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  1. I was going to suggest they should re-enact the battle of (insert random battle name here, as we have fought pretty much every nation on earth at some point) only to find out that Belgium is one of the few countries in the world that we have never gone to war with.
  2. Has anyone looked at the games yet where VAR made a decisive outcome and worked out what would have resulted without VAR?
  3. Your not alone @Collzy. Not many people have done well in the last few games, except Readingfanman.
  4. Quick check shows that is an outstanding tally by some distance. It will certainly help your league position but still a lot of round three games to go.
  5. Farce tonight. I thought it was working ok, up til now.
  6. Now I understand Gricey's frustrations in the League Two Prediction thread!
  7. @SouthCoastRed - you'd better get the rest of your predictions in quickly - especially the ones for later today.
  8. Full marks for effort SCR but I may deduct points for sheer cheek!
  9. It might be simpler if we demonstrate this with a jumbo jet and a conveyor belt.
  10. @oriole01, @Collzy, @DB08, @PMLF, @Timma, @GunmaN1905, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @daylight, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Razzler, @LilSaint, @CFuller, @Marc.Foster050, @Readingfanman, @Crispypaul, @toon_84, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed The results for the second round are posted below and its all change at the top. A bit of a disaster for YouReds, who plummets six places to 7th after the third lowest score of the round - easy come, easy go - very bad luck YouReds. Second placed Timma scored slightly better but with a lower than average score for the round fell three places from 2nd to 5th.
  11. The last time Germany failed to get through the group stages was in 1938 and we all know how badly they took that.
  12. Phew that was close! The last time the Germans went out at the group stages was 1938 and we know how badly they took that.
  13. They said they would give yellow cards to players making the tv sign. They haven't so far.
  14. Not that surprising - Danny Baker has made a career out of the quirky and the unusual and VAR threatens to take some of the quirks out of football and make it harder for him to make his retrospective "what a plonker" programmes.
  15. Early days yet laddie. A couple of good results and you will be right up there.
  16. Have they learnt nothing from two World Cups ago. Apparently not. Poor punditry punishes public
  17. Shearer is the absolute worst by a country mile. I cannot understand how someone who played at the highest level can offer so little, No insights, no strategy or tactics, he simply repeats what is on the screen for everyone to see - you will get more insights talking with the locals in any pub in the land.
  18. It has certainly been very successful so far. My biggest worry before the World Cup was that every goal would be subjected to VAR and as a consequence, the spontaneity of celebrating a goal would be lost but they have been very sensible in how VAR is used. I think it has enhanced the game and the feeling of anticipation and excitement when they are reviewing whether a foul is in the area or not and waiting to see if it is a penalty.
  19. Everything Hodgy says is right...then he mentions the S word. We do not want Savage back! It would be sexist if you disliked Vicki Sparks simply because she is a woman (and good luck to her) but I found her commentary very shrill. I also found it lacking in any real insights - similar to most of the male commentators. I am sure she will get better with experience though. I think the Five Live commentators are the worst though and the co-commentators are extremely poor. The only co-commentators on TV that I think that are doing well are Ally McCoist, Dion Dublin and...errr...that
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