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  1. Hello! I want to make transfer rules where the teams only can sign players from their own nation; example - Swedish teams can only sign swedish players, regardless if they play in Sweden or in some other nation. Second question. If it's available, can you, and I use Sweden for an example again, make transfer rules where you can only sign players from a couple of nations? Let say only Sweden, Norway, Denmark and maybe some other countries?
  2. Alright, thanks for the answers. I will look into everything you guys have written. Thank you!
  3. Your'e right, I want the last year's Liverpool. Not this. I tried and got best result with cm/u - dpl/f - cm/u in the center midfield because in that way the front three would get more area to work on/with. With that I could also use the wing backs to get more offensive and cross the ball to the other side(in which theyv'e done last year, or am I maybe wrong?). But I was thinking.. What if the most central of the midfielders was in a dm-position? Would this be more balanced? And also, how exactly would I play the front three? Inner forwards with support/attack-mentality and maybe F9 on Firmino which will give Salah more area in the absolute front? Thank you very much for helping me!
  4. Hello everyone! I have a very simpel question and it's "how do I play Jürgen Klopp's Gegenpress with Liverpool"? I have tested and tested and I don't seem to find a good tactic at all that suit the irl-version. The problem is that this years Liverpool is a little different offensive than last year, I am aware of that. But here is my idea. Main goalscorer in order: Salah / Firmino / Mané Assist in order: Robertson / Alexander-Arnold / Front 3 / 3 center mids So, I want to get crosses to the front 3, make the front 3 doing lots of goals and at the same time having the mid 3 being like a wall. I also want van Dijk to pass the ball often which he does irl. How can I implement this to a tactic as I cannot make a good one at all with Liverpool and it's extremely frustrating!
  5. Hello there, I have three questions I need answer to because it seems that I can't find it anywhere. If you have a link, please guide me in the right direction. 1) Is there a guide or how and when exactly should I use the shout-instructions under a game? I feel like I don't understand it fully. 2) Is there a guide or how exactly should I use the ingame team talks before, under and after a game? 3) Is there a guide of how exactly players move in specific player roles on FM19? I mean, I don't know if I should use a Fullback or a Wingback for example. I'm playing the game on swedish language so I hope there actually are both fullbacks and wingbacks or else I hope you understand what I mean.. Cheers, Daniel
  6. In the first picture you should switch "Positiv" to "Kontringar". In the second picture the word "strunbtprat" is misspelled. It should be "struntprat".
  7. I also have a question where the word "tackling" on the attributes has changed to "närkamper"; why?
  8. In the beginning of the game you get the message "training introduction" where you can spot two misspellings. "takrtik" should be "taktik" "oliamsätt" should be "olika sätt"
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