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  1. This means Wolves got promoted in 2015 or 2016; this must be a fix
  2. I would rather have it this way than have team talks/press conferences that have much too big an impact on performances, which is what I have found through the years. Obviously your opinion would differ depending on the performance of your assistant
  3. Is there going to be an introduction/increase of double-barrel surnames with newgens? I don't remember seeing any UK newgens with double-barrel names
  4. This has been mentioned recently, and it also got shot down then. The only way this would work is if your actions, responses, team talks and press conferences were restricted to responses that match that of your real life manager. For example, a questionable penalty decision: As Arsene Wenger you only have two options: "I did not see the incident" and "I would rather not talk about the penalty incident". As Ian Holloway you have: "What penalty?" or "That referee's a joker ain't he? Didn't know what game he was watchin', he must have hallucinated, twitched and blew the whistle by accident".
  5. Posting pictures (instructions).

    Why not use Paint? Assuming you have a simple 'PrtScn' button or similar, press that. If you can't find Paint, press the windows key to get to your home screen then just start typing the programme you need (Windows 8 will search your programmes automatically) Paste. Save. Go to Photobucket and upload. Copy the IMG code it presents you with, and paste the code here in the forum inside IMG coding, like this:
  6. This is your opinion of socialising?
  7. Should I lose for the win?

    Do you ever use the 'relax' or 'no pressure' instructions in a pre-match team talk? That can be really effective against much stronger teams
  8. Continue 13 save in 14?

    Ok ok I get, sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick. I was thinking more along the lines of releasing an updated version, but with FM14's features. Never mind.
  9. Continue 13 save in 14?

    If SI made it possible for users to play FM13 games on FM14 with all the new features and bells and whistles, there would be fewer people buying FM14. Meaning, less profit. Get it, dingbat?
  10. I don't see why you didn't put it here instead: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/360578-FM-Wonderkid-to-Real-Life-Obscurity
  11. how many of you play 4-2-3-1 ?

    4-2-3-1 has been the most effective formation for my teams on FM13 more than any other formations. Sometimes there are very small alterations due to the opponents or their tactics (and sometimes if I'm playing wingers instead of inside forwards), but my formation is generally like this: ------------------ST (A)------------------ --AML (IF, A)-----AP (S)-----AMR (IF, A)-- -----------DLP (S)-----BWM (D)----------- --WBL (S/A)--CB (D)--CB (D)--WBR (S/A)-- -------------------GK--------------------
  12. Comeback King

    This is more of a back-handed compliment than anything else. Sort of like a 'most improved player' award.
  13. Hard-core Mode

    I don't think attributes should ever be completely removed. Managers in real life have the opportunity to see players in training and see their performances/improvements/declines, which FM managers would not have. We should keep attributes but alter things so the value are not exact. Maybe just highlight the attribute name by a different colour (like we see with their values now, but with the names instead) depending on how good they are. Eg dark red for 1-5, light red/orange for 6-10, yellow for 11-15 and yellow/green for 16-20.
  14. And there will also be times when you win unexpectedly a game you had no right to win on paper. But, conveniently, those who have such serious issues with the game seem to forget these instances happen in their favour, not just in the AI's favour