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  1. We feel your pain comrade and ex-beloved leader. Now back to the fields.
  2. @Collzy, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @GunmaN1905, @CFuller, @PMLF, @DB08, @toon_84, @Marc.Foster050, @Orzelek, @ArsenalFan7, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @YouReds, @Razzler, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed, @Spike55455 Greetings comrades. Stalingrad has fallen, Moscow in ruins, broken and tattered, dreams shattered, hopes stolen, egos battered. Well, the morning after and the hangover that comes with it. Poor old England. A tournament to remember but moments to forget, it's coming home - it is now. The highs and excitements to the lows - the regional sovi
  3. This is the first World Cup ever where the four semi-finalists are from the top half of the alphabet. Some World Cups did not have knock out stages but were decided in group stages right to the final, so these have not been included.
  4. @LilSaint, @SouthCoastRed - you have until 7.00pm tonight to predict the England Croatia match - or, in SouthCoastRed's case, you have the whole of half time to predict the first half and anytime after full time to predict the final result!
  5. @LilSaint and @SouthCoastRed, you have until 7.00pm to predict the result of tonight's match, if you wish.
  6. @Collzy (beloved leader), @HOORAY HENRIK, @Orzelek, @daylight, @LilSaint, @SouthCoastRed. Comrades, you have until tomorrow evening (7.00pm BST) to get your predictions in - Collzy and HOORAY HENRIK - currently two of the top five - look alive there guys!
  7. You can't lose - SouthCoastRed has disappeared and he won't catch you now.
  8. Taken in true Soviet spirit and the well being of the collective.
  9. You scored two points for the getting the penalty result correct, even though you predicted 2-1!
  10. @Collzy, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @GunmaN1905, @CFuller, @PMLF, @DB08, @toon_84, @Marc.Foster050, @Orzelek, @ArsenalFan7, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @YouReds, @Razzler, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed Greetings comrades. So, the quarter finals threw up more drama and tears and cries of foul, injustice and "can you have another look at the VAR"? England get a semi (along with most of the people on here) and we say farewell to Brazil and Russia, among others. All the effort was to no avail for Uruguay, Brazil (shock), Sweden and the beloved host nation
  11. The problem with posting a minute late is that even after a minute we could already tell that the result would be <insert final result here>.
  12. The Grand Committee of the Supreme Soviet and the Council of Proletariat will have to decide. Ok then.
  13. It also looked as if Suarez threw a punch in the background - may have been shrugging someone off. Neville is truly awful.
  14. By that logic, less than half the player of Just Fontaine.
  15. As well as those mentioned, I thought Pogba has been magnificent in the last two games for France.
  16. @oriole01, @LilSaint, @SouthCoastRed Guys, you have until 3.00pm to table your prediction for Uruguay v France and you need to get the rest of your predictions in. Especially you @oriole01 - you are currently in second place, two points off the lead!
  17. I was doing the hoovering during the Brazil game. I bumped into the TV and Neymar fell over.
  18. Uruguay v France 1-2 Brazil v Belgium 2-0 Russia v Croatia 2-1 Sweden v England 1-0
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