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  1. In the swedish league, Allsvenskan, you'll have a match calendar with one or maximum two days between the games for several weeks if you qualify to Europe.
  2. There's a miss in the translation. In the red square it should be "skadad".
  3. Thank you all for the answers, quite interesting to read about. The thing is - I'm on a really good winning-tactic and i was wondering if i's beacuase of the things I listed above, which I strongly think it is. First season I won Ligue 2 with Le Havre, second season we came 2'nd i Ligue 1 with one point behind PSG(I think it was) with almost the same team. Third year I took over Blackburn i Championship and took them to a 1'st place there. Fourth year I'm now in Toulouse and are, again, the second best team in Ligue 1 after PSG, in january. I've used the same tactic which uses the flanks with overlaps, pass into space/work ball into box and counterpress + regroup. It's great, I love it, but there seems to be no challenge. I love my 442-formation and I want to change, but when I change(over time, so they don't play with it immidiately) we're always *****. ALWAYS. So I think my tactic is somewhat overpowered with "exploits" in the game.
  4. Hello there! I've been reading here alot and heard about this so called "exploits" but I can't read directly what they are. I've read about morale and the match engine-problems but what exactly do you guys do to exploit the game? How do you boost your morale to become invincible? What do you do in the tactics to become invincible? Set pieces? And what about the ME? What's wrong?
  5. Hello everybody, hope your'e doing well. I was discussing with my friend a couple of days ago about FM trough the years which was really interesting and very nostalgic. My questions are; 1. Which was the most iconic players everyone bought in each edition? It must not be the best players, but the players we FM-managers bought the most. 2. Which players with high PA never became anything trough the years? For example Freddy Adu, and so on.. 3. Where can I see a list on the highest PA-rated players? Does anybody know?
  6. Won the Prem two times in a row, even won over Liverpool/Man City with 6-0 and so on. My record were 11-0 over Fulham. The only problem I've got is when they, just like myself in this tactic, use crosses over my defence but overall this works fine.
  7. So, after a couple of months where I was losing constantly I took a deep breath and made this tactic based on what I've learned so far about FM20. Note; I'm from sweden so if my english are bad I'm sorry. I wanted to recreate a classic 4-4-2, based on my idea of how Sir Alex Ferguson played with Manchester United, but with a modern touch to it. This is the result. 1. When the goalkeeper has the ball, he will distribute it to the centre backs. They will pass mostly to the centre mids which in turn cross a long ball above the opponents defenders where my two strikers take advantage of their speed to achieve a clear chance with the goalie. 2. The wingers will be a secondary way to get another way to the opponents goal, like a complement to the first one. With the crosses our strikers will alreay be in the penalty area. 3. You need fast players, especially the strikers but also the wingers, fullbacks and centre backs. 4. When I scout a player, it is important that they have the right attributes to the role in their position, but also the right foot depending on wich side they play on - Left foot for left flank and vice versa. 5. When it's a home game I use the instructions Aggressive (pre game) and Assertive (half time), when it's a away game I use the instructions Passionate (pre game) and Calm (half time) to motivate my players. 6. Have patience - this is one of the main reasons to achieve success in my opinion. The tactic is on Steam, I really hope you will support this with a subscribe there and of course ratings and comments - both there and here. My friends tried it with several clubs and they really enjoyed the tactic and I really you will also! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1967999830
  8. Thanks! I've got some problem with the goalscoring about a half season in and we concede more goals now also. But, we usually do a couple of goals early in the games but after that they seem to relax and then we concede the goals. The second half is usually the worst.
  9. Is there any PI's? Looks interesting, might use it as a basic and tweak it so it suits my team. E: What's your thoughts in the wingers? They seem off because the longballs gets to the forwards each time.
  10. Thanks BigV and Johnny Ace, here's my argument. Why I have I'm playing so direct is because it's the best working so far. Vardy finally got the ball behind the opponents and, as you can se, he scored four times - three of them by running past them. With support on the wingers, they achieved nothing. They just were there.. But I understand what you mean, but what should I do instead? Haha, yeah thanks! Of course, but there's still lots of black holes I want to fill up and that's what you can read about in my last post E: One more thing I've been thinking about. When a, for example, winger come into the box with the ball and Vardy is in a very good position he never gets the pass but instead the winger shoots which 9/10 results in off target, the goalie doesn't even need to save anything. How can I tell the players to bass to a player inside the box who will score 10/10 times?
  11. Alright, the first season is over and despite the setbacks I am still happy with the termination. I will post some screenshots here beneath so you can see how or season were. 1. I've never tried so many tactics/changes under one season. But in the end I think I might have found something and I really hope it's good. 2. Jamie Vardy became our best goalscorer in the PL with twelve goals. Four of them came in the last seven games. 3. We still concede a lot of goals, but we managed to score even more in the last seven games. We even got to keep two clean sheets. 4. Youri Tielemans made six assists, which were the best in our team in PL this season. 5. Jamie Vardy got offside 65 times, 14 more times than second place. 6. Vardy and Tielemans were the only two who got over 7 in average ratings. The worst ones were Pérez, Barnes and Albrighton - all offensive players. 7. We have major problems with the marking. The opponents still just run past my players which result in lots of shots and goals against us. Goals for: 48 (+13 in cups) = 61 Goals against: 51 (+7 in cups) = 58 So, in conclusion.. A. The marking/wanting to get the ball is our worst problem. B. Our second worst problem is the number of shots goals against us. C. Of course the third one will be the goals for. D. The last problem I think is my team are uneven; sometimes we win against a big team and sometimes we lose to the worst teams.
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