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  1. Thanks! I've got some problem with the goalscoring about a half season in and we concede more goals now also. But, we usually do a couple of goals early in the games but after that they seem to relax and then we concede the goals. The second half is usually the worst.
  2. Is there any PI's? Looks interesting, might use it as a basic and tweak it so it suits my team. E: What's your thoughts in the wingers? They seem off because the longballs gets to the forwards each time.
  3. Thanks BigV and Johnny Ace, here's my argument. Why I have I'm playing so direct is because it's the best working so far. Vardy finally got the ball behind the opponents and, as you can se, he scored four times - three of them by running past them. With support on the wingers, they achieved nothing. They just were there.. But I understand what you mean, but what should I do instead? Haha, yeah thanks! Of course, but there's still lots of black holes I want to fill up and that's what you can read about in my last post E: One more thing I've been thinking about. When a, for example, winger come into the box with the ball and Vardy is in a very good position he never gets the pass but instead the winger shoots which 9/10 results in off target, the goalie doesn't even need to save anything. How can I tell the players to bass to a player inside the box who will score 10/10 times?
  4. Alright, the first season is over and despite the setbacks I am still happy with the termination. I will post some screenshots here beneath so you can see how or season were. 1. I've never tried so many tactics/changes under one season. But in the end I think I might have found something and I really hope it's good. 2. Jamie Vardy became our best goalscorer in the PL with twelve goals. Four of them came in the last seven games. 3. We still concede a lot of goals, but we managed to score even more in the last seven games. We even got to keep two clean sheets. 4. Youri Tielemans made six assists, which were the best in our team in PL this season. 5. Jamie Vardy got offside 65 times, 14 more times than second place. 6. Vardy and Tielemans were the only two who got over 7 in average ratings. The worst ones were Pérez, Barnes and Albrighton - all offensive players. 7. We have major problems with the marking. The opponents still just run past my players which result in lots of shots and goals against us. Goals for: 48 (+13 in cups) = 61 Goals against: 51 (+7 in cups) = 58 So, in conclusion.. A. The marking/wanting to get the ball is our worst problem. B. Our second worst problem is the number of shots goals against us. C. Of course the third one will be the goals for. D. The last problem I think is my team are uneven; sometimes we win against a big team and sometimes we lose to the worst teams.
  5. Haha! It's not that I don't want to, but I've just never experienced good results with one. But of course, that can change. I've never been this bad at 4-2-3-1 for years, for an example. So everything can change
  6. Cheers, guys. Okay, what do you recommend instead? 4-1-4-1 maybe? I've never had a good experience with wingers that low, how would a good setup be there? Isn't Vardy gonna get lonely upfront? How can I make Maddison help Vardy in that tactic? E: According to the dynamics the players are really happy, strange but good.
  7. I have seven games left this season. This is the final change I can make before i get sacked or entrusted again. So, tomorrow is the finale of the season.
  8. Alright, back to the drawingboard. This might be the worst one yet I have to present becuase it's not going well at all and I think I might get sacked soon. I have read and tried to adapt the things you had to say but it's just **** right now. So, my dear friends, give me all you've got and tell me what I'm doing wrong! 1. My players wont chase the ball at all, they just look at it and meanwhile the opponents just get the ball and run past my players which often results in goals. Lots of them. 2. Vardy have scored twice(in the same game) and we have played six games. On the other hand Maddison/Pérez have scored 4+1 goals in this games, so that's positive. 3. The opponents has waaay to many shots against me. Southampton came up in over 40, they're in the relegation zone! 4. The right side is bad, the left is even worse. The central is ok, except my centre backs, they're as bad as the other defenders. 5. The long balls behind enemy lines are not always good, the opponents often gets the ball on their feet - but! when the ball gets past them Vardy and co. loses the ball or shoots right in the hands on the goalie.. Queston: Would it be better if my two CM's gets changed to DM, or, one gets to be DM and one stays as CM behind eachother?
  9. What I mean is that my players seem to just stand still or just not go for the ball which leads the opponent to just run past them. And it's so with everyone in my team when we are either defending och the ball is at a neutral place where it's a 50/50 duel. That's really frustrating. I will come up with some new results later, in about 2 hours I think. Cheers everyone for the help!
  10. Okay, so I've been playing eight games now against really bad and really good team with mixed results. I have made an interesting tactic but I need your opinion about it and I have several questions also that you guys hopefully would answer. 1. My OMC(Maddison/Pérez) doesn't perform and is often just an extra player in the offense. What can I improve here? 2. My team doesn't mark tight, even if I make them do it. Therefore the opponents have lots of time to do whatever they want with the ball. 3. When Vardy doesn't score, no-one scores, and Vardy doesn't score that many. What do I lack? 4. I have trouble with my defense where the opponents offense just run away from them, even if they are on the right side etc.
  11. I hear you, and I understand exactly what you guys mean. BUT. This tactic worked best of all my tries, which is pretty strange. But I don't say it's good, but the best working tactic so far which can change quickly. The other tactics(which is long gone in the paper bin and not in my memory) where more balanced and not so many instructions. I was a really good at this part of game on the previous game(FM19) but this really took the worst out of me and I felt that I'm on route one again, of some reason. So why I didn't post my tactic immediately was because I felt that I have tried 'em all but none was working. But with your inputs(all of you) I've got some really interesting ideas and thank you for that. Cheers!
  12. Many thanks to all of you guys who has came up with very interesting thoughts. You explain very good. About the thing with many instructions - I agree, but at the same time this is the best tactic yet where we performed pretty well with 3 wins and 1 loss. But of course, there are lots of improvement I can make after all. Sorry about the "wrong" language in the pictures and also that I seemed to miss the last instruction-pic and replaced it with the second.. Not that great. However. I post all the pictures one more time but in english. I will now look into your tips and try to implement some of them in my tactic. I've learned alot.
  13. The eleven players I've chosen in the pictures is my main 11, if that's not clear.
  14. This is my latest tactic I have been using the previous month. It works ok but there's still major problems as Vardy doesn't score and we are weak against the worse teams. I'm surprised we even won a few the past weeks.. However, it's in swedish language. But I think you will understand it anyway by looking at the pictures. The tactic: Sweeper Keeper (Support) (Right) Wingback (Support) Ball Playing Defender(Defend) Ball Playing Defender(Defend) (Left) Wingback (Support) Central Midfielder(Defend) Central Midfielder(Support) (Right) Winger(Support) Treqartista(Attack) (Left) Inside Forwad(Support) Advanced Forward(Attack) It's not perfect, I know, but it's under progress and as I sad it seems like the best thing I came up with so far. Don't know what it says about me as a manager, but yeah..
  15. I am, and that's the problem. When I start a new game, or take over a new team I watch the games and try to tweak. But what do you do when it's perfect in pre-season and pure **** when it's the real deal?
  16. Alright, let me start from the beginning. I recently bought FM20 and has played the game a couple of hours and really gotten into it. I was planning to take over Leicester several weeks before the game released so I had everything planned when the game started for the first time. I was really hyped over the game and looked forward to take Leicester to a CL-spot. I started the game, loaded a handful nations and took over Leicester, had a great pre-season and.. BOOM. I was in the relegation zone in mid-december. What the hell happened, I thought. For me the tactical-side of the game always was the most interesting one and I have been really good to make tactics, but this was just.. Horrible. I made a new game and took over Leicester again, but I changed the tactic and even made two so I had one backup(I always only use one). And again; I had a great pre-season and when it came to the "real deal" my team was swept away by the worst team in the league. I lost 5-1 to Aston Villa who was placed last in Premier League for an example. How in earth did I became SO BAD at the tactics? I am truly missing something but I really don't know what. Let's take an example. I want Jamie Vardy to be the main goalscorer but as a lone striker he gets marked away which I know he would. But when I make the wingers collaborate to help him he is beginning to run to the wingers position to get the ball, and then several defenders is on him and he loses the ball. I tried to use long passes behind the enemy lines which worked for about two games, then it stopped working. I am so freaking frustrated and don't know what to do right now. It's Leicester for god's sake but they're playing like a sunday league-team. Am I that bas as a manager?
  17. Hello! I want to make transfer rules where the teams only can sign players from their own nation; example - Swedish teams can only sign swedish players, regardless if they play in Sweden or in some other nation. Second question. If it's available, can you, and I use Sweden for an example again, make transfer rules where you can only sign players from a couple of nations? Let say only Sweden, Norway, Denmark and maybe some other countries?
  18. Alright, thanks for the answers. I will look into everything you guys have written. Thank you!
  19. Your'e right, I want the last year's Liverpool. Not this. I tried and got best result with cm/u - dpl/f - cm/u in the center midfield because in that way the front three would get more area to work on/with. With that I could also use the wing backs to get more offensive and cross the ball to the other side(in which theyv'e done last year, or am I maybe wrong?). But I was thinking.. What if the most central of the midfielders was in a dm-position? Would this be more balanced? And also, how exactly would I play the front three? Inner forwards with support/attack-mentality and maybe F9 on Firmino which will give Salah more area in the absolute front? Thank you very much for helping me!
  20. Hello everyone! I have a very simpel question and it's "how do I play Jürgen Klopp's Gegenpress with Liverpool"? I have tested and tested and I don't seem to find a good tactic at all that suit the irl-version. The problem is that this years Liverpool is a little different offensive than last year, I am aware of that. But here is my idea. Main goalscorer in order: Salah / Firmino / Mané Assist in order: Robertson / Alexander-Arnold / Front 3 / 3 center mids So, I want to get crosses to the front 3, make the front 3 doing lots of goals and at the same time having the mid 3 being like a wall. I also want van Dijk to pass the ball often which he does irl. How can I implement this to a tactic as I cannot make a good one at all with Liverpool and it's extremely frustrating!
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