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  1. This thread is to praise Cristiano Ronaldo and what he has done for his national team and all the Portuguese people. He wins titles for his clubs AND his country. Club AND country. For those who are salty, please keep your comments to yourself and out of my thread. Thanks. Cristiano Ronaldo also pays his taxes.
  2. I forgot about that. Maybe because they weren't a once-in-a-lifetime game. #PASSION He should manage England.
  3. It's true that he has spent his entire life under the spotlight and enjoyed it. But I don't think he wanted to be noticed in yesterday's game. He's got passion. He realized that he's 31 and, if he wanted to win something with his country, yesterday was his biggest chance while he was in his prime. On top of my head, I've seen only two players with such passion from the sideline: him yesterday and Buffon in South Africa 2010.
  4. Can we stop with all the hate? That guy gave everything for his national team. That guy was a leader for his teammates. That guy has got passion for his country: injured, but still standing on the sideline motivating everyone. What a fantastic player.
  5. Love the passion.
  6. Buffon; Meunier, Pepe, Boateng, Hector; Ramsey, William Carvalho, Kanté; Bale, Griezmann, Payet Player: Pepe
  7. Wow, I made the last post in the 2010 World Cup sub-forum.
  8. Yeah, William Carvalho was very good.
  9. I give this a 7.
  10. Congratulations to Portuguese!
  11. Fonte and Cédric won the Euro. Expect Matthew Le God going crazy.
  12. Young Marcello Lippi.
  13. The only mistake Deschamps made is he relied too much on Giroud. Happy for Cristiano Ronaldo. Such passion from the sideline.
  14. Aw, Martial.
  15. This Éder is strong in the air.