can use it yes to build up your tactics familiarity but after that using team bonding gives a little performance boost for the in coming match...
  5. Try and win the premier league or champions league with a non top 6 team... very hard. If you play in the premier league with a non top 6 team it basically ends up with man city, man utd, liverpool, arsenal, chelsea, spurs and your team fighting for the title... very hard.
  6. This is the logical root = Try to sell him for as much as possible, if no Try to sell him for whatever you can get, if no Try to sell him for 0, if no Try to loan him out for full wages paid, if no Try to loan him out for half wages paid, if no Last resort, release for the full amount.
  7. It's actually called "jumping reach" and if you hover over the stat it explains this is the highest point the player can reach in the air. So a 5ft 10 player with 14 jumping and a 6ft 4 player with 14 jumping will both reach the same point with their head.
  8. Here is an example. He basically cuts out the forwards and midfield from the defensive phase and ends up a cross in the box for my two strikers. Syzminski Highlights.ogv
  9. Way too much for a championship side like me lol. maybe if i get in the prem next year
  10. I am Lincoln but im in the premier league in my 8th season now. Instead of doing this with my Lincoln save i started a new game with Leeds, i actually ended up playing a 5-3-2 with the DCL and DCR as ball playing centre backs and pontus jannson in between them, with a CM on defense duty (kalvin phillips) and two box to box midfielders. Finding players with this trait is actually really really hard, i ended up buying matt clarke (4.8m) again and play him as the DCL and a player from Palermo called Szyminski for about 900k as the DCR, both have the bring ball out of defense trait and both have good potential. So far i've won 8 drawn 3 lost 1. It seems to be working well because i very rarely concede a clear cut chance.
  11. One thing i never do is play a player in a position with orange or red. They usually get very bad ratings.
  12. I'd say the best way to do it is to put your wingers closing down on lower so they dont run far up the pitch to close the ball down and set them to man mark the opponents wingers, this will mean your full backs are back behind the ball and that your wingers stay close to there wingers when the opponent is in possession. second option would be to just actually change your formation to 4411 but id take a guess your wingers cant play RM or LM
  13. So i've had matt clarke on my Lincoln save for 3 years in the prem and his average rating is 7.08, 7.21, 7.15 which is pretty good for a centre back. But the best thing i keep noticing is he dribbles the ball out of defense sometimes even beyond the half way line then plays a pass to my inside forwards etc. It seems to work really well when we are in a close game or struggling to break down a team. So does anyone know any other good premier league standard players with the trait to bring ball out of defense so i can play with 2 of them then i'll probably play a half back or anchor man between them for cover, he also has runs with ball down left, so is that playing a part too or does that only work when he's at Left back? Also i have tried training it to a few other players but it seems anyone with dribbling lower than 12 or 13 wont learn it.
  14. Basically i just got the pre season welcome message only a week after the season ended. I thought maybe its just a glitch, but then i looked at my squad and they arent on holiday and all my training is booked in for the next 4 weeks as though were still training? now i fear theyre never going to go on holiday for the end of season. if this seems to be the case i suppose ill just put a few rest weeks in, has this happened to anyone or can anyone shed light on what the fs going on?
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