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  1. I have almost the exact same problem. Just a slight difference with mine... da ba dee da ba die And it's only happened to one newgen on my game
  2. Following on from my last post above, I have continued to the match screen and it has automatically registered the player so he is now eligible. So newly-signed free transfers CAN be registered... but it didn't allow me to do it myself in this instance.
  3. I think I have the same problem, or very similar. I've signed a player on a free transfer in the January transfer window but can't register him, even though league rules say players can be registered any time:
  4. Did you read the whole thread? Who was being rude to who? He was no help at all, and you might notice he hasn't responded since I had to show him a second screenshot to prove this. Great, thanks, I'll try the suggestion it's already in the bugs forum too.
  5. Clearly it is you. This is the third time I'm saying this; the shooting stats don't show up when I select ANY of the other option from the General drop-down list, including the attacking stats option. Here is proof. So you might as well get out of this chat because you've responded the most but helped the least.
  6. That's twice you haven't read my message properly. I said none of the OTHER options in that list... wow.
  7. Wow, thanks for that breaking news! That is what I'm trying to see but none of the other options in the General View drop-down list show this... which is why I'm posting about the issue.
  8. Thanks Jordan. Read my post again and be amazed when you realise I said I've already tried that
  9. Has anyone encountered an issue preventing player stats from showing correctly on this version? I've not changed skins etc, and it doesn't show properly when I change the options on the drop-down list in the top-left. I wanted to see player shots on goal vs shots on target. But for some reason there are only a couple of stats categories. Any ideas?
  10. If he's a constant threat from corners, he might feel 30 goals in a season is achievable
  11. That's because you need to scout him to discover his quality in terms of distribution and eccentricity
  12. Why did you blank out your score against Arsenal?
  13. Nice sounds like something straight from that downloadable commentary pack from the editors forum the other day
  14. That's exactly his point. Look at how long should have been added on at half time (at the top in the middle)
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